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  1. Kangoo 1.5 dci fuel problems

    Hello I have a Kangoo 2003 1.5 dci which has 2 problems I think may be related to one fault. Firstly when climbing hills in third, fourth and fifth gear at around 2800 rpm I will get 3 lights flash on the dashboard and go off once the rpm has lowered or gear change. I do not lose any power and...
  2. 2007 Clio alarm fault - hazard lights randomly flash

    Hi everyone, I have a weird fault developed on my 2007 Clio (keyless model). I left the car in an airport long-stay car park for two weeks and on my return I opened the car with the key fob and the alarm sounded with the hazard lights flashing. I could not stop the alarm sounding and indicator...
  3. Modus indicator making brake lights flash

    When i am indicating, and then apply brakes the brake lights flash and dim. I have tested all fuses in box next to car battery and they are good. Next i removed both rear light clusters, passenger side cluster had a little rust so i cleaned it. Driver side cluster the terminal from car the...
  4. Scenic Mk2 2004 1.4 Hazard lights flash after a while whilst locked.

    Hi Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, I couldn;t find anything exactly like it though! I've just bought a 2004 Scenic Mk2 1.4l. It's bene ok for the month I've had it but since yesterday after I lock the doors the hazards start flashing. It seems random, sometimes it'll be after a couple...
  5. Main beam flash fault or not?

    I have a 2006 scenic. Should the main beam flash when you pull the stalk a little way or does it only work when you pull all way to put on main beam? Mine only works when I pull all the way so I have to click the main beam on then click it off again with a double pull when I want to flash someone.
  6. Clio hazards flash one side only.

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, My son has a 1999 Clio. I am sure this is an early Mk2 but some say it is late phase 2 Mk1. Having resolved a major and common starting issue with an immobiliser override we now have a new problem. The hazard flasher only flashes the left hand side (viewed from inside). Each side...
  7. Fuel Regulator Flash up

    Hey I was hoping someone could be of some assistance? I have a 2008 Laguna 3 2.0 dci 150. This morning driving to work the car lost power flashed up and error well really 3 errors... It told me to 'check cruise control' 'check speed limiter' and in RED 'check injection system' these wee all...
  8. Headlights flash when indicating on clio

    I just wondered if anyone has had the same problem as me with their Clio. When I indicate my headlights flash for a second and then when it automatically corrects itself after turning the headlights stay on for about 5 seconds then go off. Any ideas what the problems is?
  9. DIY Fap / Dpf delete Ecu flash help

    Hi Guys, new to this forum and new to Renault ownership! (2011 Clio 1.5 Dci Gt 88ps) I'm looking to remove the Fap / Dpf filter for improved efficiency and reliability; I understand the process of removing the filter housing cutting open chiseling out and welding up etc, and then reading the...
  10. Symonds: Williams form no flash in the pan

    Formula 1 news' success across the first half of the 2014 Formula One season will not prove fleeting. That is according to technical director Pat Symonds, who believes the team will be just as competitive after the summer break. In the opening...
  11. 2006 1.5 dci Kangoo 3 lights flash on dash under hard accereration

    Hello all, Have this van two years and running perfect. It has small mileage for the year (62,000 genuine miles as I knew previous owner). In the last few weeks the Red stop light, glow plug light and engine management light flash occasionally when accelerating hard @ approx. 3200 rpm. Lights...
  12. 2008 2.0 115 Trafic Stutters and lights flash

    Ok folks, I really hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have a 2008 Trafic with 170k on the clock, the owner before me fitted a new engine 25k ago, out of warranty now. I was driving last week and fuel was a little low, and the van stuttered as if it were running out of fuel...
  13. Dashboard Lights Flash momentarily But No Start

    My Espace 2004 Auto Petrol, had it's CAM belt broken. I took to garage who changed the belt. Now, when I enter the key in reader, nothing happens. when I pull it out all lights on dashboard flash for a second and then disappear. And Car will not start. Door opening, radio etc work fine. Please...
  14. 57 Megane - Hazards flash when ignition off

    Hi all, I've read a few threads of a similar nature but none quite fit the bill. I've a 57 plate Megane, 3dr, that has decided to intermittently flash the hazards once I turn the ignition off. The alarm isn't sounding and I can lock/unlock the doors and start the engine. I'm not getting any...
  15. Megane II fault - dash lights flash and door locks click

    Howdy Currently have the following fault in my 2006 Megane II: - all dash dials are flickering - red light at bottom of dash is flickering - warning light is flickering when key card is plugged in - car won't start, is generally unresponsive - door locks aren't locking & unlocking, but there...
  16. Scenic 1 (RX4) Indicators intermitantly flash repeatedly after car has been locked

    Please can some kind soul offer advice on this. My wife's 2000 (X reg) Scenic RX4 has a strange and worrisome problem. I started noticing a few days ago that the car was unlocked when I went to it. Odd, I thought - I'm sure I locked it and put it down to absent mindedness. This morning...
  17. Head Lights flash when im turning right

    Help got a bit of a problem with my lights whenever i turn right the head lights flash for some reason?, it only happens with no lights on or just side lights on - any ideas?
  18. 56 kangoo 1.5dci engine and stop light flash over 70 or under load

    i have bought another kangoo (glutten for punishment i know) and this one runs beautifully but when i'm driving over 70 or up hill in say 4th or under load at around 60+ i get a flashing stop light and engine light i have just backed off the accelerator and its gone away, a friend had the same...
  19. Check ignition - but no codes - part about ecu flash

    I have check ignition on 2005 laguna 1.9 dci. Also in limp mode.. Electronicly limited to about 2000 rpm. Message never goes.. On from start However when i read codes there are none. I think i have fairly advanced reader however cos it can read temp, revs etc. ADVANCED: if i flash the cpu with...
  20. Interior lights will flash when the car is running Laguna 2 GT 06´

    So, laguna inner light is dimmer flickering does not stop even if the dimmer to adjust. Does anyone have information on what could be wrong? time irritant to sit in the car with disco lights! Strobe light is a door light does not reading light, or a door / footwell lights. blinking faster when...