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  1. Possible Halfords track rod end repair too expensive?

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a 2008 Scenic and got an 'amber' warning for a track rod end after a recent MOT. I was advised that the "offside inner track rod end worn to excess". The mechanic did show me that the whole wheel did move slightly and has made me a bit concerned that it may get worse. To repair it they...
  2. Car Stuck in French Garage - Insanely Expensive Quote

    Cars & motoring
    Hi everyone, I'm new posting here but have found your knowledge immensely helpful in the past.. Our 2005 Renault Scenic 1.9 broke down in France, about 8 hours south of Calais. The turbo is a write-off (as suspected), and the French garage - part of a massive Renault dealership, have quoted...
  3. Will it be expensive?

    Hello everyone! Since purchasing my Clio last March I jave never been able to ise the central locking on my car as the chipboard inside the key has a chip missing! To lock mt car I just press the door lock button inside the car then lock the drivers door manually. Im guesing as the button...
  4. its getting expensive now

    General Chat
    sorry about some of the explanations below, its copied and pasted from another forum Im on. bit of a saga...... renault grand scenic 04 plate had it from new. on our way home from north wales last friday, the wife was driving, clutch pedal goes down, doesnt return, she tries it again and it...
  5. Cam Belts an expensive lesson learned

    Well got my Scenic 2 to the garage and yes the cam belt had snapped, breaking 12 out of 16 valves and the crankshaft. Thankfully as I had AA repairs insurance and had the car serviced they paid out £475, still leaving me with a bill for £800. I turned down an offer from Renault when they...
  6. I feel ive been ripped off!

    Cars & motoring
    My renault trafic 1.9 2003 cracked the block so engine was scrap according to my garage , so i got a 2nd hand engine with turbo and all ancillaries still on it that i brought from ebay £895, so just a straight swap over. when i went to collect the van this evening i was greeted with a invoice of...
  7. These codes sound expensive!

    Hi all, I've been given these codes from my local garage (po670 and po487) has anybody had these fixed in the past and roughly what did it cost, as I really don't know much at all about cars and always worry about being ripped off! Many thanks in advance fir whatever help/advice anyone can profer.
  8. Replacing (The expensive) Spark Plugs on a Clio 182

    Happy to try my self, but heard a whisper a bit of some manifold needs to be removed to gain access to the plugs and this manifold needs another gasket fitted if removed, is this correct??
  9. Scenic II indicator stalk problems

    Hi everyone, I have read on here that late 53 plate scenic had a fault with the indicator stalks, I have only owned it a month and mine appears to have never had it repaired, The indicators cancel too soon!! very annoying!! I have had the indicator stalk off and there seems to be no problem...
  10. Megane 1.9dci Electrical Fault - simple or expensive fix?

    Hi, I have a number of electrical issues with our 03 Megane 1.9dci. I am hopeful its a simple fix, but me and cars never seem to do cheap or simple. Problems (in no particular order) 1. Footwell lights come on randomly when driving. 2. Dashboard sometimes remains illuminated when car is...
  11. Expensive Oil Leak!

    Had a new customer ring me up a couple of weeks ago asking for a price to change the crankshaft oil seal (pulley end) on a 2.2dCi Espace 1V. I always ask who diagnosed the problem in situations like this and he said it was a local garage, no naming but it was a branch of those auto center type...
  12. Clio 1999 MOT failure issues, PLEASE HELP!

    Hello experts! Just had an MOT at kwikfit. It has failed on a few things, just wanted to check that what they are saying is true because the price is insane to fix it! Ok, i'm just gonna write down what it failed on as it reads on the paper.... 1. exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content...
  13. Is it me or are Lagunas the most expensive 'Regular Car' to maintain and keep running

    Wheels & tyres
    (EDIT: Thread title should read 'Regular Car') Seriously though, and by 'regular' I mean to exclude classic cars and supercars and anything ridiculously expensive to buy in the first place. I've recently spent (excluding labour - to make this a bit more even) on getting mine through it's most...
  14. Whats the most expensive work you've needed?

    General Chat
    As the title says, whats the most expensive work you've ever needed doing to your car and how did you deal with it if you were short on cash? All stories welcome - especially the funny ones! Mine was a gearbox replacement on a Fiat Bravo. Blew to bits, just as I got my £330 XMas bonus for...
  15. British dental care is the most expensive in Europe

    General Chat
    British dental care is the most expensive in Europe | the Daily Mail
  16. Very expensive tyres

    Wheels & tyres
    Need to replace the tyres on my 1.9DCI Scenic fitted with the 17" alloys. The prices being quoted have been around £115 to £150ea. The tyre size 205/55/17 seem to be very rare and not made by many suppliers. Has anyone else had the same problem and what solution did you come up with?
  17. expensive vel satis problem

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, yesterday my vel satis 2.2dci belched black smoke and was completely down on power (barely able to move) when it was started. The car performed fab last month doing 3000 miles to Tuscany from Glasgow without missing a beat, but without any notice it decided to pack in yesterday. Now its...
  18. The expensive tire sensor.......

    Wheels & tyres
    I remember around 6months back an old colleague of mine phoning me for a moan about paying £75 to have his tire sensor reset in his Laguna....... Well I'm happy to tell you that our Bosch garage can reset it for a fraction of the price......
  19. How expensive is this?

    Does anyone have any idea how expensive it is to replace the starter motor on a 94 clio rsi?
  20. Expensive dealership

    Cars & motoring
    I have just had a quote from my local renault dealership for a large amount of work as a result of my annual service which has come to £1000. Looking at the bill the majority of this is driven by the massive £85 per hour labour charge! I have always treid to go through dealerships so the carhas...