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  1. Feet blower issue

    Heating & cooling
    Hi guys I'm having problems with the heating in a modus 1.5 Dci. When on the windscreen or straight out it works fine but when I put it on the feet nothing comes out(or at least not much) Does anyone have an idea what it could be and where/how I should start look. Thanks!
  2. MK3 Grand Scenic no heat to feet *FIXED*

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, this is my first post.... Our Grand Scenic MK3 is only blowing hot air to the windscreen, no heat to the feet or the dash vents, is this common ? The auto release has also failed for the handbrake, although it will work manually when holding the footbrake, I only mention this because the...
  3. Blower weak when the dial is turned to heating the feet

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone, We have a 2008 Renault Grand Scenic 1.9 Dinamique and it all works unbelievably well so far. There's only one small nuisance: blower is strong and heats well except for when I turn the dial to the bottom vents (for the feet). Compared to all other positions it's very very weak...
  4. Wanted renault Kangoo MPV Roof rack feet 2007 model

    Dear all I have recently purchased a roof rack via Ebay however I'm missing the feet fittings for the rack itself. Long story short, after a two hour drive to pick up the thing it was only then I realised there were no feet:( If anyone knows where I could get hold of some I would be...
  5. Water ingress into my car - please help!

    Please Help. in the back seat behind the driver, where the feet are on the floor water. where so much water here, and how to solve it?:(
  6. Clio 2003 windscreen feet no demister

    Heating & cooling
    HI clio 172 2003 the windscreen doesnt demist no air at all and this is the same on the feet position,fronts are working fine any help as winters coming thanks al
  7. no more wet feet

    Im no longer responding to wet footwell threads/posts. arent you the snooty one!> Not really.its just there are so many posts on it on recent renaults even, and Id just be recycling whats been said before. If however it happens to me and its something aside from scuttle drains/similar, I will...
  8. Kangoo diesel 1.5 wet feet and fashing lights

    Cars & motoring
    7 days ago I noticed water in the footwell and under the seat on the drivers side. I dried it out several times over the next few days. I left a small towel in each footwell overnight and they came out soaked. This water appears when we drive. I investigated the problem as far as I could but...
  9. Free Thule roof bars and feet for Laguna MkII - Cambridge

    I have roofbars and feet for a Laguna MkII. It is the Thule Rapid System with 1311 feet. Yours for free if you can collect from North Cambridge.
  10. Cold feet in my Megane

    Heating & cooling
    Hi All Any ideas why the heater in my 2004 megane only blows cold into the footwells, nice and warm on dash and screen vents? thanks MN
  11. Mercedes: Our feet are firmly on the ground

    Formula 1 news from Nico Rosberg's dominant win in China on Sunday, it would be easy for Mercedes to feel supremely confident ahead of this weekend's 2012 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. The German team, however, aren't planning on...
  12. F1 Rocks? brings Melbourne to its feet

    Formula 1 news Rocks? in Melbourne kicked off the 2012 season's official off-track entertainment over the Australian Grand Prix weekend, by staging concerts on Saturday and Sunday evening at the Sidney Myers Bowl with headliners Lenny Kravitz, The...
  13. Hot dashboard & key / cold feet

    Heating & cooling
    My 04 Grand Scenic seems to have misdirected heating! When removing keycard its pretty hot, in fact all centre dash unit is, and foot wells very slow to heat up Any ideas appreciated? (Ideally without removing whole dashboard) Thanks
  14. Ferrari: We need to keep our feet on the ground

    Formula 1 news Fernando Alonso claimed Ferrari's first victory of 2011 at Silverstone on Sunday, the mood at the Italian team's Maranello factory couldn't be better. But amidst the celebrations and congratulations, President Luca di Montezemolo...
  15. Please help got wet feet

    hi guys first time on and looking for a bit of help please , got 54 reg senic and a fish tank in drivers floor box can anyone help
  16. panoramic sunroof rear runners - rubber feet disintegrated.

    My sunroof has been whistling and clunking a bit so I removed it. It looks like the feet on the bottom of the rear runners have disintegrated. I have been told that I need to buy a new set of runners but there must be a way of just replacing just these rubber feet. Just wondered if anyone has...
  17. Cold face - warm feet.

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I have just bought a Megane 1 for my wife. This is our first Renault and I have what might seem a silly question. Is there any way to get warm air to the feet while getting cold air to the dash blowers? I can only seem to get cold air to all, or hot air to all - this seems like a good way...
  18. hot feet

    Heating & cooling
    i have a 2002 laguna it gets very warm in the foot wells even when the heater is set at cold ? any ideas
  19. Roofbars - plastic feet missing

    Cars & motoring
    The plastic feet have become lost from one of my roofbars. It's ridiculous, but both my local dealer and Renault Customer Care say my only option is to buy new roofbars. This seems crazy when all that's missing is a couple of bits of plastic that probably cost about 10p each. Any ideas as to...
  20. webbed feet!

    Cars & motoring
    the dreaded water leak has reared its ugly head again. :steam: This time however it has shown its true path and has appeared to originate from behind the glove box!! Does this ring any bells with anyone? Have been contemplating full dismantel of the Lag to component parts but have been...