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  1. My favourite additives.Whats your favourite snake oil?

    Mine are Seafoam.Americas number 1. Cured outboard dirt in carb,brilliant engine and fuel cleaner. Millers eco max.Put it in diesel,replicates Shell premium fuel,quarter of cost. Molyslip.In principle. Slick50.use to love until research showed,blocked oil ways.
  2. this always makes me laugh ,, but dont think it fits in favourite tracks

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  3. One of my favourite country songs

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    Sorry if you have to see the advert first, but this is worth it, please make sure the sound is up and only watch if you have a sense of humour d
  4. Favourite Car on Tv or movies

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    We all have one be it Del Boys Reliant Regal or Inspector Morses Jag... what is your favourite Tv or movie car.. Mine was the Triumph Dolomite Sprint from the professionals ..always wanted one ...regret never buying one
  5. How to delete a TomTom stored favourite

    I hope this is an easy question. I have a Megane Dymanique TomTom 1.6ltr I want to delete selected stored favourites from my the Sat Nav. How do I do this? Thanks.
  6. Favourite Tracks

  7. Share your favourite 3 things about your Clio!!!

    I have a "52" Clio 1.2 16v QS5 and my favourite 3 things are: Seating comfort, steering, plenty useful storage compartments
  8. Favourite Tipple ?

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    I'm sitting here now, after drinking almost a whole bottle of whiskey, thinking to meself, I wonder what your favourite drink is ? I'll attempt to post a poll with this, but perhaps I'm a bit too p****d, hey, we'll see! :guinness:
  9. Your favourite Laguna

    Cars & motoring
    So, what's your favourite looking Laguna? Mark 1, Phase 1 Mark 1, Phase 2 Mark 2, Phase 1 Mark 2, Phase 2 Mark 3, Phase 1 Mark 3, Phase 2 Personally, I think the best looking Lag was the Mk2P1, but its by far the most unreliable and I suppose Renault had to fit the Laguna in better...
  10. My favourite Megane ads

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    Sadly I don't think these two ads were shown in the UK. I did consider the shake your ass adverts as well as I enjoyed watching them :rolleyes: Here one: Here's the other:
  11. Firefox add-ons

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    Would people like to share what Firefox add-ons they have running? This is my current list: Firebug -- Invaluable add-on for Internet developers. FireShot -- Allow you to capture entire web pages and manipulate the screen shot. Gmail Notifier -- Lets me know when I have email. GooglePreview --...
  12. What's your favourite tipple?

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    What with xmas fast approaching and another member suggesting a poll - thought i'd ask, whats your favourite drink?
  13. Whats your favourite animated T.V show

    like it says on the title... personally I love King Of The Hill.
  14. Favourite trail no2

    Cycling Club
    Had a wee local run out this afternoon and took some pics on the way, enjoy.
  15. Favourite trails

    Cycling Club
    Here's a few pics of one of our local routes. Just a few pics around the start of the trail. The first two are from the Broch at the top of the trail.
  16. What's your favourite Car Badge

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    As the title says what's your favourite makers or model badge irrespective of a favoured make/model . I have always liked the Abarth badge another favourite is Alfa Romeo they have remained fairly close to the original
  17. Your Favourite Top Gear Moments

    Seems tht according top a recent poll the new Top Gear series will be due to start soon (yay!) I get my TG fix from youtube and the fact that my Sky+ box is basically crammed full of Top Gear. Yes I'm that sad. So what are your favourite Top Gear moments? This from about 5 years back has to...
  18. Whats the favourite "toy" on your motor?

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    I have to say, The rear boot windows being electric are cool and total closure on all 6 leccy windows and sunroof, Multi function computer is fun and usefull, as is the leccy mirrors! pasrking so much easier! But for me, Its the heated leather seats! Never had heated seats before but, I love...
  19. Whats your favourite F1 Track

    Formula 1
    Whats your favourite track in F1 past or present. As a spectator or viewer Mine is without a doubt Monza :d Some great memory's not just at the track but travelling to and from there;) :d
  20. Favourite tracks Archived

    just trawling though you tube after a couple of cold drinks when I found this. one of my all time favourite songs, and yes I know it ages me, but WTF ;) 2SG6eEKBOJI&feature=related