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  1. FAO Donald

    General Chat
    Don, just a wee heads up for this years Bo'ness Hillclimb on the 12/13th September. It's my weekend off so we should be there :d
  2. FAO Bobster....

    General Chat
    Hello Bob.:) Is there something not quite right about this Cav I saw today,you being the Vauxhall oracle I thought you could set me right...(It's not a trick question by the way,I don't think I've ever seen a Cav quite like this one though....). Don and I had a discussion about it and we...
  3. FAO Madnoel

    Cars & motoring
    Originally Posted by brookie34 just mot,d car last week passed fine but around an hour later my dash started flashing on and off, oh the mot was done in N-Ireland at a test center where they give it a good rattle anyway my dash is out but comes on a bt when i give a dunt but dont want to be...
  4. FAO Selwonk??

    Hi Sel not that sure if its my problem or yours but when i go to a thread called (Best clean one this year) iam getting no background colour just text:crazy: just thought i would let you know it case its the forum Cheers Donald
  5. FAO Selwonk Password Problem

    Hi Sel I seem to be having a problem with signing in:crazy: when i put my user name in and password in which i have to say is right as i have been doing it for long enough:rofl: its giving me a window poping up saying its wrong so had to try again but it done the same thing:confused: So i...
  6. Fao Lagdti

    LAGTDI Hope you dont mind this way of asking for advice on this confusing issue (for me anyway). can you see if by reading this anything jumps out as to a possible way forward?? It is my 2.0 ltr Vel Satis Well there I was all tooled up and got the gear on the car reading and clearing faults. 2...
  7. FAO Selwonk

    Hi Sel Well i stress this is just a thought and i don't have them very much:d tell me to mind my own business but i see you are asking for votes on whether or not the home page is being used or not and it got me thinking:crazy::d Anyway is it possible to put the forum into 2 half's so to...
  8. EMERGENCY: FAO All Safrane owners

    Any safrane owners in kent know where I can get a cambelt changed urgently in kent or sussex? I've taken mine to the garage today to get it done. He told me he can do safranes and has done in the past. On 2 different occassions he has quoted me a price for the work. Today I took it in, he said...
  9. [NSFW] FAO Selwonk: Gay banner advert on this site.

    General Chat
    Selwonk... I've just noticed the latest sponsor of this dear site is called gay-parship. I thought this was a clean family safe site? I've never seen an advert here for straight couples but now you have a gay site advertising here? - Hardly something you want on a site where young members of...
  10. Gearbox Shaft Bearings *FAO Blaster*

    I'm about to embark on replacing the shaft bearings in my gearbox. If anyone can offer assistance on the following questions, it'll save me being car-less whilst I'm carrying out the work. Blaster (forum user) has completed this work already - so if you're reading this mate - please check...
  11. F.A.O. Diesel Owners

    General tuning
    Put this in another section, but it looks a little more at home here. Alright im just thinking about tuning my 1.9dci 120bhp meg, just wondering what things can be done? i know the obvious ones: filter Exhaust Re-map Intercooler - 225 k-tec but are there any larger turbos etc that are...

    General Chat
    No, no - not you SB... :rofl: Oh dear - looks like there is some catching up to do...
  13. F.a.o Admin

    General Chat
    A member in this thread below is listing links to porn sites and on-line gambeling his user name is kolosos it also looks like he has joined as ken makensonand is posting in the same thread...
  14. FAO 172 owners

    Cars & motoring
    I recently had to call the RAC out to fix my car. The RAC mechanic also owned a 172 and was chatting away about my car. He told me something new which I cant believe I had not noticed. On the dash there is a green gear stick symbol which lights up when you turn on the ignition. Apparently this...
  15. Fao Gdi

    General Chat
    just to say GTi mag dropped through my letter box this morning. noticed you had a rather good feature in there!! 7 pages in all!! keep up the good work guys :)
  16. FAO: LagunaIIOwner or any other real RED

    General Chat
    Our Fowler Thou art is scoring Robbie be they name Thy transfer has been done On a free as it is in January Give us this day our favourite red Alonso will give you the best passes As Carra stops those who pass against us Deliver us the title And lead us not into relegation For eleven is your...
  17. Fao WebCode or others with technical knowledge

    Cars & motoring
    Troubled Laguna Diesel Please Help sorry to be so direct but i hear your the man for technical issues and was hoping you could help a laguna owner who is reaching the end of his tether after only owning it for a week! i have a laguna II 02 plate 1.9 Dci Expression with 109k on the clock when...