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  1. clio expression 02 problem with aquaplaning or rain

    Cars & motoring
    Ive had some problems since i bought this car and im not entirely sure what is to blame here, so ill ask the experts on here for some help. It first started when i hit an aquaplane at about 40mph on my way to work during heavy rain. I wasnt able to get much power out of the car when i out my...
  2. Scenic III 2009 1.5 dCi Expression - Rear Fog Light Issue

    Good evening. I have a Scenic III 1.5 dCi (2009) and have had problems with the rear fog lamp. The lamp was partially filled with water (now drained and cleaned), the bulb holder was drenched and rusty (also now cleaned) the connector and wires were also wet (now dried). Bulb(s) tested and all...
  3. Renault Megane 1.5dci Expression - Engine Failure Hazard

    Help and advice needed please - my Megane went into limp mode and the warning light said Fuel injection error in November. I called recovery and a new cam shaft sensor was fitted. This did not fix the problem, the fuel injection was checked and bypassed but this didn't solve the problem either...
  4. Megane 3 (2012) Expression Estate Driver Door not locking

    Hi guys! I have searched any related posts to my issue, but no results. So, here is it: since couple of days my driver door doesn't lock. Realised before a short delay locking this door, but now it doesn't sound at all, neither locks. ***x1f61e; Is there any chance to get some helpful tips or...
  5. Kangoo expression 1.5 dci Windows, Lighter not working **Fixed**

    I have a renault kangoo expression 1.5 dci 80 and suddenly the electric windows and cigarette lighter has stopped working, I have checked the fuses under the passenger side parcel shelf but all looks good, they stopped working when i was using a portable tyre compressor in the cigarette lighter...
  6. Kangoo 1.6 Expression (2004) Locking Wheel Nut - help 15

    Wheels & tyres
    Hello Experts, I can't find the locking wheel nut remover for my Kangoo 1.6 Expression (2004). I'm off on my big trip soon and daren't leave home without it, Attached is a picture of it :
  7. 54 scenic expression High Beam

    Hi all looking for some of your valuable advice again please. Yesterday my drivers side high beam went off yesterday so went and bought a new blub put it in and still no joy i double checked bulb in the passenger side high beam and new bulb worked fine! had to leave trying to sus problem as it...
  8. Scenic Expression service P

    Hi all, im at my wits end with this problem. Ive search a few different places and tried various things but to no avail! At the end of last year my battery completely died. when i replaced it i got a check parking brake message on my dash which after a few attempts of different advice i...
  9. Renault scenic expression vvt mk2 1.6 16v

    Hello all, I think I'm getting confused so hopefully experts will help me out here. Is the camshaft position sensor same as the crankshaft sensor? May I also know where is the camshaft position sensor located in the Renault scenic expression vvt 1.6 mk2 year 2006. I thank you all for your...
  10. Petrol starvation - Scenic Expression II

    September 2016 - Replaced Coil September 2017 - the car starts shuddering, and acts like fuel starvation... (like your running out of petrol) Took to garage, and they replaced the Coil and did service Didn't help... back again, and they cannot find anything wrong. I can predict now when it...
  11. Megane II expression 2 ltr sedan 2007 fan issue

    My megane's air con and heating fan will not work. I can not hear any noise from it.The heater and air con work but are not effective as the fan is not working at all. I can not use the demister either. I have checked the fuses and they seem to be ok. Any one got any ideas what the problem could...
  12. Renault Laguna 1.6 Expression 2001 - ** SOLD **

    For sale
    for sale my 2001, 51 plate laguna 2 in blue. 137k miles, mot until march next year 2018. probably needs axle bushes (but not mentioned as an advisory on last mot), so could be something banging about underneath - can't be bothered to look. rear tyres getting to the wear limit. it has a sunroof...

    I HAVE A 2005 LUGUNA EXPRESSION THINK MIGHT BE PHASE FIRST REGERSTERD IN MAY 2005 IT HAS AN ELECTRONIC Hand brake as the computer is not working yet can I change the back discs and pads can I wind caliper out or does it need to be done through the computer hope some one can help, please
  14. Megane Scenic 1.6 16v Petrol Expression+ Starting Gremlins

    Weird problem today, the OH took the car out to do some shopping and then to pick up our daughter. I was a little difficult to start first thing this morning but then behaved itself. She was too early to pick up our daughter and so pulled into a lay-by to wait till nearer the time, parking in...
  15. Automatic Clio 1.6 2006 expression Check engine problems

    Hi guys, I need to pick some brains if possible please would be great help. First of all My little automatic Clio when starting up cold or hasnt been driven in a few hours starts but the engine makes a loud tapping sound for about 1/2 seconds then goes normal or it feels like there's a loss of...
  16. Megane Expression 2005 Engine turning over but not starting.

    Hello Everyone. My partner has a 2005 Renault megane expression with 130K miles. Looks exactly like this Had it only a week from private sale and was running great until two days...
  17. 2013 Megane Expression Rear Speaker Wires

    In-car entertainment
    Hello guys Had my 2013 Megane 1.5 Expression for just 2 weeks and can't take the audio sound any more. My previous 10 year old Vectra sounded amazing my comparison. Having read up, I decided to get the Vibe Optisound 8 Active Sub. I want to keep the same head unit as the only issue for me is...
  18. Clio Expression 16v 2002 Immobilizer Light Always off

    Hello everyone, The immobilizer light on my Clio is always off, because of this the car is intermittent with when it starts. It usually starts first time after i've left it a few hours then it plays up if I try to start it a few minutes after the engine was engine off. It will start up again...
  19. Renault Scenic 1.5dci Expression 86 (2008)

    Tools & equipment
    Hi I'm new to this forum and don't know if this is where I should post this. I've recently bought the car and I'm looking for a Haynes for my Renault Scenic 1.5dci Expression 86 (2008) but I can only find the ones till 2006. Does anyone here have one that used it for his 2008? Thanks.
  20. Renault Clio expression 1.2 juddering whilst driving

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I joined in the hope that people with more knowledge than me could shed some light on a problem I'm having no with my 1.2 Renault Clio expression 54-reg. The issue occurs predominantly when I am trying to maintain a steady speed and is most noticeable in 3rd...