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  1. Can you install a new head unit and retain the factor microphones for hands free?

    In-car entertainment
    I am kind of giving up on the oem DAB adapter for my Grand Scenic, and will probably fit a Pioneer Head unit I have that has DAB and Bluetooth. Is there any way to link the oem microphones to the stereo - i really don't want an addition microphone Unless, of course, Summer Lightening can...
  2. Webber: Malaysia not a factor in 2014 decision

    Formula 1 news Bull's Mark Webber has insisted that leaving Formula One racing at the end of 2013 was always his plan, and that his run-in with team mate Sebastian Vettel at March's Malaysian Grand Prix played no part in his decision. Webber was...
  3. The Fairy Liquid factor

    Wheels & tyres
    Fairy liquid, tho more expensive will wash more than twice the amount of cheapo liquid "x". --- My own tyre wear,Im starting to get a bit confused. Total mileage 14k over 22 months. The problem is Ive been using 3 different sets of front tyres in that period :(. My tyre switching and mileage...
  4. Marussia rule out car as factor in De Villota accident

    Formula 1 news have completed a detailed investigation into Maria De Villota's testing crash at the UK's Duxford Airfield two weeks ago and have concluded that the car did not play a role in the accident. De Villota sustained serious head and...
  5. X Factor spoof video

    I drive a Renault Scenic. I've been to Yorkshire too. That means I've seen most things, but this XFactor spoof audition from a Rotherham band gets me. :d (No Renaults were harmed in the making of this film :eek:.)
  6. Is this possibly a factor causing my clio's tempremental ways

    Its a mk 1 1998 clio 1149CC, with the D type engine. Its have all the tell tale signs of needing a TDC sensor clean/replacement, and thats something Im definitely going to do. Its the usual cutting out at junctions, not starting sometimes (engine turns over, but apparently no spark/fuel...
  7. x factor

    General Chat
    i have been watching the show for the last couple of weeks with my wife and teenage kids,last night robert was voted out by simon cowel,in favour of eton rd,what a load of rubbish,they are out of sync and tune iv'e heard teenagers full of cider sing better,even the cats that frequent our back...