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  1. Clio won't start and now won't stop!!

    Ask the Experts
    Hello everyone I'm new here My Clio dynamique medianav 2013 wouldn't start so I managed to use jump leads to start it back up and it's been fine for 3 days but again isn't coming on I've tried using jump leads again but its not working this time but now I have the problem where the lights won't...
  2. Location of coolant temperature sensor / Engine management light flickering

    Hello, I have a 2007 Renault Trafic van. When the van is idling everything is fine. When I drive the van everything is fine, temperature gauge is half way as normal but every couple seconds the STOP light and the red engine management light comes on flashes off and repeats. Flickering. To me it...
  3. Clio MK3 2006 Side headlights flickering

    I have a 2006 MK3 Clio and when i drive at night the side lights flicker. They only seem to do it at lower speed or when idle. There was a growling noise from the alternator and all signs led the problem to be the alternator. However, i had a new alternator put in and the lights still flicker...
  4. 08 Clio 1.2 Main Beam "flickering"

    Hi all, New to this site and happy to be here! :) I am looking for a bit of help regarding my 08 plate, 1.2 Clio Freeway Main Beam lights. I noticed last week that when I try to switch to my main beamed lights, the lights flicker on and off within the dash (green to blue then back to...
  5. Clicking noise around glovebox when starting car, flickering lights

    I bought a 2004 1.2 Renault Clio Dynamique 2 days ago, it had a dead battery probably due to it sitting for months. Jump started it, left it running, drove back home and all was fine. Then i started noticing a quick clicking noise coming from the glove box area when starting the car and shortly...
  6. Temp Gauge Low and Flickering

    Heating & cooling
    This may help other Clio owners. Clio Mk 111, 1.2 16v. Temp gauge (the vertical bar type), Normally showing four bars when hot, then went to only showing two, and ocasionally flicked up to four, and then back to two, but then (over a few days) stuck on two bars when hot. Used software to see...
  7. Clio 1 D flickering temp warning light

    Hi As above, Clio 1 D 1992 temp warning light flickers intermittently even immediately after start from cold. Dodgy sender perhaps? I hope so...Plenty of water, no leaks etc etc Any other thoughts anyone? Thanks R
  8. Kangoo 2005 dashboard illumination lights flickering

    The dash illumination back lights for the rev. counter and speedo on my 2005 Kangoo are not working correctly when the engine is running. Here is what I have found out so far: 0) The rear lights, brake lights, side lights and headlights work correctly. 1) With the ignition key half-turned and...
  9. megane scenic 1.6 flickering engine management and stop light

    got a 2000 megane scenic 1.6 which has a intermitant starting fault and when it don't start it has a flickering engine management and stop light and the three black little relays under bonnet click like mad has any one got any ideas what i should be looking at? battery is good runs fine when...
  10. Clio 1.4 mk2 head lights flickering

    Hi My headlights have started flickering and my interior light and radio now doesn't work. Does anyone know what it is and or know how to fix Thanks.
  11. Brake light and stop light flickering

    Hi guys new to forum, I'm having trouble with my 02 Clio 1.5dci I changed the dipped beam headlight yesterday. But today the brake light and stop light and flickering on and off and low revs along with the beam it self slightly flickering? Any help would be appreciated many thanks Jon
  12. electronic fault light flickering on dash

    So my electronic fault light is flickering now and again . and when it does stay on i rev engine and it dissapears again . Car drives fine ! Possible issue ? ? ?
  13. Flickering dash lights and car won't start

    Hi guys, This strange problem with my DCi has recently started happening. When I attempt to start the car after waiting for the glow plug light to go out, the lights on my dash start flickering and all I hear is a relay click when I try to start it. I've tried locking/unlocking the car which...
  14. Laguna II 2.2 dCi radio display flickering

    Hi! I have this problem for a few years already and I'm sick of it. The radio display (this thing$_57.JPG) is changing mood from flickering , to white screen only. I figured out that this effect is triggered by the temperature , and it...
  15. handbrake and stop light flickering

    hi all not sure if im posting in the correct place.appologies if not.i have a 2002 mk2 clio 1.2 with very few issues but the dashboard handbrake and stop light come on intermitently while driving with the handbrake off. both lights at the same time.sometimes its just a flickering.any advice much...
  16. Spanner light (DIM AND FLICKERING) and fuel injection/gearbox light

    Hi all, I current share the use of a Renault Twingo Extreme 2009/10 1.2 Petrol. Back story: So tonight I was driving back from the mc donalds drive thru to see these two symbols on the dash slightly dim (like a torch running out of battery that kinda brightness) I didnt think nothing of it...
  17. Laguna II 2004 - STOP and battery lights flickering

    Hello All, Hopefully this is a simple/quick fix. I've had a look through the forum list and I can't seem to find anything similar. My Laguna II has developed a problem with the 'STOP' and battery lights flickering together. It started a few months ago when on acceleration getting to about...
  18. Battery & Mist light on dash flickering when parked - Megane 2003

    Hi all :) I have a little problem when my Megane is parked, normally only the immobiliser is meant to flicker, but I also have the battery and mist LED flickering. Any idea what this could be? When the car starts it disappears and all is ok. I was at a Renault garage and they said its...
  19. 1.6 RXE - Cleaned TB now AUTO light flickering on/off occasionally?

    As above really. The AUTO warning light flickers on/off for less than half a second occasionally. Doesn't sound bad, idles well etc. Dodgy electrics maybe? The STOP and (!) light also stay on for about 30 seconds after driving from start, but soon flicker off, so assume it's a faulty...
  20. Flickering xenon lights when off

    :devil:Hi this my first post and I hope someone can help. I have a laguna 2 54 plate with xenon headlight which work great but when I turn them off both headlights flash rapidly like a strobe light I can take the card out lock up the car and they still flash/flicker, I am having to take out the...