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  1. Electronics
    Hi everybody, I have a 2009 Renault Laguna III 2.0dci 150hp, I have bought the kess v2 tool and I have read from the ecu. I would like to gain the performance(stage1). Could somebody help me this file modify? or do you have remap file? Thank you the support.
  2. Computer Club
    PC running Windows Vista The hard drive on my laptop is almost full at 98% capacity :surprise: and much of this is due to that naughty car manual that we are not allowed to use :wink2:(especially as it contains all the model ranges that I don't need.). If I burn the entire e-manual program...
  3. Electronics
    Hi! I have an 06 Megan CC with a radio/cd player marked that it will play MP3 files and it does, sort of! It plays them in the order they were put on the disc but the facia clearly shows that I should be able to choose which folder to play. This I am not able to do! I am almost to the point...
  4. Electronics
    I have been trying to find a good option to play my MP3 music files on my Meg. My old Signum CD player handled MP3 files as standard unlike my Meg :( I have searched the site to see what the best options are. I have the Update list unit and was considering plugging a connection into the Back or...
  5. Computer Club
    I have received several email recently with media files, mpeg avi etc and they keep opening with nero showtime. My fault I know cos I recently reinstalled nero and must have checked the box to allow nero to open them. I want to change the way these files open by default but I cant for the life...
  6. Computer Club
    I think I mentioned HiJackThis in another post. Im not sure if anyone downloaded it but if not its well worth doing so. You might also take a look at the other goodies available at this website Best of all are HiJackThis and StartUplist (which is...
  7. Computer Club
    This version although still in beta production is made by the people who make ccleaner it can restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer or memory data cards i.e. Camera, mp3 player cards. This version has only been out for two days. See this link Recuva - Undelete...
  8. Computer Club
    LC ISO CREATOR creates ISO files from CD/DVD-ROM. Very small program,fast and works well on what i've tried. LC ISO CREATOR
  9. Computer Club
    Does anyone know if you can convert a Windows Media Audio file into an MP3 or vice versa and if so, how? The problem is that i want to put about 132 songs onto a CD for in the car but Nero Express wont let me do it if the songs are different formats.