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  1. Farewell to my Scenic (?)

    General Chat
    Well it might be time to say goodbye to Scenic and buy something 'smaller' so my OH can't say she won't drive 'the bus' ;) A nice 2012 Lancia caught my eye, 80 000 km (~50 t miles), 1.4 TJet engine, 120 bhp, manual Now here's the question, what can you say about the engine/powertrain (apart...
  2. Vettel bids farewell to Red Bull

    Formula 1 news officially parted company with Red Bull on Friday, Sebastian Vettel paid a final visit to the team's Milton Keynes factory on Tuesday to thank staff and say a proper goodbye. The four-time world champion, who had his first run out...
  3. Massa gifted engine as Ferrari farewell

    Formula 1 news Massa was back at Ferrari's Maranello headquarters over the weekend to share in the team's Christmas celebrations and to bid them a final farewell ahead of his move to Williams for 2014. And he came away with a rather special...
  4. A fond farewell..

    General Chat
    :d:d:d. Hello all, i've just popped in for the last time to say a thankyou and goodbye to Renault forums. We finally got rid of the nightmare that was our Renault scenic:eek:. The dashboard electronic panel was the last straw,:censored: to be swiftly followed by a front spring snapping, and worn...
  5. farewell Renault friends

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    well i guess this is my last post on the renault forums, as i've just traded my renault scenic in for a shiny new Skoda Octavia (which is an awesome vehicle by the way, can't recommend them enough) I won't be spending my hard earned on a renault ever again, and i may extend that to anything...
  6. 'Wacken' and farewell to 'Hugo'

    My mottah!
    Presenting.... My 'new' car (and third Lag in a row, I'm clearly a masochistic fool), 'Wacken' (WOA, it had to be!) More details and pics to be added once I've reworked my way though the extensive list of electrical faults (and it's got... A lot of electrics :() and given it a good clean :) I...
  7. Harrier farewell

    General Chat
    Harrier's Fly past over Downing Street on their way to the scrapyard, might have to screw up your eyes to see it !
  8. Badoer bids emotional farewell to Ferrari

    Formula 1 news Badoer made his last appearance as an official Ferrari test driver at the Bologna Motor Show on Wednesday. Badoer, who has been with the Italian team since 1998, took charge of a 2009-spec F60 for a demonstration run at the event...
  9. farewell to renault forums (sort of)

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    hi in january this year, my beloved dci clio met a snowy end and was written off in an accident. i've been looking to replace it and picked up a 2.0l D4D corolla T3 116bhp. full dealer history and 70k miles. totally different to the clio, of which i will have fond memories. so just wanted to...
  10. Old Laguna: Final farewell.

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    Well this is probably the last I'll see of the old girl... unless someone on here buys her (or someone buys her and then ends up on here.) Being auctioned on Friday at Belle Vue if anyone's thinking of buying. Bad point = Engine wiring fault (I reckon at worst needs some wires splicing, at...
  11. Farewell Message

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    Well its all over between me and the V6 Espace. After suffering a dreadful 2009, which started in April with the radiator requiring replacement, and ended 2 days before Christmas with another catalyst needed. Yes it was covered under warrently as the first cat had only been fitted since...
  12. Farewell Leroy

    Non-motoring news
    1945-2008 Leroy Our Eddie a Long Standing Member of the Forum since 6th January 2006. Hi Iam sorry to have to let you know that i received the sad news today from Eddie's Son-In-Law that he passed away on New Years Eve after a long fight with cancer. Eddie's Son-In-Law went on to say he...
  13. ITV's Farewell to F1

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    Very Good :d
  14. farewell to all

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    well lads and ladies, it's goodbye from me, i have got rid of the laguna, and now own a toyota and it feels sooooo gooood. I will never own a renault again as long as i live. good luck to you all, cos' if you're driving laguna's you going to need it, and a good credit card. tara:moonie: :moonie:
  15. So Long Farewell ...

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    Yip time to move on too a new motor ... Traded up my Scenic RXE 1.6 for a Ford Mondeo 2.0 TCDI Not nearly as much room as the scenic but a minter! :) Thxs once again for all your help! No doubt I'll be back in the not so distant future ... Cheers:d :d ;)
  16. Farewell

    General Chat
    Just a note to say a goodbye to this site. I have sold my Laguna and returned to a Passat. Rather than just sign off I wish to say what a marvellous and extremely useful site this has been for me and will continue to be for current owners. I have looked around for similar VW sites but none...