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  1. Scenic Mk 3 - check injection - smoking - excessive oil usage

    Hi, I have a mark3 grand scenic 2010 1.5dci 110. I have had a problem for a while that anything over 50ish it loses power and comes up check injection. I add some clean injector fluid to the fuel and it made no difference. I removed and cleaned each injector and used brake cleaner to check the...
  2. Excessive smoke

    Ask the Experts
    Hi troops was looking for a little bit of help with the problem my kangoo 15dci it starts first time every time hot or cold even with the weather is Ayrshire had a spell at -6 and the van starts first turn it has a problem only from start up it smokes really bad and then clearing with nothing...
  3. Excessive vibration at 50mph

    Hi everyone, I wondering if someone could help! I am writing for a friend actually here! Honest! Here's the story 9 months ago, my friend bought a renault clio 1.4 16v 06 plate. Got it cheap, but 3 months later was advised to replace the cambelt, at 80k. He took it to this garage, not an...
  4. Excessive Travel Noise When Roads Are Wet? (Megane III Petrol)

    Cars & motoring
    I notice excessive noise when driving in wet conditions. The noise is located on the offside front. It sounds like excessive wind noise, but it can't be, otherwise it'd happen regardless of the elements. Not sure if coincidence, but the offside front door has a rattle. Something loose behind the...
  5. Excessive oil consumption

    My Renault Trafic has needed it all topped up just 6 months after its annual service. The van is only 18 months old and has done very low mileage why is it using so much oil? Is this normal? The garage have checked it for leaks and found nothing untoward.
  6. Mobile Phone Excessive Charges BEWARE!!

    General Chat
    Posting this as a warning!!!!!!! Got a text on my phone "Thank you for subscribing to unlimited access to Mobyapps games & apps for £4.50 per week from clarion marketing until you text STOP to 65065" Not knowing why this has happened I sent a STOP text, got a message back "your subscription has...
  7. Engine whine, underpowered, excessive fuel

    hi guys, abit of advice please, I know its not Renault but based on the same chassis its a 2008 movano 2.5 cdti 100 (believe its a g9ua) on 128,500 miles, ive not long bought it after having a facelift 04 master 120, the vx is underpowered struggled getting up hills esp on motorway on a slight...
  8. MOT Incorrect Failure? Track Rod End Ball Joint as excessive play

    Steering and Suspension
    Hey Guys, I need some help with this MOT failure. My Clio MK2 2000 has failed MOT for "Track Rod End Ball Joint has excessive play offside (poss tie rod also) [2.2.B.1f]" So I decided to sort it out myself. Today I was inspecting the Track End Ball Joint after removing the offside wheel, the...
  9. excessive oil use and lumpy idle

    Help please My 2053 Kangoo 1.5dci 70+ van is at idle speed when cold is lumpy/ not smooth until it reaches full operating temperature then it idles ok. The van is also using lots of oil but there are no leaks. I do a lot of motorway driving and it drives and pulls superbly other than the...
  10. 2001 Megane Cabriolet Excessive road Noise

    Hello all, My recent purchase a very tidy 2001 1.6 16v cabriolet is a right noisy old thing. I know very little about cars but a niggle is telling me its not just road noise but maybe a wheel bearing. theres a constant whine at anything above 30 miles an hour and the faster you go the...
  11. 2005 Scenic 1.5 DCI excessive oil consumption

    Hi all, my 2005 Scenic DCI seems to be using a lot of oil, its done 120,000 miles, I do about 200 miles a week and have to put about half a litre of oil a week in it, also from time to time it seems to lose power when driving along at a steady 50 ish, these may not be connected, any ideas...
  12. Off to garage last ditch - oil loss & excessive crankcase pressure

    Renault Espace 1.9 dci 53 plate 137,000 miles. My car is using about 1L of oil on a 50 mile trip at motorway speeds, it looses a lot less when travelling same mileage town driving doing short trips. I put it on ramps and underneath is covered in oil so much its hard to say where its from, but...
  13. Excessive oil consumption

    Hi guys. my mate has a Megan 1.9dci 2003, i think, it has a massive oil consumption but no major leak, i had the inlet to the turbo off and it's full of oil. any ideas what causing this?? :crazy::crazy::crazy::crazy:
  14. Clio III Dynamique 2.0 16v M4R excessive oil usage

    Hello, We have an '08 Clio III Dynamique 2.0 16v (M4R engine) that seems to be using oil. it was serviced in October '13 at 37,000 miles after which it's oil consumption was negligible. It was then serviced in November '14 at 42,000 miles since when it has been using oil requiring regular top...
  15. Temperature gauge needle excessive movement

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everybody, Noticed some strange behaviour with regards to my temperature gauge on the drive home from work. Whilst moving the needle would drop from the middle position to by about a centimetre. Once stationary, at lights etc, for a minuet it would rise again. Once moving it would drop...
  16. intermittent excessive power (yep strange)

    bit of an odd one... some times my laguna goes like my old 90bhp one, and then some times it seems to go like at a guess it should do 120 bhp. and then it goes like a rocket.... ive pluged in one of those iphone diagnostics things and it comes back with no faults. (i did check that teh thing...
  17. Excessive bounce coming from front

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi I have a 2002 Renault scenic which suddenly developed excessive bounce at the front and is all over the road. When I turn a bend it feels like the rear of the car wants to 'drift' and when I go over bumps in the road it feels like a boat on a choppy sea. My husband has had new tyres fitted...
  18. 1.9 dci excessive crank pressure

    hi, have visited several posts and was just wondering if its possible for the turbo to be failing and pressurising the crankcase via the oil return pipe from either exhaust or compressor side? might explain oil pushout, have disconnected all crankcase vent pipes including separator return and...
  19. 1,6 L 16V petrol Kangoo with excessive HC

    Not quite sure if I should post in "Engine" or here ? I have an exhaust problem with my Kangoo 1,6 l petrol, 2005 MY 4x4. Every year, for older cars, we have the similar to the MOT test in Sweden. This year I had some minor faults easily fixed with the help of some elbow grease but I also had...
  20. 1.9Dci Grand Scenic 2005 - excessive crankcase pressure

    Hi Guys. I've just bought this Renault Grand Scenic and on the drive home a 'Check Injection' light and the SERVICE light came on. I checked the schedule on the ECU and it tells me I've got 14,000 miles to go til I need a new one?? Anyway, that's a different story (which could possibly be...