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  1. Espace IV Mk2, JK0H, G9T 2.2 dCi Injector Bolts and Spacers Measurements

    Dear All, Apologies upfront if this has been addressed; didn't find something exactly matching this query. In the process of repairing a leaky injector, and found that the geniuses who did the head gasket replacement have messed up the job by a) not installing the spacers underneath the clamp...
  2. subwoofer in Espace IV ?

    Hi, can anyone help guide me to getting a subwoofer installed in an Espace IV? It's a 2008 Grand Espace DYNAMIQUE DCI It has a factory head unit with a single CD slot in the glove compartment. I've fitted a sub to previous car, but can't figure out how to get the power and audio connection to...
  3. Espace V 2015

    Hi, Does anyone know where is the lever for manually releasing the parking brake in Espace V?
  4. Espace IV 3.0 DCi 'Check ignition' and limp mode. Vel Satis engine

    Hi all, I am having an issue with my newly purchased 2007 Espace IV 3.0 DCi. I hear its a problem that can be caused by several underlying issues and I'm just hoping the answer is not that I need to overhaul the high pressure injection pump as its ++£. The symptoms are that (reliably) under...
  5. Espace IV Central locking - Only drivers door locks

    Just bought a Grand Espace IV 2007 3.0L DCi. I really like it but it has a multitude of issues that I am working through, the most annoyying seeming to be the 'check ignition' and subsequent limp mode that seems to be reasonably common. I am fairly used to researching issues and resolving them...
  6. Interior lights problem Espace 2016

    Hi! I connected a rear view camera today on my Renault Espace 2016. I accedently blow a fuse for the interior lights and perhaps even the automatic headlight lightsensor (its not working after the interior lights when out). Do anyone know what fuse it can be? Cant find it in the manual. Best...
  7. Espace '07 2.0dCi slight coolant leak

    Heating & cooling
    Got a very slight coolant leak on wife's Espace. 2.0dCi engine, 150ps. Basically having covered about 5000 miles between checks it's lost half the volume of the expansion tank, maybe 1-2 litres. It's not dropping on the ground/undertray that I can see so I think it's going somewhere 'hot' and...
  8. espace keycard

    Ask the Experts
    Hi there... i have an Espace IV 3 buttons 2005 , can i program a two buttons key card instead... where to buy key cards in london ? thanks in advance
  9. Espace IV front shock replacement ( Solved )

    Steering and Suspension
    Going to have a go at changing front shocks on wife's 07 Espace. Any hints or tips to help me out? I know you have to remove some bits of trim from dash to get to strut tops. Any advice from anyone who has done it before would be gratefully received. Thanks
  10. Espace IV, doesn't start !!

    Probably all my own fault but here goes. 2007 2.0 Dynamique, 185,000 glorious miles .. all well .. bodywork looks like it's been thrown off a cliff .. but still working and regularly serviced. Been an epic car. Like a prat, I ran it dry and ended up out of fuel by the side of the road...
  11. Espace IV pre-/post facelift front bumper compatibility

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a new bumper for my wife's Espace IV, 2007 so it's a post-facelift version. She pranged it, these things happen, no point getting upset - after all it's only metal and plastic. I've found a pre-facelift bumper in the right colour for a reasonable price (well, £90) and...
  12. Abs fault df001 espace 2009

    I just replaced my abs pump. It got rid of the abs fault but now have a fault esp Low voltage.i have checked the 5 amp fuse inside which is there a fuse in engine bay? Thanks
  13. Position of DPF/FAP pressure sensor on 2006 Espace 2.0DCi *** Fixed ***

    Good morning everyone, its a sunny day in East Anglia! I am seeking some help to confirm the position of the DPF differential pressure sensor on my 2006 2.0DCi grand espace. I have patched up the pipes a couple of times and the car has been running fine over the last 2 years, but last night...
  14. grand espace towbar, wanted for 09

    As above, in good nick, advice re electrics too if poss, i.e. dedicated kit? Scotchlock or prefer solder, bypass relay? Course it must be in good nick! Ta folks.
  15. Espace 3.0 dci injection faults

    Hello just looking for some advice on my espace ph2 its a 3.0 dci 2006 and i have only just bought it. Everything was running smooth i bought drove it nearly 300 miles home did a few camping trips in her now after only owning her for just over a month the power seems to have just gone. Its...
  16. Espace IV Control arm replacement

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi everyone, has anyone done their front control arms / wishbones on the Espace IV? I have two coming in the post and it looks easy enough, pop ball joint and take the two bolts out from the bushes? Does anyone know what they all have to be torqued back up to? Hopefully will sort my less than...
  17. Renault Espace 4 LH drive shaft seal.

    Dear All, I have changed the seal and bearing of the LH shaft as it was leaking. That did not really help so replaced the entire shaft. It has worked for a while until I had a relatively long drive today at average speed of 130 km/h. It is leaking again..... When it was replaced the workshop...
  18. Espace aux

    Is there a aux cord available for 2004 espace. Everything on ebay/amazon is 2005+
  19. Espace 2004

    Morning all, I'd like to put a aux cord in the espace. Radio is in the boot, passenger side. I bought 1 from ebay for a 05 onwards, doesn't fit but was worth a punt. Everything else in ebay/amazon is 05 and onwards. Is there a such a cable that will fit mine.? Cheers guys
  20. renault espace 3.5

    Cars & motoring
    Hello as a long time renault enthusiast i would like to by an espace 3.5 from 05 I need it for long journey distance through europe,would that be an alternative to an volvo v70 estate or a Merc w211.I'm happy to get any advice or info what to look for by inspection as well. Jean