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  1. Rubber piece fell off from front chasis wheel arch area

    Hello, My Megane 1.5DCI 5dr Dynamique started making a light thumping noise at low speeds last week. Same again this weekend and had a look underneath and found this part hanging down from the front of the fwd left wheel arch. Tried to move it back in place but it came off. I've attached a...
  2. Laguna II 2007 something fell off above pedals **Fixed**

    I was refreshing the brake fluid today and as I pumped the brake pedal something fell down from above. Any ideas what this part is? Looks like a flap lever to me and I have had the dash board out recently...
  3. I accidentally fell

    Non-motoring news
    Not guilty your honour, I fell in, it could have happened to anyone. :crazy:
  4. Espace 1999 - Key Fob Button Fell Off

    Hi. I have an Espace 1999 with one button key fob. The big black plastic button fell off a while back, leaving the electronic button showing. I meant to get it repaired but didnt get round to it. Tonight the top of the button fell off. The silver top and the rubber press came off. The...
  5. Wheel fell off...

    I was driving home today and could hear a loud knocking / grinding noise and could smell burning from my back passenger wheel. I drive for around 40minutes doing 20mph, i eventually got home and about 10yards from my house my wheel fell off.... turns out my wheel bearing had disintegrated! Is...
  6. release button has fell out of mytailgate

    Hi there everyone. I'm a brand new user to this and wondered if anyone can help me. I have a 11 year old renault megane scenic and the boot lock fell out last month. Does anyone else have this problem? I'd love to hear from you all.
  7. Laguna 1 gear knob fell off.

    Hi all, can someone help me? Was driving the lag today and the gear stick knob fell off in my hand. Does anyone know how to fit a new one as its not like in other normal cars where you just screw a replacement on. It just has a plastic cap stuck on the top of the stick that won't seem to come...
  8. Espace Initiale wheel fell off

    Wheels & tyres
    Newbie alert! ;) Just joined on behalf of my older brother (he's a dinosaur and hasn't got a computer!) so please accept my apologies I haven't been able to read everything yet :( Has anyone heard of any problems with Espace wheels falling off all by themselves?! My brother recently bought a...
  9. rear veiw mirrow fell off

    my rear veiw mirrow fell off on a 03 megana 2 it broke some of the ribbon cable is there anythink i ca do to repair
  10. help please my rearview mirrow fell of

    and it has snaped a few wires on the ribbon cable how easy is this to replace or is there a way to mask the fault i.e a resitor?
  11. Megan scenic Bits fell off

    Hi Does anybody know what these are The car made a grinding noise while pulling away now no drive but engine starts Thanks Gordon
  12. The transmission fell off my Laguna

    I was driving to get some supplies today, when all of a sudden, third gear popped out. Tried to get it back in, couldn't. Checked other gears - first and second made a horrible grinding noise. Fourth and fifth were drivable, but it just kept getting progressively worse. I managed to get the...
  13. Rear vision mirror fell off (Megane II)

    One day, after my vehicle had been standing for some hours in the sun in temperature of +50 deg C, the rear vision mirror fell off the windscreen. The car is still under warranty (2006 model). The Renault dealership here in Saudi Arabia don't know how to reattach or replace the mirror. they...
  14. Alternator pulley just fell off whist driving!!!

    Hi all, This morning on my "2002 scenic 1.6 auto" the power steering stopped working and the "stop and battery" lights came on. Opened the hood to find the alternator pulley and pulley retaining bolt to be completely off the Alternator thread arm. The belt was luckily in tact. My question is...
  15. Plastick keyhole cover fell off, Laguna 2

    I realised the small plastic cover, on top of the keyhole on the front left door handle, had somehow fell off. Not a big issue but it looks ugly. I was wondering if anyone knows where could I look to find or order replacement? It has to be in the colour of the car, navy blue in this case. -...
  16. Renault Laguna 2 - Rear Axle Bolts Coming Loose

    Driving along quite happy, nice sunny day when the back wheel locks and I drag into the verge. I get out and the left hand axle mounting bolt is out and the rear wheel is jammed back against the wing! :mad: After waiting three hours for the RAC,(in which time i had trundled up the road and...
  17. Back Box of exhaust has fell off bracket!

    Hi Folks Yesterday the back box part of my exhaust fell of the bracket as i was going over a speed bump :steam: Any way i had a look and all there is are 2 wee rubbery things.So i put it back in but alas it just fell out again.So on went the tiewraps and i purchased another 2 rubbery things...
  18. The front fell off

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    Aussie politics at there best:rofl: Tried to embed it but it wont:confused:
  19. Bulb fell inside foglight

    Ok slight problem the bulb on my passenger side foglight has come away from the mount and fallen inside the foglight. Question is when i get the foggy off is it possible to get inside the sodding thing and retrieve/remove the stupid bulb?? :steam:
  20. 2001 - something ABS fell off ?!?!?!?!

    Somethings fallen off my 2001 Laguna II 1.8 manual and now the ABS lamp is on. If I look under the passenger side of the car theres a shrouded wire that seems to come from a small (4"x4") black box near the innner wishbone, (might be an ABS dive/lift sensor?) , anyway the shrouded wire comes out...