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  1. F4P High Emissions

    I've got a 2001 Scenic with the F4P engine. It failed it's mot on high emissions. It has no fault codes, a new cat, and according to snapon scanner O2 sensors are switching. Any ideas as I've run out? Thanks
  2. Renault Laguna 1 Ph.II F4P to F4R swap - options?

    Hello. I have a Renault Laguna 1 Ph.II, 1999. I want to swap my F4P engine to a F4R. Problem is, the F4R engines in Laguna 1's are pretty rare... I assume that, considering Renault's habit of making things incompatible, means that the F4R engine fitted to other models would not bolt up to the...
  3. Inlet from F4R on F4P

    Hey Does any one know if the aluminium inlet manifold from the 2.0 F4R engine will fit the 1.8 F4P engine and/or if any thing els fits from that engine
  4. Laguna 1.8 F4p temperature guage sticks below half way

    My engine temp guage rises quickly to just below half but then never moves any higher. I have checked true temp with independant means and the fan cuts in normally at about 85'. Anyone any suggestions? Also I struggle to achieve anything better than 30mpg - is this normal?
  5. engin 1.8 F4P

    need engin 1.8 F4P to Rassion Federation
  6. Turboing an F4P

    As per title, is it possible? I've been having silly little day dreams whilst 'busy' at work. I see the F series has been turbo'd before, so is it possible to transfer the necessary bits over? I'm not after big figures, just a bit more grunt. It'll probably not happen, but if it's simple...
  7. Is there an EGR valve on the 1.8 F4P 16v

    Simple qwestion for those that can answer it (not me) Is there an EGR valve on the 1.8 F4P 16v engine? Thanks.
  8. Advice please 1.8 F4P 16v High Emissions & Hesitant Acceleration

    Hi hope someone can point me in the right direction, I don't know what to do next, apart from scrap car. The symptoms: I have flat spots when accelerating total loss of power, I have to keep pressing down on accelerator then bang power, also when I get up to speed and come off the accelerator a...
  9. Scenic 1.8 F4P timing

    Hi all, Got a problem with my scenic, it started making a funny noise on the way home from work, A loud clicking noise. Went out the next morning started the car, but it cut out after a couple of minutes. My friend has one of those diagnostic tool things and he plugged it in and the fault that...
  10. F4P Laguna 2 manual-temp gauge, torque steer, whining, high petrol usage....

    So, to start of with : When looking for reverse light switch today and deciding to leave it be due to poor access I couldn't help but notice: 1)when I press gas pedal strange "sucking air in" noise appears somewhere around throttle body. Hard to locate. Doesn't affect driving but is very...
  11. f4p 1.8 16v

    This engine seems to like 99 ron. more response, more torque, more go. more mpg. Dont know why, as it seems to have no knock sensor fitted????
  12. Laguna II 1.8 16v. F4P. ECU chip upgrade ?

    General tuning
    Hi all, I have a 2003 Laguna II, with the 1.8 16v. F4P engine. Does the engine ECU have a removable MAP Chip, or does it require a remap via the diagnostic socket ?. A company on ebay is offering chips for the F4P engine with an approx 12bhp gain. Before i purchase i just want to make sure...
  13. Are 2.0 F4R & 1.8 F4P Camshafts the same

    Are 2.0 F4R & 1.8 F4P Camshafts the same ? I know the cylinder heads are the same and the cam shafts will be interchangeable. But I don't know if they both have the same amount of lift ?
  14. F4P 760 and 770/771 Compatibility

    Hi all, Found out today that our Scenic with what I believe to be an F4P 760 engine has died. We're going to be doing a transplant to another F4P, but I was hoping someone could verify compatibility for me? I've seen a few 770 and 771 engines on eBay and want to know if this will be compatible...
  15. Rpm problem of f4p engine

    Hi Can anyone help me on this? My Proton Waja1.8 or Laguna 2 with F4P engine has completed full replacement after timing belt broke off a week ago. Now the RPM at any one time dropped from normal to 500. Totally lost of compression even though I step on the pedal BUT if I turn off the engine...
  16. F4P to F4R Engine change

    I have a Espace with a 2.0l 16v F4R engine does anyone know if the 1.8 F4P engine will fit? Many thanks.
  17. F4R F4P where is the engine number?

    Working on a Scenic F4R 2.0 16v engine at the moment and was wondering where the engine number is? As non of the numbers I can see match the engine number on the V5c
  18. Hydraulic lifters - rebuilding F4P head

    Hi Guys, Just got the rebuilt head back all bright and shiny, so hopefully this weekend I can start putting Humpty Dumpty back together again :) Just one question regarding the 'bullet' hydraulic lifters. Can/should these be disassembled for cleaning, and should they be 'primed' in some way -...
  19. Timing Belt F4P Engine - special tools?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking at replacing the cambelt on a 2001 Megane 1.8 with the F4P-722 engine. I've only just bought the car, which has no service history(!), so I'd like to get at least one major 'unknown' sorted ASAP. It would appear that a few 'special' tools are required - crankshaft locking...