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  1. Engines
    Last year i had the head gasket replaced, turbo +intercooler & clutch, just had to do all disks and pads as well as rear calipers in the last month. Now it lacks power as if going into limp mode and Injection faulty light on dash keeps comming on. I've just had enough of it. Its a MK II 52...
  2. Electronics
    We've got a Renault Scenic sports Alize 1.9dci.2001. Over the last few weeks it started losing power when going uphill. Now it won't go at all. We've got a mechanic to check it who got no response when he tried to jump start it. He tried the error code thing & got no errors. After reading...
  3. Electronics
    hi could anyone please shed a bit of light as to why my 2005 clio 182 has a problem with me seeing out the sodding windscreen.first the washer decided it couldnt be arsed lubricating the bugs off the the window when i was halfway down the m56.112 quid later put it into a better it was...
  4. Electronics
    Hi all, Hope I will get some help here. Got Renault Megane Dynamique 1.5 dci 106 - Model 2007. From last few months I am really fed up with a problem of starting the car. It does not happens always, may be one or two times a month. I have to drive my car with a fear like if you park your car...
  5. Electronics
    How can I check the supply voltage is fed to the ECU?
  6. Cars & motoring
    hi all I really love my S reg Monaco but its the niggles that are really beginning to hack me off. Since buying it in Jan, i've forked out for a new heater matrix, a new battery and now i have a swimming pool in the drivers footwell :steam: My new mats have been soaked, dried, soaked again...
  7. Cars & motoring
    I am fed up...some s..t has pinched a wheel trim off my was there when I parked it in Sainsbury's car park and it had gone when I got back. Suppose I shall have to buy a new one :mad: