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  1. Megane II 2007 towbar fitment.

    Just went to fit a towbar. Had rear bumper off. Removed the crash bar. And removed the chassis end plates with the foil type cover. Inserted the long metal bar from towbar kit but cant see how the get to the hole to bolt it in. Its about online with the back wheel. Do i nedd to take all the boot...
  2. Exhaust manifold and turbo fitment

    Hi, is the Megane exhaust manifold and turbo on a 1.9dci the same as a trafic ||?
  3. trafic 2.0l petrol head timing belt fitment

    i have a trafic 2.0l petrol i have fitted a head gasket but have lost the timing belt settings as the belt has moved any one give me the procedure please.
  4. Clio sport ph1 clocks panel fitment on clio non sport

    Interior styling
    Hello, I have a clio mk2 ph1 1999 RT, will a clio sports clocks panel will fit my clio? can i do some thing to fit them? I realy like the clocks of 172. Thanks a lot :)
  5. alloy fitment

    Wheels & tyres
    Thought this might be of interest.
  6. Laguna 2 phase 1 double din fitment

    Hi guys, was thinking of getting a double din touch screen DVD player for my laguna 2 phase 1.. It has a normal CD player in and a empty shelf below where the CD player will also fit.. If I remove both will that mean I can slot the double din straight in? Cheers
  7. Rear brake part code for fitment

    General Chat
    hi guys can anyone tell me if this part number corresponding to rear brake discs bearing s and pads will suite my 2003 Megane hatch 1.9 dci 120, many thanks part : DF4274BS
  8. wheels fitment on clio 3

    Wheels & tyres
    does eny one know if 16X8.25 alloy wheels will fit on my clio 3 1.4 without modification ?
  9. A wheel and tyre fitment checker.

    Wheels & tyres
    Every so often some of us link a configurator for clearances ,wheel size ,width fittings and so on Ive seen mazda radius ones ,a couple ive linked myself, d'espace also. This one ,which is American , so there is no real advertising involved(transport and import taxes would be very high), covers...
  10. Handbrake cable fitment - Kangoo vs others

    Converted my Kangoo over to rear discs today. Obviously the current cables are no use, as they are for drums. I need something that will connect at the front end (Lever), and have a disc fitment. But also be long enough to reach the back of my Kangoo Van. I'm thinking along the lines of a...
  11. dci 724 fitment in clio

    Hi Guys,after some genral info, Got dci clio with engine gone tilt :crying:been offered a dci 724 from meganne,is this the same less ancilleries. cheers all. have a good one
  12. Exhaust fitment

    I have a 02 laguna hatchback 1.8. My problem is the exhaust is sagging slightly in the middle, which is causing it to catch on speed bumps. I can't see any fixing points for it in the middle just at the front and rear. Is this correct?
  13. aftermarket exhaust fitment.

    megane 2 1.4 16v. so im all about saving a few bob and after a slight fight with a curb my exhaust lost out and got smashed open so blows. it an original fitment exhaust from factory, so its done really well as before the hole it was air tight. but to replace the back box i need a new...
  14. Fitment of front offside gaitor

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi everyone.can anyone help do i fit a gaitor to front offside ..have removed the wheel hub and bearing. what procedure do i use to remove old gaitor and fit new one???thanks ...mary forgot to say its a renault clio 1.2 w reg
  15. rear spoiler fitment

    Hi, could anyone please tell me if a rear boot spoiler from a 98 megane coupe, fit my 97 megane cabriolet ? If not then what spoiler will ?
  16. Radiosat 6000 fitment

    Hi people I am in need of a radio in my 1999t reg looking at a radiosat 6000 and just wondered if it will fit straight in to my car will i need a cage ect and will the controls behind the steering wheel work Steve
  17. Do all Renault clios mk1 mk2 mk3 have the same wheet fitment measurements ?

    Wheels & tyres
    Just wondering about this because im considering buyng 15' wheels off a newer style clio to put in my 2001 y reg clio
  18. injector seal fitment

    hi guys HELP!!! i have a 2001 2.2dci espace im in the process of replacing the injector seals an both 2and 4 were completely gone and i cant remove 1 and 3 at present so im not sure the correct fitment for replacing new seals can anybody help me??
  19. Scenic 2001 Towbar fitment

    Hi I got hold of an original Renault towbar. See picture. How do you fit this. I had a quick look under the car but cant see where it bolts onto ?. It came off an 2003 ( same model )
  20. Front fog light fitment 01 Scenic

    As some of you will know, I've got an 01 plate Scenic Alize that I've recently fitted a towbar, and cd autochanger. Now it doesn't come with front fog lights fitted, and I would like to possibly fit them if it's not too difficult. Are the wires behind the covers to do this, and what else may I...