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  1. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all just picked up a 2008 Megane cc great car got some problems but such alot of car for the money!
  2. Wanted
    Its a megane covertible 1.6, I have the identical engine just need them swapped over, will pay petrol!! Looking to have work done ASAP Maldon Essex
  3. Heating & cooling
    My Scenic 2 has had ropey AC for a while. It had a recharge when I got it last year - it worked for a month or so, then stopped. This year I took it to Kwik Fit in Braintree, and they charged it, and again it worked. They said if it failed again, to bring it in for another go. Like the first...
  4. General tuning
    hey, I used to own a 120 dci 2004 master, I now have a vx movano 100bhp 2.5cdti, the master pulled like a train and the vx struggles, it also has a whooshing sound is this normal? (pipes/hoses etc been checked) as im comparing the 2, ive been looking into a remap from or...
  5. Electronics
    hi, im buying a 58 plate movano at the weekend (hopefully) it only comes with one key, wheres the cheapest place to get one cut and programmed? thanks
  6. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi guys this is my first post I drive A vel satis 3.5 as an everyday car I've had her just over a year with no problems and she's kinda in the middle of a yearly refresh as I do with all my cars , Regards Kenni
  7. Engines
    Hi Guys... Just wondering if anyone has had good experiences/ can recommend a garage... I have a Renault Grand Scenic 1.6 petrol aircon 2005 plate... That by the sounds of things needs a Dephaser Pulley, Aux belt kit, and just for good measure I'd like the Timing belt kit done too... Just...
  8. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi,im new to the renault world!.past cats have been Mk1 Golf Gti,Audi A3 1.8T,Pug 205 Gti 1.9 Now i have a Clio 172 Cup From Essex
  9. General Chat
    Hey im new to all this really. Just wondering if anyone knew of either Renault meets people have or Clio ones in Essex? I wanna meet up with some new people who own renaults or clios. Thanks guys :D Leigh
  10. Wanted
    Hello, I would like to buy a clean Laguna dci (not fussed if hatchback or estate) with fsh, etc etc I have been advised by a Renault laguna fan to check for wet carpets, check for damp in fuse box and to walk away if service history is doubtful. I have looked at several promising low mile...
  11. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello, I have joined the forum as perhaps someone here can help me find a 1.9dci Laguna. So far I have only found examples that appear to have been washed with a brillo pad and waxed with a wire brush. I have been told to look out for damp front carpets and inspect the fuse box for wet/damp...
  12. Garages
    I recently use a garage called French Car-Nection in Rayleigh, Essex (SS6 7XJ) , they use genuine r/parts and are a lot cheaper that main dealers. I give them 9/10.
  13. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone, i'm a new member, and at the same time owning my first renault at the age of 62 its a 2000 clio 1.4s. Hope some of you kind members will be able to help me with some advice later on. Anyhow for now all the best to everyone. seafrontwalker.
  14. Welcome to RenaultForums
    I joined this site to get some advice on a car my mate sold me
  15. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi stumbled on this forum; but glad I did:d (see below) As we are snow bound at the moment I have been googling? goggling more like I am on my second Scenic - first was an RXE. I am not mechanically minded btw. Embarrassingly I was considering changing to a Citreon C4 Picasso (petrol, as I...
  16. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, have just bought my first renault car...clio182 well its mine and the misses car lol have had various cars in the past...some fast..some slow ans one silly quick so far im enjoying the clio..feels like a proper lil racing car. very impressed with the power and handling. anyway thats...
  17. Cars & motoring
    Evening all I need to find a mechanic, Technican or Auto Electrican in the southend-on-sea area as I have a petrol laguna 2 with a locking fault (it wont lock) even from the switch inside, and my Local renault dealer wants nearly £100 just to look at it! the main independent service center...
  18. Cars & motoring
    Hi All Can anyone recommend a good, but reasonably priced, mechanic in the south Essex area? I'm actually in Basildon, so the nearer to that the better. Or a mobile mechanic would be even better still. Obviously must be au fait with Renaults. In the not too distant future I'll be wanting a...