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  1. Scenic 2 filters.

    Heating & cooling
    Just thought I'd share this ***x1f601; I bought an 06 Scenic last week. Lovely clean car, with a couple of minor repairs to do. I thought I'd change the air & cabin filters, as I always do when I get a new car. Both filters were original, & had never been changed in TWELVE YEARS! Lol...
  2. which one of these oil filters is for my engine

    hi there, can anyone advise which oil filter fits my engine please? I am just in the middle of ordering the service parts for my kangoo van at Euro car parts and they have quoted 2 different oil filters for my van a 2007 kangoo van 1.5 dci 68bhp and the two filters are product code 501735068 or...
  3. Forum Exclusive - Extra 10% Off All Performance Filters Online Section
    EuroCarParts are proud to launch an exclusive offer with its forum partners - offering an EXTRA 10% Off All Performance Air Filters online including K&N, BMC, Simota and ITG. Simply visit our performance section here and enter your...
  4. service on filters.

    hi all, i have a 61reg scenic 1.5 dci it as been serviced every 10,000miles,it as now got a fault with the partical filter,and the garage says it needs a service,but it as only covered 6,000 miles since last full service ,should this filter been changed then,or is it not a standard service part...
  5. Pipercross Performance Filters NOW stock at Opie Oils

    Opie Oils\
    Good news, Opie Oils have extended the range of performance air filters available with the addition of Pipercross. The Pipercross range NOW available at Opie Oils includes: - Pipercross Replacement Air Filters - Find the correct Pipercross panel filter here > > > A Pipercross panel filter...
  6. How to change oil and filters in Scenic II

    Hi, I've not been able to find another thread on this subject, but apologies if I'm repeating myself! My partner insists he wants to carry out an oil and filter change himself - the car is desperate for a service! We have a '53 plate 2.0l petrol Scenic II. How easy is this to do yourself, are...
  7. Where to buy Oil and Filters

    Cars & motoring
    I have been away in HK for 3 years, and am now getting the chariots out of mothballs. Both started fine and run OK. Slight missfire on the 1.9dci. Anyway I used to get oil and filters from a link on Renault Forums, but the grey matter isn't working right. Can anyone point me in the right...
  8. Ahoy there

    Hello everyone. I am a new member with a 1.9D (2008) Kangoo, living in Uruguay, S.America. I got here by boat so I am used to servicing diesels, ie filters, fluids and belts, and made the occaisional parts replacement. My boat engine has a lot more space around it and easier to work with. So...
  9. Location of filters clio campus

    Hi, I am about to service my girlfriends clio campus 1.2 16v sport on a 56 plate D4F 722 I believe as it has a screw on oil filter not paper filter. I can not find the pollen filter it is not under the panel by the windscreen and I can not see anything around the glove box. Also not looked yet...
  10. Best Oil Filters for the RX4?

    Hi... After seeing the Service light come on, and being told that there is black vapours coming from the exhaust, think it is time to change the Oil on my RX4. It has been 7 months! Does anyone know of the best Oil filters available for the Renault Scenic RX4? I want to keep it running...
  11. Filters change intervals on 1.5dCi

    Hello, I find it very hard to find out from the manual when the filters need to be changed. Specifically, I am speaking about all the filters found on the 1.5dCi from 2011 on a Renault Megane. Anyone have a clue? Thanks!
  12. oil filters

    ho lads can u tell me if i can use a longer oil filter on my renault scenic as the one thats on is so small and very hard to get off there is not any room to work with any tools to take it off cheers thomas:crazy:
  13. Cabin filters, Laguna 3

    Could anyone tell me where the cabin filters are on my 2010 Laguna Sport Tourer 2.0 Dci before I start pulling things apart. On the Purflux site it shows them behind the glovebox but that's on a left hand drive. Surely Renault don't make two different heater units. So are they on the drivers...
  14. oil and filters

    hello i have a clio of 2002 1.4 16v please give me some advice what type of oil and filters to buy and if possible some links where to thanks in advance
  15. Megane 09 1.6 Air/Pollen filters

    Hi New to forum and would like help on location and how to change the air & pollen filter on my 2009 1.6 petrol megane. Any help would be appreciated
  16. Trafic 100 dCi 2005 - same filters as Megane?

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in France and am going to service my Trafic myself. In the supermarket there's a whole aisle with oils, filters, brake pads etc (everyone does DIY services it seems). So I check the chart for which filters to get but the Trafic isn't listed on the air and oil ones. I...
  17. fuel filters

    Hi All have checked thru faq can anyone tell me where the fuel filter is on my laguna II 1.9 dci 2001 plus do i need any special tools, and how would I bleed after renewal cheers Paul
  18. Diesel FAP filters, what years and engines?

    I'm looking to get a used Megane or Scenic, but I need to know which cars use an FAP filter as I'll mostly be doing town driving with the occasional motorway blast once or twice a month. I've done the sums and a diesel works out cheaper even though the fuel is more.
  19. fuel, air, and oil filters. do you get what you pay for?

    hello. whilst looking on a well known auction site, i found that i could get an air, oil AND fuel filter for what i would usually pay for the fuel filter alone. can't see a brand on them, either. now, one instantly thinks are they this cheap because they're [email protected] so can anyone say differently...
  20. Engine breathers filters

    hi any mechanics out there, do u know where the engine breathers are located on a scenic 1.5 diesel. Thanks