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  1. Electronics
    my megane cab the feul light stays on all the time and the computer reads no miles left before fill up even when there is feul in can anbody help it has worked fine since i bought car 2 mnths ago:crazy:
  2. Engines
    Hi my scenic 2 won't drive but all is in tack: acciliration cable (ok) Idles (great) BUT IT CAN'T GO, IT SEEMS TO BE A SMALL PROBLEM BUT I CAN'T FIND IT. ANY HELP WOULD DO....... tHANKS TO ALL IN THIS FORUM:confused::confused:
  3. Engines
    Hi all My Scenic has got a problem where as the car starts nice and idles well but when I wanted to drive there isn,t any power and seemed to be that the accilerator cable snaped but I looked and it's ok. Please help me in this matter. :confused::confused::confused:
  4. Engines
    Hi - I have a starting problem. After the engine has been stopped for sometime, eg overnight, air has got into the fuel system. So the engine won't start until the fuel pump has been re-primed. As you are instucted to do, in the haynes manual, after a feul fiter change. Bubbles can be seen in...
  5. Engines
    Where is teh petrol filter located ?
  6. Electronics
    I'll give you the full story hoping it makes more sense. When I got the car 6 months ago, the feul light was fine. Since then (approx. 4 months ago) when I went to start the car it wouldn't turn over, but the engine was reving in a wurring motion :S With the aid of google and this forum I...
  7. General Chat
    Hi i have a 1995 2 ltr Laguna. I am going to France in June and pulling a small and light caravan. Trip will be approx2,000 miles.Any ideas about how much feul i would use. Has anyone done this trip before. I will be having a service and tune up before i leave.
  8. Electronics
    hi, I have a problem with me car fuel injection system warning light appears on the dash approx once a week. when the warning light comes on the car will not start I have to roll to jump start it and after that its ok and starts its self could anyone please tell me what the problem could be...