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  1. Megane extreme convertible 08

    Hi im after some advice please. im just about to book in the car for a cambelt and water pump change but also the clutch is very hard to depress and it bites very high.been told its on its way out my question is would it be cheaper to have both done at the same time Thanks Rod
  2. Clio 1.2 16v 2008 Extreme Recommend Engine Oil?

    Hi guys.. I have recently purchased a 2008 Clio 1.2 Extreme which is now due a service. The car didn't come with the original servicing booklet, however, it did come with receipts. At the last two services 5w30 A3/B3 oil was used. Thought I should stick with the 5w30? I have looked at Elf...
  3. Water leak in RENAULT CLIO EXTREME 3 16V

    Hello, I have noticed a water leak in the footwell of both the front passenger and drivers side of my car and not sure how to go about solving it. After lots of rain this morning a large puddle had formed on the passengers side. My sun roof is also leaking and wondered what the best solution...
  4. New Daily, Megane 1.4 Extreme!

    Hi guys! I have bought a daily.... a 1.4 Megane, Extreme edition 5 door. YES. However I have noticed a few things I need some advice/ help with. 1. The biting point on the clutch is incredibly high, almost as high as it can go on the pedal.. is this majorly worrying? (Ie is it a new clutch...
  5. Card not detected in Megane Extreme 53 plate

    Hi, I recently bought a second hand Renault Megane Extreme on a 53 plate. The key card doest lock the doors so I had a look online on how to fix the problem myself and watched tons of videos on opening the key card fob and soldering the wire back to the board. So I took out the battery and the...
  6. Clio III Extreme (2006)

    Hi My son's car has what appears to be a common fault with his heater blower. It works on speeds 1-3 but not on setting 4. I have read that it is likely to be the heater here's my questions: a) Is it located behind the glove box ? b) What does it look like i.e. how do I find...
  7. 2002 1.2 16V Clio Extreme not revving/ Accelerating

    Hello to Everyone I have spent the past couple of hours looking through the different posts on here and on other Internet sources and to be honest I am now even more confused. I am completely new to Renaults , this is the first one ive owned therefore have no knowledge on them whatsoever The...
  8. RENAULT CLIO EXTREME DCI 2009 Electricial problems.

    I am new to driving and know nothing about cars. Last night my sister told me my passenger side dipped headlight and passenger side rear tail light wasn't working. I also have noticed my horn isn't working. On Wednesday I told my car to a garage to see why the horn wasn't working, they fiddled...
  9. 2010 Clio Extreme rear headrests

    Hi, I've just bought a 3-door 2010 Clio Extreme 1.2 and it doesn't have any rear headrests - it appears they are not 'standard' on this model. There are no holes on the top of the seat material where they would go, so it's not that they've been removed. Feeling through the fabric I could feel...
  10. Milky oil cap clio 2004 extreme 3 1.2 16v

    hiya, so at a bit of a loss. I know nothing about cars in general. Oil light came on for a brief second a few days ago, pulled into a halfords bought some oil. Went to put it in the milky cap appeared. The guy scared me and told me i was done either way. i could put the oil in and see how far...
  11. Clio Extreme DCI 68 Clutch Slave Cylinder - Are the clips in correctly?

    Hello, I have a 2007 Clio Extreme 68 DCI that recently has the clutch pipe assembly changed out by a dealer. The action of the pedal is awful, it needs to go right down to the floor before I feel any pressure, I'm thinking it has not been bleed properly, I need to go back and see about that...
  12. Laguna 2 extreme dci 1.9

    Cars & motoring
    Hello, i have just purchased a laguna 2 1.9dci, made in janurary 2005. As i have not been supplied with a handbook by the garage who sold the car, could anyone please help me identify which Phase it is? Got a feeling it the laguna 2 phase 2 but unsure at this point. Also, i cant find much info...
  13. Clio 1.2 extreme 2006 - no interior ventilation (all 4 x speeds)

    Heating & cooling
    I know there are similar posts as Ive checked but cannot see if it applies to this model. Bought the car private on monday. Today the fans stopped altogether. Lucky me. Checked the fuse at lhs under steering wheel and it's ok. Can anyone e suggest what may have happened or be the issue? E erytji...
  14. Clio extreme Trip Computer question

    As above MK2 Clio trip computer. Stupid question but how do you reset the functions, MPG & Trip mileage etc? On all other cars pressing and holding the stalk button does it but on this nothing happens, it just rotates to next function! Many thanks
  15. New to this ! Clio II extreme 04 plate

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  16. Laguna 2 1.9 dci extreme 120

    For sale
    Mot till may 2016 runs like a dream small crack in windscreen duel mass flywheel needs replacing which i have bought 17" alloys with good tyres timing belt and water pump replaced at 115k full service in may 2015 These engines last upto 200k if looked after like this one drivers seat worn as...
  17. Speakers are very quiet - Renault Clio Extreme 1.2 2005

    I have just bought my first car a 2005 Renault Clio Extreme which I am mostly happy about apart from this one issue. As soon as I first turned on the radio the sound was noticeably tinny and pretty much mono sound as there was no bass whatsoever. Of course I have tried turning the bass up to...
  18. Just another 'introduction' posts - MK3 Clio Extreme

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, I'd like to introduce myself to you all, I'm Ben, I'm 18 and currently living in Wales. I've been learning to drive and I've recently bought my first car (1.2 MK3 clio extreme 2006 in black). I love the car, so easy to drive and looks so nice! The only thing I dislike is the fact that...
  19. 2004 Laguna 2.0 Turbo Extreme

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    My 2004 Laguna 2.0 Turbo Extreme.
  20. 2005 clio extreme flasher relay location

    I have a 55' plate renault clio 1.2 Extreme. I am converting the bulbs to LED's. Once i fitted them they are flashing really fast which means i will have to convert the flasher relay to a LED converter. Although i cannot find the relay in the car at all? I have looked on autodata and phoned...