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  1. Clio IV 2015 1.5 DCI Fuel Filler Flap

    Hello all,just gone to put diesel in the car and I cannot open the filler flap. The car is unlocked Cannot find emergency release in boot on floor or side panel (after removing trim) Does anyone know the location of this or a probable cause of failure if not the solenoid. Any help would be much...
  2. 2014 Clio fuel flap issues.

    Hello all, I'm new here and of course have a problem and I am unsure of what category I should be posting in. So I'm sorry if this is the wrong place. My problem is my fuel flap, I got the car last week and fuelled up no problems. Yesterday I went to fill up again and it appears to be locked...
  3. Replace fuel flap Renault Clio IV

    Hi! Anyone any idea how to replace the fuel cap/flap for a Renault Clio Estate IV? When I remove 3 screws at the flap, there is still a squared part holding it in the car, where the lock meganism goes through when closing the locks. I looked from the trunk but wasn't able to find how to remove...
  4. Scenic 2 Blower flap actuator voltages???

    Hi, I was about to replace my blower flap actuator as it has the usual broken gear tooth. However now I find that there is the same unit available printed on with 13 V and 14 V instead the one I have with 11 V. Does anybody know more about this? They all have the MO30 designator on. What does...
  5. Heater Box Replacement/Recirculation Flap

    Heating & cooling
    Hi All! Sorry if this is in the wrong section, tried to post in the Megane forum, but it stated I had to post in the general first. This topic is an on going issue which I've had enough of and sent the car to a dealership in Tamworth to find out what's up. My air con blows cold on the driver...
  6. 2003 grand espace fuel flap removal

    Need to replace my fuel flap complete with inner part due to snapped hinge how do I remove it is it wheel arch liner off or does it come through the rear wing
  7. Scenic Recirculation Flap Ticking, motorised

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Just got that dash out for fixing blower issue. Just a week after we bought the car the recirculation valve started hitting the end stops (I presume). I saw similar threats for the megan here but this is likely different here, I think there are two ways this thing works, there should be end...
  8. Laguna III Fuel flap won't stay closed

    My Laguna III fuel flap won't stay closed. It sometimes jams into position... I tried a bit of WD40 but it didn't seem to do much. Its hard to work out exactly how the flap stays closed. There is a little arm to the right that lifts up and down, to the bottom right, bt its not clear to me how...
  9. Flap on back of Espace Mk 4 seats weak elastic

    Just bought a 2008 grand Espace Initiale. The large flaps on the back of most of the seats are hanging down limply. They seem to be supported on two weak elastics that are well past their best; I've tried a new stronger bit of elastic but it still tends to droop. Does the flap need to open...
  10. How to fit a new fuel flap on a 2015Clio

    Hi, I have a 2015 Clio and today I accidentally bumped the fuel flap cover whilst filling up with petrol. The cover fell off and there are four tiny bits of plastic on the actual fuel flap, that have snapped. So now i can't put the body-coloured cover back on. Renault have told me i need a whole...
  11. Laguna 2 Estate - Fuel Flap Stuck

    I have about 25 miles until my diesel runs out, and I need to do 30 miles or so tomorrow. So, I popped into my fuel station to fill up ..... and the blinkin' flap was stuck closed! AAARGGGHH!!!!! Searching this site I see that I'm by no means alone with this problem, which seems to have...
  12. Grand Scenic III Fuel Flap Solenoid Fuse

    Hi My fuel flap solenoid has stopped working on my grand scenic iii. Before I order a new solenoid I was going to check the fuse on the off chance that is was just a blown fuse and not the solenoid. Problem is...I can't figure out where the fuel flap solenoid fuse is located!! Can anyone point...
  13. Laguna III fuel cap assembly removal (not just the flap)

    The fuel filler cap on my 08 plate Laguna III would not open. but I was able to remove the trim cover and get the filler cap flap open at the petrol station by manipulating the internal latching pin inside the fuel filler cap. It looks like the moveable latch inside the flap is broken. It is...
  14. modus filler flap not opening

    I have just found that I can't refuel because the filler flap won't open. The rest of the central locking system seems to work as intended. The garage says it will be the actuator, but I can't get it to them till Thursday because I have to use the car tomorrow (Wednesday). Is there a separate...
  15. Air circulator flap & air conditioniong

    Heating & cooling
    My 2000 Renault Megane has "Circulation fan flap banging" and also the air conditioning has ceased to reach the seating area. I have had a 2nd hand compressor fitted to the air cnditioning system but it is still not cooling the air in the car. When switched on, the fan produces fresh air to the...
  16. Espace 2.2dci Swirl flap actuator

    Hi, does anybody the location of the swirl flap actuator on an 05 reg 2.2dci Espace? i have a fualt code of DF227 open/short actuator? the car also gets a flat battery when left over night (i have a drain on the battery of about 2- 3 amps when switched off and parked) it is also making a noise...
  17. Meg 3 fuel flap

    A few days ago I pulled in to get some diesel. Fuel flap wouldnt open. All the rest of the cl was fine. I went along to the main dealer where the car was bought. My extended 5 year guarantee was out by 3 days! so minimum 90 euro for a diagnostic etc etc. Would renault not contribute to costa...
  18. Fuel filler flap removal **Sorted**

    Anyone know how to remove the fuel filler flap on a mk2 Clio? I have a small amount of rust appearing at the point it is attached to the rear wing but can't work out how to remove it. I can see a coup!e of bolt heads, about 10mm but they are covered by the plastic hinge. Looked under the wheel...
  19. Grand scenic 2005 Petrol flap

    Well car went for retest monday and passed mot:d but the monkey were heavy handed and broke petrol flap hinge - unknown to me.... until i went to put petrol in:mad: now I cant 100% prove they did it, so will have to fix myself. the solenoid and rod are ok , the coloured door is ok, i'm...
  20. Renault trafic fuel flap solenoid

    Anyone know how to gain access to the trafics fuel flap solenoid ,tried taking fuel flap surround off and sliding door contact but still can't get access. Do you have to take front passenger seat out