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  1. New or fix existing keycard

    Hi I have a Megane II 04 model. I have been getting the card not detected for over a week. With a little bit of fiddling around the car detects the card. I understand that a lot of the time it because the sensor is loose due to use of the keycard. I have looked at fixing the card myself...
  2. Clio existing foglights wiring carrier and connector problem

    2005 mk2 Clio extreme. Car suffered accident due to large water bottle flying off back of a lorry (empty but travelling at 70mph so ouch!) on the M1. Result was a n/s broken foglight carrier. The foglight is OK. This is now glued but incomplete but I need to try to find a replacement, does...
  3. Wiring an amp to existing headunit

    I have a laguna 2002 with the standard cd player headunit. Is there any way of connecting phono leads to run into an amp using the standard headunit??