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  1. Megane Estate MK2 2008 Recall

    Has anyone on here got the same model as me with a sunroof? Reanult have this recall "There is a risk of a weakening overtime of the rear roof spoiler mountings. As a result, the spoiler may fall off the vehicle during high speed driving." My car has been into renault city motors in bristol...
  2. Megane estate pollen filter.

    Hi everyone I’m having a bit of trouble trying to locate the pollen filter. I have a 2010 megane III estate 1.5 dci 86bhp. I have removed the glove box with no joy. And I cannot see it on the drivers side. I used to have a megane II and it was beside the clutch pedal and easy to find. Would...
  3. Changing Glow Plugs - Laguna III 1.5 dci estate

    Hello All, new to the forum - however i need to change the glow plugs on my Laguna III - 2008 model year - with a 1.5dci engine to gain access there is a need to remove a pipe that goes over the engine - the pipe fits into a rubber hose at either end and is held in place by clamps. these are...
  4. 2012 Megane Estate No Fan or AC

    Heating & cooling
    I have a 2012 Megane estate 1.5 dci which has no blower or AC working. The problem started with a flat battery, after looking at fuses and moving wires etc, it started again. On another cold morning engine cranking was slow. Car eventually started but the heater fan does not work on any setting...
  5. Laguna 2 1.8 16v Sport / Tourer Estate VF1KG0B0*****

    Hi, I have owned the car for a number of years and am quite fond of it - Yes! I know! - But we have all been there. During a routine clutch friction and pressure plates replacement at the local garage, the hydraulic union between the downpipe from the master and the concentric clutch were...
  6. 2012 Scenic 3 Estate Glove Box Fuses

    Hi, I'm looking for a list of which fuses do what in the glove box as I'm looking to use one in conjunction with a dash cam but there's no fuse layout on the removable fuse flap and the one in the owners manual bears no resemblance to mine. The picture attached is a photo I took of mine Mines...
  7. Creating the car that Renault never did: Megane 3 RS Estate?

    General tuning
    As a car enthusiast that likes to work on his cars a bit I'm looking for a new project. Sadly I don't have the place anymore to own multiple cars. So the next project should be nice to work on, but also a good daily. At the moment I'm driving a Megane tce180, and I really love the car. A logical...
  8. 2013 Megane estate. Tail lights not working

    Hi all. Both of my rear tail lights have stopped working, I have brake lights, indicator's, reverse lights and fog lights all working. I have checked the fuse and replaced bulb p21/5w. Still no luck. Any ideas?
  9. Megane 3 (2012) Expression Estate Driver Door not locking

    Hi guys! I have searched any related posts to my issue, but no results. So, here is it: since couple of days my driver door doesn't lock. Realised before a short delay locking this door, but now it doesn't sound at all, neither locks. ***x1f61e; Is there any chance to get some helpful tips or...
  10. Renault megane estate mk3

    Hello, im thinking of installing rear parking sensors on my renault megane estate mk3 and im wondering is there anyone who has already done this? My only question would be how to get cable from sensors to somewhere inside of car?
  11. 07 laguna estate carminat stereo

    Hi all. I have just bought an 07 laguna estate mk2 facelift model which has the carminat satnav stereo. I am looking at adding an aux input to this for phones etc. Does anyone know if this is possible and what adaptor I would need? Many Thanks
  12. Clutch has no resistance on Laguna 2 estate

    I own a Laguna 1.9 DCI estate 2004 and diesel which has no resistance when the clutch is depressed and it does not come back up once depressed . Any ideas what the problem might be ?
  13. Laguna estate 2005 - BREAKING

    For sale
    Hi to all... My Renault Laguna Estate Sport Tourer Dynamique - mk2 - 2005 - Silver - now is dead (cambelt broke and some damage in valves, the rest was perfectly working) and it is for breaking now and it is a shame to take it to the scrap yard so my intention is to break it for almost...
  14. MeganeII Estate Tailgate Locked

    Hi. I currently drive a Megane II Estate 1.5 DCI, 2008/9. Needing help in opening locked tailgate. All other doors open and lock normally but tailgate has decided to stay locked. It worked fine about 10-15 mins prior to my last attempt to open it. I have checked and I cannot see anything stuck...
  15. which haynes for r.c estate dci 85 1.5 2008

    Ask the Experts
    hi. does any man or woman here know which manual I need for the above car. haynes are asking too many questions.
  16. Laguna 1 estate driver window not working

    Hi My aging Laguna driver electric window will not work. Checked motor ok, passenger side works fine so not fuse, door switch seems fine. Can't find any broken cables etc window just decided not to work. No sound from motor, does not seem to be getting voltage. No one touch unit on console...
  17. Potholes and screeching brakes - Clio 3 estate

    Wheels & tyres
    So yesterday I figured I would change the oil (127k miles now and still burns zero oil between changes). Then got carried away and went to investigate the vibration from the front end. All balance weights still there and not likely to be the issue as the vibration could be felt at 30mph but...
  18. Need help for a 2005 estate megane audio set up and advice

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all.since I bought the car I had a crappy sound every time I tried to listen some nice music.all 4 speaker are some edge stuff I think because I can see clearly a lot off orange.just bought an amp that I don't now the name now as I am tipping and a vibe 1200 sub.while the sub does the job...
  19. Laguna III Estate Parking Sensor

    Hi all, just bought a 2008 tourer. One of the parking sensors has been pushed/washed by jet wash into the rear bumper. Is this a bumper off job, or, can it be done without removal? Thanks in advance Fraser
  20. laguna estate II, rear doors locking and unlocking

    Hi guys, sometimes when I switch OFF, either by start button and remove card key or vice versa, the rear doors start locking and unlocking approx every 5 secs and it only stops when I use the card to lock the car, any ideas.