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  1. Scenic RX4 Dog Guard fitting

    Just picked up an original webbing dog guard for a Scenic I off eBay. I've had a look and can't see how the top bar of it fits inside the car. I'm wondering if it should have come with a fitting kit. It appears to have two spring loaded telescoping rods at either end plus two hooks that look...
  2. Fitting a air filter

    can somebody tell me how to fit a new air filter to my renault megan scenic
  3. fitting second hand abs unit scenic mk3 ( Sorted )

    Ask the Experts
    hi any body know when fitting a second hand complete abs unit on scenic mk3 what will happen other than the mileage and vin number showing up different . any reason why it should not work and not bring faults up on the dash. thanks in advance, mostyn3
  4. Megane Dynamique fitting dashcam

    Hi I'm new to the forum . so still finding my way around I have just bought 2014 Megane Dynamique and need some help please with fitting (hardwiring) a nextbase duo dashcam. Any help will be much appreciated, thanks
  5. need help with fitting battery for clio mk3

    hi, i have the clio mk3 1.6L '07 auto and i want to know what is the spec of the original battery that was installed. i need to replace the one that is installed now (55AH, cca 510A). i checked on the varta app and it show 3 different options.
  6. Fitting underseat sub | Clio mk3

    Clio mk3 3door. Just wondering whats the best place to mount the ground cable? Ive seen the seat belt buckle under the rear seats look half decent but unsure if anywhere else is better. Also, to get the power cable through the firewall (i know where the main grommet is) does the airbox need to...
  7. Fitting megane MK3 rear bumper to GT

    Hi I'm planning on purchasing a full RS rear bumper for my gt coupe but I'm not sure how or if it will fit. Isn't the RS bumper wider? I tough that it even has some small wheel arch extensions Thank you for your time!
  8. Fitting reverse camera to a Medianav unit.

    I have a 2018 LWB Trafic. It is fitted with a Medianav screen (version 9.1.1). I want to fit a reverse camera, which this unit can accept. Initially I contacted my local Renault dealer, they insisted it was not possible to fit a camera or turn on the camera system in the Medianav unit. They...
  9. fitting aux cable

    In-car entertainment
    I have a 53 plate megane which i would like to fit an aux cable to the back of the radio. looked on ebay and they offer from 2005 onwards. Is it possible to do please? Thanks steve
  10. Fitting a flp-out screen DVD player

    My mottah!
    Hi, has anyone tried to fit a flp-out Player? Looking at the dashboard with the standard radio fitted it looks like the screen won't be able to come out to the vertical! Looking at the adaptor needed, again it does not look like the screen will come out far enough. Any ideas, please? Thanks for...
  11. Lower arm ball joint fitting nut and bolt

    Steering and Suspension Son had MOT on his 60 plate Kia rio 2 petrol yesterday and had advisory on N/S ball joint..part is as link..been searching for 2x nuts and bolts for securing on the lower arm and finding nothing can anyone help with a possible supplier for...
  12. Fitting alarm

    Alarm fitting says driver side dash. This is where the 18way blackconnector is and also the 40 way white connector is. back of fuse box under drivers side dash.. I am in a right hand drive car.i know there is a fuse box by the side of the glove box.but thats on the passenger side. Is this fuse...
  13. Renault trafic alarm system fitting

    Hi all Newbie here just brought a Renault trafic sport 15 plate,im looking at fitting and alrm as i gather it doesnt have one. is the wiring harness all ready installed for and alarm system. im looking at getting this...
  14. Fitting a different flywheel

    Hello everyone and thank you for having me part of this fine forum. I'm not speaking English as a mother language so please forgive me if and when my English is bad. But in business....I have a 2005 Megane 1.6 (engine K4M-760) and it's flywheel needs to be replaced. The flywheel teeth are worn...
  15. Megane 3 Tweeter fitting

    In-car entertainment
    I’m fitting aftermarket tweeters. Looking at the photo, does it all need to be cut out and if so, what with? I’m having to cut the end off that connector as mine have bullets, does it matter which way round, as I’m changing the door speaker too and want to get the wiring right. Thanks
  16. Fitting a new wing scenic mk 2

    Ordered a new wing for my mk2 2005 scenic weather permitting I'll be fitting it this weekend. Any advice at all about it ? Judging where the bolts are it should be fairly straight forward. Does the bumper need to come off at all for fitting ?
  17. Scenic II : Droning sound after fitting new compressor.

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all After many years of problems I decided to replace my AC compressor for a new one. My mechanic kept resetting the low pressure message with the CLIP for the last 6 years and after re-gassing it, it was working fine for the whole year. This last year though the AC wouldn't kick in no...
  18. Megane III hatchback dog guard fitting

    Hi, I bought a dog guard for my Megane III hatch from the local Renault dealer. It came without instructions and requires drilling into the plastic sides of the parcel shelf!! Has anyone fitted one of these before? If so, is it an easy job and what size drill should I use? I'm apprehensive about...
  19. Megane Mark 2 1.6 fitting reverse parking sensors

    Hi I'm thinking of fitting some parking sensors and wondered if any one has done this? any tips and was it successful. I've read a bit hear about wiring the to the reversing lightbulb power. I have found a template from another thread...
  20. Noise after fitting new cambelt kit

    After fitting a complete cambelt kit . The engine ticks over lovely apart from a dragging noise about 3 seconds apart. Has anyone experienced this ? I have tried to upload the noise but the site throws back Error. Any help with this is widely appreciated. Here is a photo of my cambelt tensioner...