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  1. 56 Scenic, flat battery, key spinning. Help! **Fixed**

    I've read all the articles I can find about this, but the pictures and descriptions don't seem to match our 56 Scenic Dynamique. I just need to open the bonnet. I've taken the undertray off. Everyone says it is held by 5 x 10mm bolts - our was 3 bolt and 3 rivets. Hasn't helped. I can see right...
  2. Espace 4 1.9 Dci..... Flat Spot

    Ask the Experts
    I have a huge flat-spot at low revs and light pedal pressure but it will eventually accelerate if I wait a while. The car will not accelerate at all under heavy pedal pressure. Once it does start to accelerate there's huge amounts of black smoke. If I remove the long vacuum hose from the hose...
  3. 2005 Megane flat spot

    Help please. 2005 1.6. My car has a flat spot. When starting it you have to leave it `to sort itself out` if you give it any acceleration it will die. Even once warm, press the accelerator quickly and it still has a brief `flat spot` before it revs. I`ve checked plugs, coil packs and cleaned the...
  4. Renault master 2008 ex ambulance battery flat,suspension,door lock, electric query

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I am converting a renault master 2008 into a campervan and having a couple of issues. firstly keep finding the battery is flat. I have had the battery tested and have been told is fine, i press the battery isolator switch whenever I am not using (does this isolate the main battery as lights...
  5. Battery going flat overnight

    Hi, I've had a few problems with our 2005 Grand scenic (1.6vvt) some of which I've managed to sort out myself with help from this forum so thanks for all the assistance. Latest thing is the battery is draining over night to the point the central locking doesn't work and have to use the little...
  6. Idle -2000rpm flat

    I seem to have a flat spot in my van upto 2000rpm in 1st and 2nd..after that it's fine.It seems to over rev as I clutch between 1 & 2 but if the revs drop too far it's flat and unresponsive.I'll swap out the EGR but any other advice appreciated...thanks.
  7. Clio Battery Goes Flat

    We have a Renault Clio 1.5 Estate which we bought new in Autumn 2015. We don't use her a lot and she is sometimes left for several weeks at a time. On those occasions, but not all, when we come back to her, the battery is flat. Is there something running in the background that we're not aware of...
  8. How to get into a Clio 2003 if battery flat?

    Hello - my wife is rather concerned how you would unlock the doors manually on the renault Clio 2003 model ... because the front passenger and drivers handles/doors do not have ant keyholes! - I cant answer her question, I am intrigued too. I have seen how you get into some Renaults by...
  9. Flat Battery

    I have a Clio Dynamique 2015 Diesel. I have found the battery flat three times since I bought the car in Sept 2015 and could not find a reason, I thought it might be something to do with the lights. I took it to the garage where I purchased it and they looked it over and suggested I leave the...
  10. Cant lock my Clio with flat battery

    My Clio is 3 months old. Today it would not unlock with either card so I used the emergency key. Got in and unlocked driver and back door. Car would not start. Got out and only front passenger door locks with key. The others I've had to leave open. Phoned Renault. Not very helpful. They said my...
  11. Remote Control Keycards for Renault Clio 2006 model not working after flat battery

    I own a 2006 Renault Clio Dynamique automatic car. On Friday my car developed a problem with the "toxic fume filter system" (which I subsequently found out was due to a faulty pencil ignition coil on one of the cylinders). The car went into limp home mode on low power and didn't feel good to...
  12. 2006 Laguna Estate 2.0 135hp flat spots around 2k rpm

    Hi all, Just last week I bought a 2006 Laguna Estate, 2.0 Petrol 135Hp 77k miles, looks a clean car, recipt for a new clutch 5k miles ago and the oil filter look fairly new, service history to about 65k miles. All new brakes on it, nearly new tyres. Managed to pick it up for next to nothing...
  13. help 2014 fwd twingo flat no poor \\cuts out when cold

    help needed please i have a 2014 fwd twingo its only done 10k miles ust up graded from a pug 107 -this car is flat no power and very bad to drive when cold its been into reno cardiff they say nothing wrong ????? the pug 107 was like a 2 liter car compared to this please help seems realy hard to...
  14. Battery flat and engine making a buzzing noise when car is not running

    Hi all my first post so be kind. Bought my daughter a 2006 12cc Clio so she could learn to drive, all was OK for about a month then the battery went flat. I jump started it and it run fine but next day flat battery again. Into my garage and onto the battery charger. The next day I went out to...
  15. Jump start even battery is not flat.

    Hi all My Clio 3 dCi battery does start the car but takes few seconds. ( not straight away). We got another car which has a good fully charged battery on it. Question is even the clio's battery is not flat can I jump start the clio from the car which got good battery in order to see if clio...
  16. Renault scenic2/ flat battery/ emergency key won't work/ please help!

    My 04 scenic 2's battery went flat, the emergency key for the passenger's door just goes 360 without doing it's job...a bit desperate here as don't want to smash anything to go in...any suggestions, I beg of you?:(
  17. Lighting fault when running after flat battery

    Hi, First time on this forum, so hi; I hope you can come to my rescue. To cut a long story short returned to my clio 172 this evening. I turned it on as normal and then took a phone call, just before I hung my call up. I noticed the lights dip and then die and then the car would not start -...
  18. 2003 1.2 16v Clio - flat spot and wheeze

    Today,whilst driving from cold, my sons Clio temporarily lost power, spluttered and then recovered but felt a bit flat on initial acceleration. Back home we've checked it out and it starts fine and idles smoothly but on acceleration the engine briefly flat spots whilst a short wheezing sound is...
  19. Scenic 1.5 dci will not start after a flat battery

    Hi all I have not used my 1.5dci 2004 grand scenic for a long time, the battery was flat so I removed it and fully charged it up the battery is only approx 8 months old, when I connected battery and tried to start the car it just for a split second try's to turn over then gives up you then have...
  20. battery flat, emergency key doesnt work.

    hi my Renault megane is ready for the scrap yard as the clutch and gearbox has gone and too much to repair. battery is flat so I cant unlock it using the card and the emergency key wont work in the passenger door lock (only one) any one know another way I can get into it? would like to avoid...