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  1. Expansion tank crack *** Sorted ***

    Heating & cooling
    I seem to have a hairline crack near the neck of my filler tank. Is it simply removed by taking off the 2 hoses and undoing the nut on bracket above tank or is it a bit more complicated? Phil.
  2. Expansion tank

    Hi All, Eleven months ago I spotted two minute holes in the expansion tank of my 1.4 Scenic 16 valve. I replaced the tank with a cheaper "pirate" one, bled all the air and problem solved. This morning noticed some water underneath the car. Yes, the water bottle was leaking again. I have...
  3. Black sludge in expansion bottle - Clio 1.5 dCi

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, I was just preparing the car for a long journey and when I checked the expansion bottle I couldn't see coolant up to the level so poured some in with some water and thick black or maybe dark brown sludge came to the top. I scooped it out as best I could to get an inch or so below the...
  4. Water overflowing expansion tank? GT Turbo

    Heating & cooling
    Hey guys, I have a Renault 5 gt turbo that has been kept in my garage under covers for a few years, its in really top class condition with a new engine fitted by a specialist which the car was then stored and unused I planned to bring it out again in the summer.. been too busy with...
  5. Filling trafic mk1 expansion bottle

    Heating & cooling
    hi i am wondering how you fill the expansion tank on the trafic mk1 as its right under the scuttle thanks
  6. coolant - air and expansion issue

    Hi, I have a Nissan nv200 (bought a month ago privately :mad: )that uses the Renault 1.5dci 110 engine. It has an issue that my mechanic is stumped by, basically when cold the coolant expands and fills the expansion tank to the brim and with the top off it forces the coolant out and over the...
  7. Scenic 1.9dci blowing water out of expansion tank

    So another challenge in the quest to keep my Grand Scenic (2004) on the road! Having rebuilt the top end some months ago (recon head, new gasket, timing belt, water pump etc etc) all was well until a couple of weeks ago when I discovered water being blown out of the expansion tank. This is...
  8. Cabasse usb expansion???

    I purchased a fine, low mileage laguna 205gt. the car is ace but i would like to play music from a flash drive usb. i have the in dash 6 disc changer, colour sat nav with bluetooth handsfree. the disc player is also very selective as to which discs it will play so diy mp3's are a no no
  9. Coolant pushing past expansion cap not head gasket

    Hi All We are at end of our tether, and on the verge of scrapping our 3.0dci V6 Grand Espace. We have had it six months and it has been in and out of the garage, luckily for 3 moths of those it was under warranty. Started with check injection and going into limp mode. God knows what the garage...
  10. 53 Clio 1.5 DCI Oil in Expansion Tank

    After a long run to the coast and back, my 1.5 D Clio started to make what sounded like a 'Squelching hissing' noise from the engine. I pulled over straight away and carefully opened the bonnet. Oil was pouring out of the expansion tank and on later inspection it looked to be dripping down from...
  11. 2002 espace 2.2dci oil in coolant expansion tank

    Hi got this problem with my espace oil light came and had the stop warning sign come on went to have a look and have got raw oil (black not creamy)in expansion tank Iam a mechanic (been off tools for a while)so know the signs of head gasket but this has me puzzled was thinking of the...
  12. Coolant Expansion Tank Removal

    Other makes
    Hi everyone I am in need of your assistance. My expansion tank cap has broke and when I took the cap off the seal bit stayed in the neck of the tank. How do I remove the expansion tank as there is a bolt below the hose which bolts onto the wing, and next to the max line there is a funny...
  13. Layer of oil in expansion tank

    Heating & cooling
    Hi folks, Firstly I'm sorry if this seems to be a recurring problem and if it's been talked about loads before... Got a bit of trouble with my wife's 1.4 16v 53 reg Clio that I hope someone can help me with... It's been running quite ropey for a while so I had a bit of a look under the bonnet...
  14. 2002 1.6 16v clio- oil in expansion tank

    Hi all, As title, there is clearly oil in the expansion tank, so as an initial check I've done a compression check and I'm getting a consistent 14.5 bar across all cylinders. A year ago this wasn't an issue so I'm convinced something is not right, but I'm somewhat surprised the compression...
  15. Pressured expansion tank ???

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, need help with my 1900 dci 100 2004 van, again :(,, this problem has been going on for a while any help is appreciated. I get a lot of pressure in the expansion tank on my van, only when warming up. What I have to do is drive for 3/4 miles then lift bonnet and bleed from the top hose bleeds...
  16. oil in expansion bottle of Grand Scenic

    Hi all, Renault Grand Scenic, DCi Dynamique 16v, 1.6 petrol. 2005 83,000 miles covered FSH, had new dash fitted due to electrinic faliure, new coil packs. A few days ago. my car was running hot on the motorway, the temperature gauge about two bars from the top. I turned on the heater full...
  17. Coolant expansion tank - renault clio 2002

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, My daughter accidentally put motor oil in the coolant expansion tank and now the car won't start. There is lots of creamy white liquid in the coolant. Is there a way I can flush out the system to get it going again? thanks

    Heating & cooling
    Guys!, need your urgent advise. The coolant expansion tank shows normal level of coolant in the tank when the engine is cool, but after driving for about 140 miles its level rise to complete FULL to Cap of the expansion tank. There is no over heating I supposed, because the temperature...
  19. Oil in expansion tank Kangoo K9K 700

    Hi, Can anybody help me please, I've a 52 plate kangoo van 1.5 diesel K9K 700 engine. I started spewing out oil from the expansion tank, So I've had it to bits, cleaned all the pipes out and rad etc, replaced the headgasket. Fired her back up and she ran a treat for an hour of so on tick over...
  20. Hissing from coolant expansion tank ?

    Heating & cooling
    Now I have never had this before, but on lifting the bonnet after the engine has run, I am hearing a hissing which I tracked to the coolant expansion tank, now the cap is on tight, but it's blowing off the pressure, now is this correct, should it be doing this, have I got an unservicable...