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  1. Electronics
    RENAULT MEGANE COURTESY DOOR INTERIOR LIGHT SWITCH I have 2001 megane 16v and my door open light an interior light flickers , I have got replacement sensors , but I need the 2pin female plugs that they plug into , but not been able to find replacement anywhere , can anyone point me to where I...
  2. For sale
    Hiya, Up for sale is my 2005 Renault Clio Extreme - with 3 female owners from new. I have been the very proud owner of this car since October 2008, and I am extremely sad to see it go! Please take a look at the link here -...
  3. Engines
    I bought a megane dynamique convertable 2002 about 2 months ago. The dealer told me he had the lamda sensor replaced for the mot.driving home the engine management light came on and stayed on so I rang the dealers mechanic. He said the sensor on the exhaust probably hadnt been connected...
  4. Tools & equipment
    Hi all I have the very common issue of car stalling, coil light on. So tomorrow I intend to clean my throttle body but to do so I need a star (Female Torx) socket, can anyone tell me what size I will need to buy? Thanks David
  5. Wheels & tyres
    hi , i have a 03 1.6 16v megane and have not got the key to remove the centre cap, how do i know if i need a male or a female one thanks steph:confused:
  6. Engines
    Hi there. I have just bought a used Scenic Alize 1.6. I am a single mum with 3 precious wee ones on board and really need some advice re my brakes. Excuse the 'girl speak' but sometimes when I am braking the brakes feel a bit wobbly, like perhaps the car is breaking unevenly???? It only...
  7. General Chat
    what I want to know is why she was down so low!!
  8. Electronics
    :confused:i just bought a scenic II and the horn does not work,have tried the fuse but it still dont work also my underseat cd player wont work and 1 last thing does all fuses need to in the little sockets or whatever they are called or is it just specific fuses.thanks any help apprieciated
  9. Wheels & tyres
    My speedo is running at exactly 10 miles an hour faster than I am driving. (ie I am doing 30 it says 40) I am taking a driving test in it in a couple of weeks and need to rectify the problem as quickly and cheaply as possible. The auto electrician was meant to have recalibrated it before I...
  10. Engines
    Hi all It seems i have a very thirsty car. I probably do about 70miles a week and every week without fail i am having to fill the water up in the radiator. the lights come on telling me to stop and the therm is very near the i pull over..let it cool...fill it up. Today i have noticed...
  11. Formula 1
    Might encourage our female members to take part in F1
  12. General Chat
    Hopefully he will print a map for the less aware :p
  13. General Chat
    Just a poll really, was wondering before if there were any women using this forum?? it seems very male dominated to me, lol. Have fun, post comments, etc etc. Chris