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  1. Transmissions
    Hi Folks, The mum has just bought a '02 1.2 Clio QUICKSHIFT 5 GEARBOX as little runaround. She has only every driven auto & we got shock when moving of in auto mode on a on slight incline on an exit ramp that the car immediately started to roll back in the seconds between moving her foot from...
  2. General Chat
    [B][B]Ok before I start I would just like to share this subject that has bothered me for a while and get feed back these ain't my views by any means tho though now I beginning to think about if this is true to certain extent or just another conspiracy theory to scare the likes of me. Today...
  3. General Chat
    What a fascinating World we live in. Watch the animated video.
  4. General Chat
    Hi All, I found this on the net and thought it made for some interesting readind, so I thought I'd share :d I've always liked this guys car and bike bible website but didn't know how much stuff was actually on there! Anyways I thought this report was good and maybe should be forwarded to the...
  5. Engines
    I was given some advice about my Turbo. When coming to the end of a journey, leave you car to tick over for 2 minutes, it will help limit damage to the turbo. Apparently the turbo needs lubricating and by not turning off the engine immediately it will help stop wear and tear. Is this Fact or...
  6. General Chat
    Post your REAL little known facts here. For starters: "The very first bomb dropped by the Allies on Berlin in World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo"