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  1. Add external temperature info to Clio Mk. III

    Hi all! This is my first post. I have a 2010 Clio III 1.2, and it never had showed the external temperature info, even when I bought it seven years ago. I've realised that there is a place in the center dashboard to show this information (in the upper right corner) but it never shows up. Has...
  2. Trafic sliding door external handle replacement

    The top of the handle came free so ordered a new handle from eBay. First of all the internal trim needed loosened. I've got a Passenger and the plastic is brittle on the fasteners but a trim removal tool helped. The internal door release needed a torx and the lock button just pulled off. 3...
  3. external temp gone funny scenic rx4

    Hi I noticed a few days ago that my external temp reading has stuck at 27 degrees it will go up but no less than 27. Does anyone know where the sensor is located please
  4. Removing Megane 3 external door handles

    Can anyone help on this one? - taken the door card off, removed the small grommet on the edge of the door and I understand I need to hook the latch back so I can remove the hidden key barrel and then the handle. I've tried various tools but can't get anything to move. All the Renault guide shows...
  5. external grand senic door trim

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to remove the front passenger external door trim , Renault Grand Scenic 2007 please :confused:
  6. Where is the external aerial for a Renault Laguna expression 1.5d 2007

    Please help!!! Radio signal is rubbish. Had car 2 days and trying to get better reception on the radio but then noticed no external aerial on the car. Am I being thick or is it somewhere else on the car? Thanks
  7. Clio external Temp sensor fault?

    Hi all, I have an issue with my external temp reading too high, so with the outside temp in single figures I get the display reading between 19 and 21 degrees, would this be a faulty sensor, and if so can it be replaced? I believe it is located in one of the door mirrors? Thanks in advance for...
  8. external air vents

    Heating & cooling
    hi, I have a smell in the car(Renault grand scenic 2007). had pollen filter changed in engine bay and air con bomb let off in cabin, someone said I may need to spray air con cleaner through external vents but I cant find them, could someone tell me where they are to spray it into...
  9. Clio External Temperature

    I've had my 2002 Clio 172 since February, and I've been slowly fixing it's issues. One thing I have noticed is that it has never displayed the external temperature. The sensor is present on the passenger side wing mirror, but there is no reading in the car. I've done a search, but cannot find...
  10. external temerature gauge 1.5 tdci 2010 megane coupe dianomique

    Hi My external temperature gauge is reading wrong, can anyone tell me where it is on the car and where I can get a replacement. Thanks
  11. External Temperature Guage - Laguna MK2 1.8 2003

    Couple of questions.... Which wing mirror is the thermometer sensor in ? Been getting weird readings all year, but want it right for the winter now coming again etc I have read the wires could be shorting going from the mirror into the door etc.... Anyone know the voltage / spec of the...
  12. External gear stick linkage rubber boot

    I've got a 1.5 dCi 80bhp and I noticed the rubber boot on the gear stick linkage under the car was split when I was doing an oil change. in the middle of the picture below, the rubber bit that is partially off is similar to the part I'm looking for. I can't for the life of me find any other...
  13. Drivers Window and external temperature display issues ...

    Guys, My temperature reading is currently about 25 degrees higher than the actual temperature ... I have recently changed the battery and it did for a time show the 'correct' temperature (about an hour) then rose to where it is now (30 degrees) this problem was apparent before I changed the...
  14. Clio external temp sensor & readout

    Hi Everyone Dose anyone know if I can Add a external sensor to my clio 08 campus. There is a hole in the bottom of the mirror but no sensor and hence no readout next to the Radio. Question is if I fit the original Renault part will I get a reading on the dash, is all the wiring there as part of...
  15. Trafic external temp issue

    My Trafic is showing an outside temp in region of of -34C. Is this a calibration issue or a snder at fault. If sender, can this be replaced with ease? Malc
  16. External door handle not operating on scenic

    Removing driver door panel to fix non-operational external door handle ON SCENIC EXPRESSION
  17. Trafic external temp sensor

    Hi, my external temp sensor in the drivers wing mirror seems to think it is in Majorca. It played up last year in winter and has been fine since but now gone bonk again. Do any other cars, vans have this problem. You can take the bottom wide angle plastic mirror out and see the sensor and 2...
  18. External door handle lock buttons

    Hi folks. On my 05 Megane II I'm having a couple electical issues. Firstly, RE the little buttons on the doors that are supposed to lock the car. All these buttons work except the drivers door, is this normal? Secondly, when deadlocking the doors via the keycard the rear window does...
  19. 1.2 renault clio RT T reg

    hi all, wondering anyone can help me. I've recently bought a 1999 renault clio. I had a bit of an issue trying to get the car onto my drive (recently passed my test) and I've clipped the wall taking the front passengers door handle off aswell as the black plastic trim on the door too. Can you...
  20. clio 3 external door handle

    :confused: Hi there, Can someone PLEASE tell me how to remove the external door handle from my Clio 3 (2006). I've stripped out the door card, and tried to undo the T30 screw found behind the grommet on the side of the door above the door catch securing screws; this screw does not seem to come...