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  1. Film trailer

    General Chat
    Anyone like the look of THIS ? I almost p!ssed myself .... gotta go see it.
  2. Free Drive-In Film Tickets

    General Chat
    Maybe someone will get the benefit of this :) This summer, the fun kicks off in London on the weekend 15th and 16th of July, with two screenings in historic London (Gunnersbury Park), then every weekend travels to a new city, taking in Birmingham (Weston Park), Manchester (Arley Hall), Brighton...
  3. Pirelli - THE Film......

    Cars & motoring
    Hi All, Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere recently, but its 'new to me'. There is advertising and then there is THIS:- Amazin' ! Spiro'
  4. Worst film you've ever seen

    General Chat
    Ok - what's the worst film you've ever seen? Mine has got to be Candyman. Bloody awful!
  5. Scen1c on film

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Now this is more like it. Drunk Russian! Pfft!
  6. scen1c on film....

    Jokes & funny stuff
    If you watch very, very carefully, you will see scen1c in the background:
  7. Sea alert as crew watch sexy film

    General Chat
    The crew of a fishing boat blocked emergency radio frequencies for hours as they watched an erotic film. The crew of the Blyth-based Oceania accidentally left their radio switched to the emergency channel on Thursday as they were off the North East coast. They then settled down to watch the...