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  1. Clio 17 Reg Interior Mirror Fallen Off!

    Hi all, Long story short. Before we bought our Clio, the windscreen has been replaced (with a non Reault windscreen) and poorly refitted (which we weren't made aware of at the time). The rain sensor unit and rear view mirror have been fitted in the incorrect place. Over time the rear view...
  2. 65 Clio 1.5 air conditioning knob trim fallen off

    The knob that controls the fan strength has a chrome circular trim set into the knob. This trim fell off yesterday and will not stay in place. So, my question is would this minor thing be covered by the warranty? If not, am I likely to be able to buy a replacement? I am assuming that there was...
  3. Urgent help needed 2004 1.9dci Scenic plastic fallen in engine

    Hi, having used the forum for years, this is my first post as usually I can find an answer to the problem but not this one! Having a problem with the breathing system, I asked a friend to check if there was oil at the end of the breather pipe. Goodness knows why but they decided to use a cotton...
  4. Object fallen down air intake manifold - What to do?

    On another thread I was having problems with the MAP sensor that had snapped off. The little piece of pipe that was left was stuck in the air intake manifold. Today as I was trying to remove it, it dropped downward into the manifold. I have since had the manifold off to clean the throttle body...
  5. Something has fallen off.........

    the underside of my Laguna 2 1.9 DCi estate, and is now hanging on by a cable that runs towards the rear load sensor, by the passenger side rear wheel It's a sensor of some sort, held onto the underside of the floor panel by two barbed lugs. Just about underneath the pillar between the doors...
  6. Is this a mount or a silencer that has fallen off my Scenic?

    I've found a rubber block on my driveway. Its solid, heavy and has come from under the car right in the middle. I've found someone in Poland (I think!) who seems to have had the same problem as me and they've included a diagram of where the part goes under the car but I'm not really sure what...
  7. cam follower fallen out!

    Hi, My sons '02 mk11 1.6 16 valve has stopped!. On removal of the oil cap I can see the cam follower broken. What could cause this?. could it be a loose timing belt jumping a tooth?. So I am trying to get the cam covers off, to investigate and cannot seem to pull away the black plastic...
  8. What's this fallen off my Trafic ?

    I was checking my scuttle this morning with regards to a previous thread about water sitting & not draining away, I found these caps rolling around on top of the scuttle. They have a torx on the top but are not threaded. Any ideas where they go?:think: Cheers Ralphie poos
  9. Help! Rockers from one cam all fallen off!

    MEGANE SCENIC PETROL 1.8 16V 51 PLATE Hi. on behalf of father in law - he was driving today and the car suddenly "died" Hubby has now taken a look and all of the rockers on one of the cams have literally come away! Any ideas as to the cause and potential fix?? Would be most grateful to stop the...
  10. Door Mirror Glass fallen off - best glue for re-attaching?

    Cars & motoring
    Espace MkIII 2009. I have a 2009 Espace, and this weekend the door mirror glass on the drivers side slid off, I noticed and stopped it from falling and breaking. :mad: It has a heating element on the back, although it appears this has been put on the glass the wrong way, as the connectors are...
  11. Clio oil cap fallen off = major leak?

    Hi guys Ive got a couple of pictures of the problem but it wont let me upload them! The AA guy basically said he had never seen it before, but a lid/cap had fallen off this circular hole around my engine and all the oil had just spilled out instantly. Does anyone know what this cap might...
  12. Another fallen comrade to the dreaded turbo

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all im Andy otherwise known as Normski :-) and yes i too have become one of the many fallen comrades, that has been subjected to the "Dreaded turbo failure":crazy::crazy: Which is why i have joined your site! reading around some of the threads going found some very insightful information...
  13. Hope These Haven't Fallen Off My Vel Satis?

    Hopefully I'm being paranoid, but I reversed off the drive in order to park outside the house (need a clear driveway tomorrow) and noticed a couple of shiny metal things lying on the ground, about 2-3 metres apart. My mind immediately thought they may be bits that have fallen off my Vel Satis -...
  14. A part has fallen out of my engine bay.

    Hi, Can anyone help identify this part which feel out of the engine bay of my 2007 1.5dci Megane? It has no electrical of mechanical connections, but is made of rubber coated metal. Maybe some anti-vibration mount? Cheers, David.
  15. all ceiling material fallen down (pic inside)

    So about a month or two ago i would catch in the rear view mirror an area of the ceiling carpet blowing about in the mind. I didn't take action (due to driving) and then gradually conditioned myself to ignore it !! :eek: So last week i got into the car and thought 'wow, my hair must be...
  16. Clio Mk2 Handbrake - Fallen Off!!!

    Hi i have a clio mk2 (1998) and, well the only way i can describe the fault is that my handbrakes actually fallen off! The lever and housing it goes into has came up off the floor! :eek: Can anyone tell me how i can re-attatch it? thanks!
  17. Scenic Petrol cap cover fallen off!!!

    Cars & motoring
    Hi the other day i was at the petrol station and i went to open the petrol cap cover thing and it wouldnt open it was jammed it took me 20 mins to rip it off anyway i think its broken as i cant seem to fit it back on! Anyway i can do it? or is it a renault job thanks
  18. My boot button has fallen off and is lost, Help!

    Hi, The button that you push in to open the boot on my Scenic Fidji 2.0 auto has fallen off during driving today and now I do not have one! Any idea how I can get one and is this easily repairable? My car is a Dark Metallic Green on a 52 plate. thanks in hope Chris
  19. Off to a bad start. Laguna back box fallen off.

    Drove the car to uni for the first time today and while leaving, went over one of the obligatory speedbumps at about 5mph, and hear this clunk, followed by grind, rattle rattle. Stop almost immediately to find the back box dragging along the gorund :( The pipe split at the very start of the...
  20. door handle fallen off

    Hi new on here just bought a 56 plate 1.6 megane scenic for the mrs. Heres the problem, the passenger door handle has fallen off. Is this car still under warranty. the place i bought it from says not and i have to take it back there, approx 75 miles, but i want to take it to my local garage...