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  1. Exhausts
    The local installer has given me an aftermarket exhaust system from EuroFlow. Is anyone familiar with EuroFlo and how long their exhausts last?
  2. Exhausts
    Hi all :) This is my first post, so if I'm in the wrong section or anything, let me know! :cool: I'm looking to buy a Renault Clio 2006 spec and above (face-lift) for my first car, but there's some mods I want to do including new rims, lowering etc but what does the law state about exhausts? I...
  3. Giveaways
    Hi all just got a 182 and really pleased with it but it has got sportex rear boxes and I'm not a fan of them was wondering if any one on here would swap a standard one for mine?? I'm in Cornwall!!
  4. Exhausts
    Hi all, Maybe this has been discussed before but I couldn't find the thread if it has been. I am posing two questions: 1. Has anyone else here installed a no-name eBay exhaust? What are the disadvantages? Do they rust quicker? Are they more problematic to fit? Are the welds and joins of...
  5. Exhausts
    I have a 2008 mk3 Laguna 2.0dci dynamique s which i would like to fit the twin exhausts to that some of the models have ( either side). Anyone got any idea where i could get this done and how much it would likely cost?
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  7. General tuning
    hiya everyone, its your resident nutter lol i know you will all say not to do this, but i would like to fit a motorcycle exhaust to my coupe. ive looked at the sizes and i know its possible. i just wondered if any of you have any ideas what would be the best bike to get one off. hayabusa...
  8. Exterior styling
    Hello, im putting a 225 kit on my 1.4 megane, and was wondering if instead of the real 225 exhaust, I could put dummy ones coming out of the back, and keep my old exhaust. The reason for this is me being 18 im low on cash, and my insurance is high enough as it is without them banging me for a...
  9. General tuning
    Hi, im gonna be driving in a couple of weeks and when i pass my test i fancy a new exhaust for my clio 2.. 1,5Dci , was just wonering if someone has any links to any reccomended exhausts. Dont want a massive chavy one lol , just something thats abit better than standard:) Cheers Micky...
  10. Exhausts
    I had a real problem trying to get an exhaust system for my 1985 Trafic T1000... Just in case anyone here is having similar problems, I managed to get everything from online automotive. Here is the link:
  11. General tuning
    everyone talks about exhaust systems i have the 1.9dti laguna 2 phase 1 and i wanted an exhaust on mine my mate gave me one of them universal cans from motor depot can not remember the make but was not a name i have herd of would this make my car lose power with it being a desial please help...
  12. General tuning
    hi i've got a 1.9 dti guna ph1, and after talking to a vw tdi owning friend its got me thinking... he's a member on, and theres a few guys on there that have made a straight through exhaust from turbo back, no cat, no boxes, no nothing. has any one done this?!?!? also what would...
  13. General tuning
    Ive got a bike too and theyre always on about having to buy power commanders when you k and n it. A lot of what we're told we need is marketting, which is then passed on and on with nobody ever questionong it. Ive got similar doubts about exhaust back pressure but thats another story
  14. General tuning
    Phase 11 Twin Exhaust Good Evening All, Hope someone out there can help me:confused: I'm trying to find a twin exit exhaust for my 04 laguna, as shown in the picture below: Any info greatly received!!!:)
  15. Exhausts
    hi, does anyone know of any websites where i can get an exhaust for my 96 clio i want a loud one
  16. Exhausts
    hello does any one know where i can get a twin exit exhaust system for my 19dci,ive seen loads on the gallery in the laguna2forum,mainly on german and italian ones,oh and one turkish one. other than o.e parts im stuck any help would be appreciated thanks :d :d :d :d :d :d
  17. Exhausts
    Hi Guys and Gals, I am thinking about changing the middle and rear exaust sections on my 2000W Laguna 2.0 and I've noticed that there's a separate expansion box on the passenger side of the car. Is this a vital part of the exaust system or can it be removed, Regards Leroy
  18. Exhausts
    The one thing I would love to put on my Megane is a twin pipe Powerflow exhaust. But the way the box and pipe are up behind the bumper I fear this would not be an easy mod...........any ideas :confused: