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  1. 06 Kangoo 1.5 Dci - ABS feels WRONG after fan belt tightened...

    Howdy folks, this is my first post after lurking for a while, please be gentle. The main thing that has arisen in the last week is that when I brake at even low speeds it feels like the ABS is kicking in when it shouldn't and doesn't feel like it used to. It feels really clunky and bumpy and...
  2. Unlock Button Feels Stiff On Key Fob?

    All the other buttons have a healthy click when pressed, apart from 'unlock'. I have to give it a fair squeeze for it to work. Any ideas? Fob is for a MKIII Megane. Thank you.
  3. Gearbox feels stiff MK3 Clio

    Hi, sorry to spam post this (probably my third post about gearboxes) but I had a new gearbox and clutch a few weeks back, solved my old issue... But my gearbox sometimes feels a little hard to go in gears, or should I say like a bit resistant. It was cold this morning and it was only a 10 minute...
  4. back ends feels like it wants to swing out!!!

    Steering and Suspension
    ive a clio 03 1.2 16v ive a problem when im driving at 50mph plus and im driving to the right, if i need to turn right a bit more it feels like the back end moves out slightly. as if a gust of wind hits me or its hit a bit of ice.roads dry and no ice. ive swapped tyres over so it not them. its...
  5. Jerkyness that feels like a misfire - 1998 1.6 Megane

    Hi Guys, We have a problem with my wife's 1998 Megane 1.6, it seems to be misfiring under certain conditions. I have replaced the spark plugs & coil packs/ht leads, but they made no difference at all. It starts up with no problems, although when it is really cold it works better if I wait...
  6. 2004 Scenic 1.6 16v feels like running out of petrol

    Hi, The car does this in the morning when it's cold,feels like it's running out of petrol and then will stall but is OK when running for a couple of minutes.No engine management light on,only the Airbag and Service lights.Anyone any ideas?.Thanks
  7. Clutch slipping and pedal feels odd!!

    Hi, This is going to be a tricky one to explain; The car; 06 megane 1.9 dci 130 currently with 56k genuine miles on the clock owned by me all its life apart from 1st year. The problem; Noticed today that the clutch pedal felt odd so did the usual and repositioned the floor mat. Drove for a...
  8. Car feels sluggish..

    I've got a 1.2 RT Clio, 2001 mk2, feels terribly sluggish picking up speed, seems to do alright getting to 60mph but after that its terrible, ive had it serviced not long ago and have put some red x in to clean the valves etc. It has small mods on, scorpion backbox, pipercross closed induction...
  9. P reg megane feels like the mix is wrong

    Hi There. I was wondering if anyone had experience of this problem: My P reg 1.6 megane Auto is causing me grief, When the car starts from cold its fine (the belt that charges the battery squeels a bit but it always has) It then runs perfectly for about 5-10 mins but as soon as the engine...
  10. Suspension feels really hard

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a 2003 Clio DCI and the past couple of months the suspension feels dog rough, every pot hole, speed bump I hit makes me feel like I'm in one of these... Is there anything I can give a quick check over? The MOT is next month and I have a feeling there might be a problem with the...
  11. Clio engine feels tight

    Hi guys. I had a new driveshaft and cv joint fitted on my clio 1.2 8v. Nice and guiet now, but the engine seems really tight at the top end. Over 4900rpm I can feel the engine through my feet more than normal. Any ideas? Lightman
  12. 52 laguna II starts when it feels like

    my laguna II 1.9dci wouldn't start about 2 weeks ago. after a week it decided to start only after i cleaned the crankshaft sensor. i have used the car this morning but trying to start it in the afternoon nothing. when i put the keycard in everything is fine then when i press the start button...
  13. door feels like its sticking

    hi guys....can someone tell me if i can get into this part of the door that i have circled.....its the drivers door in a renault megane 1.5dci 2003 plate....the door seems to be sticking seems like the hinge or something is sticking against each other...if i put my finger on this part i can feel...
  14. Clio feels like its about to stall when stationary

    Hey all, Need some advise please... My Renault Clio 16v 1.4 (06 plate) feels like it is about to stall everytime I am stationary (at lights, junctions, roundabout, traffic etc). I have a few ideas what it could be, and also check with a few friends - and I also checked with my local Renault...
  15. megane 2 1.6vvt feels like a 1.2 cc

    hi all, i purchased a megane 52 plate 1.6vvt a few days ago , i test drove it but i didn't give it a thrash as the lady owner is sitting next to me,so i assummed everythings fine handed my money over bye bye got back home and thought to myself what an effort that was , i mean its seems to be...
  16. Help my car feels crap!

    Cars & motoring
    Had this a few weeks now and as I have mentioned before it seems to be one thing after another. The main bug I have at present is the ride quality, it is so bad that I do not look forward to driving. It is slight to moderate on smooth motorways, but on crappy B roads it feels absolute woeful...
  17. car feels as if there is a wobble & juddering

    can anyone help feels as if car is juddering and wobbleing while driving, if i free wheel judder & wobble goes away, i have checked driveshafts, steering, suspension & breaks all seem ok, think it may be clutch juddreing or may be a engine mounting. Has anyone had same problem. thanks.
  18. feels like engne strain/no pulling power

    My clio 1.4 auto 2001 reg car which i bought recently feels like under strain,as if there is no pulling power.Air filters are brand new.No warning/tell tale lights on.I gethtis feeling when i am starting the car and below 30-40 MPH.Car touches 70 easily.What next should I check up? Or is it...
  19. Clio - power steering feels heavy

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi My Clio has been noted recently to have heavy power steering as if it not there at all,making steering rather a big effort. The car does have two leaks,one is from left hand corner of radiator side,but my air con tubes are broken,and there is also another distinct oily leak which was told to...
  20. Laguna II 1.9 gear selection problem feels lose (PK6)

    hope som1 can help my laguna gearbox gave up at the lights gear stick feel very loose 1st 2rd loose can just move the stick all the way across from 1-5th just about move the stick any where but it feels like i'm taking off in 3rd . Not tested them all i think the gearbox is fine as there was NO...