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  1. Espace 3.0 dci injection faults

    Hello just looking for some advice on my espace ph2 its a 3.0 dci 2006 and i have only just bought it. Everything was running smooth i bought drove it nearly 300 miles home did a few camping trips in her now after only owning her for just over a month the power seems to have just gone. Its...
  2. Espace faults

    Received my car back from garage yesterday after putting in reconditioned engine but mechanic says he can't fix it it has loads of faults on dash and lacks real power any ideas
  3. battery,oil, melted plugs, multiple electrical faults **Fixed**

    Hi, I just turned 100k on my grand 2007 scenic a few weeks ago and its like it detonated a bomb of problems which are hopefully not terminal but kind of exhausting to tackle. It was running just fine then it made a sort of whipsering noise which progressivly got worse. It still ran and got me...
  4. Electric Faults - lighting

    Hi, Got a ticket for a faulty back light on my 2007 Megane Dynamique and have now until Sunday to solve it. Had it in two garages and both have concluded that it's an electrical fault in the car. Not really sure where to go from that or what this even means I can do. The offside sidelight...
  5. Captur - Electrical faults after jump start **Sorted**

    Hi all This morning i had to jump start my partners car (correctly) from my captur as she left her lights on overnight and now my car is displaying several faults and the check engine light is on, faults include: Battery charging fault Check stop and start Check auto lighting Window wipers...
  6. M9R primastar/vivaro/traffic engine faults

    I own a primastar 2008 115dci 2.0 M9R engine for some years a few years back I had engine problem and it was the crank shaft and I had it changed after I took the van back from the garage I noticed after I started it wasn't revving more than 2000 rev when it was stationary but when I was driving...
  7. Scénic 2 190dci electric faults

    Hi I've just bought an elderly one of the above whilst my main car is off the road. Number of bugs have magically appeared the day after the sale. Hoping they are known issues and some kind soul might point me in the right direction ? 1. Intermittent dashboard failure. All display...
  8. After battery change, car throwing up faults. Still no fix

    Ok. I changed a fuse in a 2004 Grand scenic for a tail light. When I reconnected the battery the car threw up several faults. ABS light comes on, speedo vanishes, steering not locked and electronic fault. After following lots of advice on the forums I replaced the under bonnet fusebox, I...
  9. After battery change, car throwing up faults.

    Hi guys, my head is melted and I am hoping someone can help me out here. I have a Renault Grand Scenic 2004. I was getting it ready for the test. I needed to replace the 7.5Amp fuse for the passenger rear tail light. I disconnected and removed the battery to access the fuse box, switched the...
  10. clio electrical faults !

    hello, I hope somebody can help with the problem I have with my clio extreme 16v 2006. I have had since new and has never ever given me any problems until now, its always started first time every time .. however this is whats happening now is ... airbag light on sometimes not starting...
  11. Lots of faults displayed - Parking brake fault

    Hi, I have a renault grand scenic 2011 and will removing the battery cause any problem, because my battery drained last week and i removed the battery to charge it and after that im seeing all these faults: Battery charging fault, Parking brake fault, stop vehicle..ect and sometimes the parking...
  12. '01 Laguna 1.9dCi 120 instant faults

    Hello, My 2001 Laguna 1.9dCi 120 has faced some seriuos problems lately. I am not a native English speaker, so I do apologize for the possible mistakes... I have this car for a few years and since the first day of the ownership it does not work as other diesel cars do - there are no turbo...
  13. Check injection and list of faults :-(

    I have a 2006 megane coupe/cabrio and the other day, on a particularly cold morning when I started the car it was juddering and the "service" light then "engine management light" came on along with the message "check injection". I have no idea what this could mean so I bought redex and put in...
  14. grand scenic code faults

    Hi all. Hope someone can advise on the 2 attached screenshots. Its for Renault grand scenic 2006 1.9dci Thanks in advance
  15. Espace 1.9 f9q engine. What are the common faults so I can stay on top off them ?

    Hi, I recently purchased a 2005 1.9 Dci with 60,000 miles. I Will hopefully be keeping it for a long time and in the process of converting it to a mini surf van/limo inside. With the sliding roof, there is nothing other like it and I love the size, design, drive and feel. The big concern with...
  16. Multiple faults and engine light on

    Hi new here and having trouble with Renault megane expression 1.5dci. Started off with service light and diagnostic showed egr system performance and glow plug open circuit so I cleaned the egr and found 2 dead glow plugs so swapped them out but this hasn't cleared the fault. Shortly after I...
  17. clio headlamps wipers faults

    I have a problem when the ignition is turned on the dipped headlights come on with out the switch being in the on position and also the wiper wont work except for wash wipe mode. I found the fault a broken wire in the lights controler stalk see picture below when i installed a new wire all...
  18. Kangoo Various faults

    Hello there ! Yes I have a similar problem ! I bought my 2004 Renault Kangoo cheap and i now know why. It has done 125k but runs really well when working. I turned it off one day whilst out shopping and it would not restart. The engine stop light the engine glow plug light and the engine warning...
  19. Tips on diagnosing misfiring (or any type of faults)

    I'M WARNING IN ADVANCE FOR LONG POST >:) Hello. I just wanted to share a story here on a car I was doing some work on a few months ago. This is just a tips for all you DIY guys and try to help how you look at things when troubleshooting for so called "obvious" easy faults. You could also just...
  20. Mk1 Trafic FN1 1.7 petrol Cooling electrical faults

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi, I have a 1989 FN1 1.7 Petrol Trafic with a couple of electrical faults that I'm trying to sort out: 1) The first is my engine temperature gauge seems to be working in reverse? When I switch on the ignition the gauge jumps down to zero as it should and stays there if the engine is cold or...