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    hi all. right the other night just as i arrived home from a drive to my local supermarket ( with the sent of smelly eggs) steam just started to come through the vents out of the bonnet and coolant all over the floor this explains the smell. Now i have identified the problem it is a pipe for the...
  2. For sale
    2001 Ford Fiesta Zetec-S 1.6 in Silver. I bought this as a run-around until I got my new car but ended up keeping it for a few months, it's a great little runner! It comes with pretty much full service history and loads of receipts from over the years. MOT runs out middle of May and tax runs...
  3. General Chat
    Hey guys, Heres some background info. I'm 18, had my license (and insurance) for a year, used a 1.2 16v mk2ph3 clio [75bhp] and I want a bit more power :D So, current car is worth probably ~£1800 ish. Potential upgrades: (rough prices) mk2ph2 172 - £2800 (+1000) mk2ph2 182 - £3300 (+1500)...
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    My daughter has just come in and said that it is hard to get her fiesta into gear, she says the clutch seems ok but struggles to get into any gear. Any ideas what I should be looking for. thanks in advance Asterix:(
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    I need to help someone replace the head gasket on a 1.4 Fiesta 2005 or 2006 model, having never worked on one of them before, does any one know what to look out for? Have toque or head tightening settings? Thanks in advance.
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    Hi all, I am trying to remove the dashboard on my daughters 1999 Fiesta to replace a bulb. I have removed 3 screws and it releases at the top but seems to be held at the bottom, does anyone know what might be holding it? Thanks for looking
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    Even with new alternator shows 13v but starts ok
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    I know this is a Renault forum but my grandaughter;s V Reg Ford Fiesta Zetec has lost the constant feed to the radio. The fuse for the radio (also runs the clock, interior light and cigarette lighter) is ok and the handbook doesn't mention any other fuse. Does anyone have any ideas if there is...
  9. Rallying news
    :[email protected]:// What an evil looking little car:devil:
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    hello. i kno its not a renault and i hate fords but its doing my head inn!!! so any help would be very gratefull. Its a T reg fiesta i have no spark! i have supply and earth ect to coil, scoped all sensors they all work fine, changed coil pack, i get the exact same readings to and from all the...
  11. Bodywork
    Some idiot in a council wagon has hit my car and scraped it up the rear drivers wing. I've already posted it on facebook so some of you have seen it already. I can't prove it was a council vehicle, but the fact they're yellow and were in the vicinity at the same time is a bit too much of a...
  12. Rallying
    Marcus Gronholm showed off a new Ford Fiesta Rallycar in practice for the Pikes Peak hillclimb at the weekend,but all didn't quite go to plan on one of the runs..... Pikes Peak is the one place you do not want that to's a long way down off the sides....:eek::eek::eek:
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    Right, I have been looking at new cars for a bit now. I have been looking at the Focus and the Fiesta and price I think the Fiesta has won a long shot. The Fiesta is slightly smaller than the Megane and the Focus is slightly bigger. Anyway, after much thought, and being told the RS is out of...
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    How much is a 94 M reg Fiesta a runner worth for scrap I took my daughters car for MOT yesterday it failed on front disc's, & pads, emissions, and a drop arm, to sort it out the garage want £195. Within the last 1000 miles it's had 4 new tyres and comes complete with a 3/4 tank full of...
  15. My mottah!
    Here she is, my 1.25 Zetec Climate (with Technology Pack) 2007 Fizzbomb. 7k on the clock, bought last week for £6200 :) I've also stuck one of meggy for old times sake :o
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    Hi there members has anyone changed a whole headlight unit on a mk6 fiesta are they easy to do any advice would be great do they have torx screws thanks.
  17. General Chat The Fiesta lies on its roof after colliding with two Porsches
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    Guys your thoughts please. My daughter has a S reg 1.4 Ford Fiesta, up until now it has always been serviced every year even though she averages about 4000miles per annum. I was wondering if it is worth having it serviced every year now that the value of it is virtually nothing, although it...
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    I've been trying to get some information together for my brother who has a standard Ford Fiesta 1.3 1998 with lock problems. He bought the car from a friend and the driver lock never worked. He'd have to unlock the passenger door and climb over which wasn't a problem for him. Now the...