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  1. car not starting, starter turns but not firing

    hello, i have a had a few of these problems recently. about two weeks ago i started my car, the starter turned but didnt fire. i put my obd 2 on it and it came up with po136 sensor bank 2 error. i cleared the error and tried again, not straight away but after a few minutes it started. then no...
  2. 3.0DCI injectors not firing

    I have a 3.0DCI Espace on a 55 plate. It's been sat for a while and won't start. Pump solonoid control valves and number 3 injector where replaced a while back. Was spluttering every 10th crank or so before injector replaced possibly due to injector leaking a small amount of fuel into chamber...
  3. Firing order

    Hi guys on my 2005 renault megane 1.9dci I would to know I've just rebuild the motor and which way is the firing order or which side does number ones piston sit on the flywheel side or the timing belt side so that I can do my tdc
  4. 2002 megane cabro cranking but not firing up intermitently

    Hi everyone, I've spent over a week on this forum and tried most the solutions, but no joy. Here is the problem:- The car will turn over but not start, but once it does it runs fine. It will start first turn for up to an hour or so after. Then it will take a few more turns of the key. In the...
  5. Firing order on 09 Renault kangoo

    Trying to find out firing order and which is number 1 cylinder on 2009 1200 cc petrol Renault kangoo.
  6. 2003 clio 1.2 16v injectors not firing

    hi guys, I have a 2003 1.2 16v Renault clio and its decided to stop working, the problem is the injectors aren't firing I have the fuel rail out of the manifold and all connected back up, there is fuel getting to the rail but injectors aren't firing, the immobiliser light is going out as normal...
  7. My Clio has gone lumpy. Drives ok but not firing on all cylinders

    Hi my Clio has suddenly gone lumpy. Oil is bright and shinny. Water is ok.
  8. Firing Order

    Can anyone advise me what the firing order should be for my 1998 1.4 Clio RT please?
  9. Clio GT, Losing power, Back firing?

    Hello guys, This is my first post. I've had a look around but I have been unable to find anyone with the same problem I am having, I hoping someone might be able to give some advise. I've got 2009 Clio GT 1.6, 17k miles. My car started to loose power and then the "check emissions" light...
  10. Clio Randomly Non-Starting (starter goes but engine won't turn over?)

    Hi all, Reaching out for some advice on a non-starting problem that's plaguing my 1999 Clio 1.6 RXE recently. Car will (sometimes) not start. By 'not start' I mean the starter turns over but the engine won't turn. It can take several attempts to get it to running. Other times it will start...
  11. 2005 Clio 1.2 miss firing

    HELP... I just bought a clio 1.2 when i start it up its miss firing (sounds like a tractor) and the management light is on. Normally id take it to a garage but due to a few unexpected bills this month theres no chance of that happening.. Any advice what to try ?
  12. Turning over but not firing

    Hi all, I'm hoping for some expert advice. Firstly, I have searched the forums and have followed the advice I've found but I'm still at a loss My problem is that my 2000 Megane coupe 16v 1.6 petrol turns over but won't fire. I have tried the following. Changed spark plugs - worked for about a...
  13. Megane 1.4 16v Firing problems

    Hi, My megane 1.4 16v has a issue that when driving at slow speeds its misfiring and very lumpy but it driven over 40MPH it works fine very odd. Its the worst when pulling out of junctions. I took it to a local garage the printed a list of faults DF062 - MISFIRE ON CYLINDER 4, Destructive...
  14. whirring noise and engine not firing

    I have a 2001 renault megane 1.4 petrol. This morning the engine cranked once but did not fire and the second time i just get a whirring sound and no engine cranking. Sounds like starter motor is not engaging. Is there anything i can check before call out a garage which will be expensive John B
  15. not firing on two cylinders

    hello, This my first post on this forum and I have a problem with my laguna phase 1 concorde. it is only firing on two cylinders. The workshop and the German equilivent of the RAC thought it to be cpu, but this turned out not to be the case. We have tried two new coils but this did not appear...
  16. not firing on all cylinders

    Hi guys, i have a v reg 1.4 petrol megane alize. had a new top lamda censor fit last month for the mot. Its been running ok but couple of days ago i noticed a bit of vibration when idleing and a the power is also down. i think is not firing all cylinders what is the easiest way to check this...
  17. Renault Espace Mk3 2.2dci not firing

    Car drove to work fine this morning however when I went to move it a couple of hours later it turned over but failed to start. Breakdown company tried jump starting it and then using quick start, which caught but engine didn't rev and died as soon as foot was removed from throttle. Mechanic...
  18. Clio Cranking but not firing.. PLEASE help!!!

    Hi guys, first of all thank you to whoever replies to my post because i really am in a pickle... I over-revved the engine by mistake as i missed the right gear and it cut out but started again and i continued my journey, stopping and starting a few times fine, although it did seem to not want...
  19. renault 5 gt turbo not firing up

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    hey to all new member ere i recently have being trying to start back up the gt after being parked up for over two years when i left the car parked up it was grand starting and drivin but now i wont just fire up now fuel system is good new plugs new battery the car is turning over a1 but it seems...
  20. whats the firing sequence for a clio 1.5 dci (51 plate)

    whats the firing sequence for a clio 1.5 dci (51 plate) :crazy: