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  1. Clio 2007 No heater fans at any speeds

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I'm new to doing repairs to my car but I'm wanting to start learning myself instead of always taking it to a garage. Spent a while trawling through the forums to diagnose my issue so I understand there are a lot of similar threads about this however I still have a few questions. The main...
  2. 2007 Espace interior vent fans won't turn off

    Ask the Experts
    The interior vent fans come on automatically on high speed as soon as you put the key card in place. They remain on in high speed when starting the car and driving. The climate control panel does not seem to work to control the settings. The fans turn off when you turn off the car. Any...
  3. Laguna 2 Ph II- Wipers and climate fans don't work

    Hi! I have a Laguna 2 Phase II 1.9 dci 2007 engine f9q (I think). First my wipers occasionally won't start but only in certain circumstances. More specifically when I first start the car and it's raining. In that scanerio I have to leave the motor running anywhere between 5 to 20 mins and...
  4. Help fans stopped working

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, I bought my 06 Megane convertible a couple of weeks ago. The fans were making a right racket when turned up to 3/4 so I figured the pollen filter must have some leaves in it. I removed the filter and a whole load of dry leaves came out. I hovered just inside the pollen vent gap with the...
  5. Engine Cooling fans

    Hi, Happy New Year to everyone here at Renault Forums. I had an interesting experience recently that I would be keen to get some thoughts on. I drove our 2003 Clio (1.4 Ltr 16V) down the coast from our house to MIL's for Xmas. That day it was hot (41C). The car performed well with the A/C...
  6. Fans only work on two speeds.

    Heating & cooling
    I have a Renault Clio II 05. Had it almost a year now and ever since I have had it, each time I go to put my fan on high speeds it just doesn’t work. Fan speed 1 and 2 work fine but it’s not very powerful so on the cold mornings attempting to defrost my windscreen takes up more time. I am...
  7. Espace IV - fans not blowing

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, The fans on the wife's 2005 Grand Espace have stopped working - either on hot, cold or AC, nothing happens. From searching the forums I've seen mention of this before and it being either the resistor pack or the fan control unit, what I've not found though is any ideas on how to find and...
  8. Master 06 cooling/heater fans 4th only

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone. 4th blower only works Any ideas on what needs fixing? Thanks
  9. 05 Trafic heating fans staying on!

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all - I hope someone can point me in the right direct. My 05 Trafic has just decided to keep the heating fans on permanently even when the ignition is off and it's locked!! I've disconnected the battery for now but need it for work. A mate has hinted at a sensor issue but I have no idea if...
  10. megane scenic mk1 fans not working

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Everyone I am useless with cars but my fans are not working in my 2003 megane scenic mk1. i have been told it's probably the heater resistor and i have purchased one of these. Is there anyone who could help by uploading pictures as to where it is situated as i have looked for hours on google...
  11. G Espace 3.0dci radiator coolant fans not working without aircon on

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, can anyone help, in France and the old girl is overheating after calling green flag, all they did was take it to the main dealer 50 miles away, who suggested it was the head gasket and offered to repair it for €8,000-15,000!!!!, really helpful. I've took the car off them, and discovered the...
  12. Renault Radiator Fans

    General Chat
    Just a random thought really. Why is it that Renault Radiator fans generally take ages to kick in- Presumably they don't just run cooler than other engines? For example, my Little Citroen Saxo VTR's (Which I've now departed with) fan used to kick in within I'd say 5 minutes of idling. However...
  13. Silverstone to open F1® pit lane on 'Fans' Thursday'

    Formula 1 news will celebrate hosting its 50th Grand Prix later this year by opening up the pit lane to fans on the Thursday of the 2014 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix. For the first time, fans holding a three-day ticket to the race...
  14. Kobayashi thanks fans after sealing Caterham drive

    Formula 1 news Caterham recruit Kamui Kobayashi has thanked his fans for their support, saying they provided him with extra motivation to return to Formula One racing in 2014. Fans sent donations to the Japanese driver after he lost his Sauber drive...
  15. blower fans / demistor

    Hi all, having real probs with my blowers/ demisters. Fans suddenly were just a mutted mouse breath even on 4, and slowly over a couple of weeks stopped altogether. changed thermal fuse today soldered a new on onto the resistor and nothing, checked fuses and all are fine. Can anyone help?
  16. Fans mark Schumacher birthday with hospital vigil

    Formula 1 news of Michael Schumacher have gathered for a vigil outside the French hospital in Grenoble where the seven-time Formula One world champion is being treated following his skiing accident. Schumacher, who is currently in a...
  17. Ferrari reveal 2014 power unit, fans to choose new car name

    Formula 1 news gave the media its first preview this week of the new powertrain that will propel the team's 2014 car, when Formula One racing moves to smaller, V6 turbo engines. The presentation of the 059/3 power unit took place at Ferrari's...
  18. Carminat satnav and radio working intermittently along with climate control fans

    Hi all, Bought a Laguna Dynamique Sport Tourer 2.0l Navigation last week and love the car great to drive, mechanically sound and a great bargain! However, there have been some electrical faults this week that have me worried! Firstly the other morning I got in the car and it was frosty so...
  19. Hello All fellow Renault Fans

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi guys and girls. Thanks for having me, I have a question to ask but willdo so in a new post, just wanted to say HI!
  20. Laguna 2002 Cooling Fans NOT coming on, help please

    Heating & cooling
    Hi there, The cooling fan on my laguna isnt turning on. It works fine when the aircon is on but doesnt when its off. Left car idling on drive for about 15 minutes and still not on when car is HOT, HOT, HOT, temp on half way and smelling hot, coolant nearly boiling, bubbling in expansion...