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  1. Engines
    Hi all I'm having issues with my Clio and I've looked on the forums and have seen so many things similar but nothing exactly like my problem. I bought the car from a friend yesterday, 54 reg, 1.5dCi 102,000 miles, its was MOT'd a couple of days ago and the emissions were done. Whilst driving...
  2. Wheels & tyres
    I drive a Megane 11 1.6 2006 Model. The left rear tyre gets worn faster than the other tyres. What can be the problem?
  3. Electronics
    Hello all,I need someones assistance.:o My new Laguna 1 phase 2 has a stereo which gets louder as the car gets faster.To begin with I thought I was imagining it,but my wife has confirmed that it does indeed get louder as you increase speed in 10mph increments,then gets quieter if you slow...
  4. Exhausts
    dont know if this right part of forum to post it :confused: have just bought a 98 scenic with a blowing exhaust...its blowing from the last joint before the back box..have been told that a garage can/will cut an extension piece to this true or am i better off getting a new back piece...
1-4 of 6 Results