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  1. Mègane 1.4 2012 engine failure

    Hi I own a Renault megane 1.4 tce Monaco gp with 47k on the clock and when driving into work this morning I was presented with the oil light and the stop light and saying engine failure upon giving it a wee bit of a rev this message then disappeared it has happened 2 mornings in a row and...
  2. Peterborough election was it a fix..

    General Chat
    Labour win by just under 700 votes but many are now saying this is a repeat of the blatant cheating that happened last time around..Labour claiming victory before the votes were even what did they know that the electorate didn't..:|...
  3. W10 updates not working on BT Temporary Fix

    General Chat
    I was running my Beastie to test some things in W10 and the updates have stopped. Apparently the DNS on BT is f:censored:d at the moment. There is a workaround by using Googles Public DNS and it works. Go here for how to do it, helps to have a printer handy to print out the instructions...
  4. Fix the effin thing - please

    General Chat Keep getting emails about new posts and can see an extra page that got listed too but can never get to the damn thing to look at the page - get stuck on page 2:steam:
  5. Renault Clio mk3 braking fault with stop light (FIX)

    Hi guys, took my Clio in today after having the ***8216;braking fault***8217; warning message display intermittently along with the red STOP light and the red braking system warning light. I read a lot online about this combination of warning messages being caused by low brake fluid so, having...
  6. After battery change, car throwing up faults. Still no fix

    Ok. I changed a fuse in a 2004 Grand scenic for a tail light. When I reconnected the battery the car threw up several faults. ABS light comes on, speedo vanishes, steering not locked and electronic fault. After following lots of advice on the forums I replaced the under bonnet fusebox, I...
  7. Scenic II hard to select gear, garage want £575 to fix

    Hi all. Got a bit of a problem with the Scenic at the moment. Only bought the car a couple of weeks ago, but drove fine until a day or two ago. The thing crunches when trying to get into reverse, and is hard to get into any gear. You have the ram it into first, but once underway it seems to ease...
  8. 2005 Grand Scenic 1.9 Diesel Vibration Fix

    Have been putting up with a massive shudder in my car for a few months now, and determined it was most probably the right-hand side engine mount being worn out. Found a replacement on Amazon for £33 (advertised as 'Top Right Engine Mount Mounting Fit for Renault Grand Scenic MK II MPV Megane MK...
  9. Window buttons Megane 2.Preventative fix ?

    I believe the windows not working are notorious on Megane 2 . Ours mentions the problem of condensation in cc convertibles. Would you remove door card and give them a spray.if so ,what with?
  10. It's broken, woo hoo! Something to fix

    O.k my G Scenic finally heard my prayers and has a fault... It's only little, basically I release throttle and there's a noticeable delay in Revs coming down, its worse when aircon on, but also clearly still there but not as severe with aircon off, Now If I drive like miss daisy it doesn't do...
  11. Fix for holding start button

    Anyone had a problem as in when starting the car putting in the card and then having to press and hold the start button.. also when turning off engine and removing card the dash stays on for about 20 seconds.. the problem is in the card reader. The plastic breaks off the pushes on a tactile...
  12. Fitting Maxi Cosi 2 way fix baby seat in X Mod

    Can anyone confirm that they have fitted a 2 way fix for the maxi visit Pebble Plus car seat. Both Halfords and Mothercare say they do not recommend it for a Scenic because of the underfloor storage compartment. Both Maxi Cosi and Renault say it is compatible and safe but feel uneasy as the...
  13. Help! How do I fix Renault clio mk2 boot lock?

    I have a Renault clio mk2 54 plate. Recently the boot lock has decided to break. The boot remains locked even when I unlock it, it seems like it's still locked. I have tried googling this and as far as I can understand it is the actuator that has broken. Can someone tell me if I'm right and a...
  14. Espace 3.0 Dci Auto fix

    Just a quick post as I recently purchased a 2005 Espace for £275 as it had a serious fault where it would not hill start or put power down pulling away if the steering was applied. Expected to change the box but after removing the under tray found the rubbers had deteriorated and fallen out of...
  15. RX4 1.9DCi I love a cheap fix!

    When my RX4's bottom end power faded away I read around and saw all sorts of expensive reasons. I'm pleased to say that the cause was only the second component I checked, the MAP sensor. Others have written about replacing it but I didn't. I removed it and cleaned it inside and out with...
  16. air compressor lost its pressure simple fix

    General Chat
    air compressor lost its pressure then this could be your problem solved first remove the main plastic cover remove the air filter if need be just unscrews on most next disconnect the out let feed pipe put a mark you can see for alignment this is so you dont put it all back in reverse...
  17. Scenic DP0 Solenoid Diag, Fix & Reprogram in London Area

    Cars & motoring
    Folks, I have a 2001 Scenic Dynamique, 1.6 Auto with 51K miles which appears to be suffering from the dreaded 3rd gear 3K RPM cold engine limp home evm pressure solenoid curse. I am an optimist- which should be evident because I am driving a French car- and would like to solve this issue...
  18. Megane cabriolet window fix

  19. Fix: disable automatic parking brake (Scenic 2, other models may apply)

    Small remark, this is applicable in a LHD car. So when I say driver seat, I mean left seat and in the UK that would be passenger seat. At least, if Renault has their wire and fusebox orientation in the same position. Introduction: For those who have broken electronic parking brake actuators...
  20. Hello + Instructions how to fix central locking problem on Renault Master

    Hi. I had problems with my central locking on Renault Master. Fob stopped working but button inside the car still worked. So I decided to fit aftermarket control unit. Hope someone might find it useful. 1) Bought it on ebay for £10 2) Opened up and removed light unit from ceiling 3)...