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    I was driving last night and my vehicle just stopped working First the acceleration went, then the braking and then the steering seized Breakdown came out and tested battery saying all was well - even fitted a new one and the engine wouldn't fire enough to start The bizarre thing about the...
  2. General Chat
    From todays Daily Mail If you get the opportunity to see the Vulcan in flight you will never forget it :d Unfortunately I doubt it will be doing any acrobatic manouevres as it use to in the old air...
  3. YouTube
  4. General Chat
    For anyone interested Solar 2 as taken off on the first leg of it's round the world solar powered flight from Abu Dhabi and is now heading down The Gulf of Oman, it can be tracked on line it's reg number HB-SIB. This should work. but only when it is in range of a receiving station...
  5. YouTube
    Not a Utube Vid, but an amazing Plane though. I love to hear those engines howl 5.30m in
  6. General Chat
    Harrier's Fly past over Downing Street on their way to the scrapyard, might have to screw up your eyes to see it !
  7. General Chat
    BTW There's a known problem with this app and MS IE ATM I've moved over for a while to Chrome Is this for real? Locate a plane, aprrox every 2 mins it repositions itself. I watched it tonight and seen planes move into out area, I've gone outside and heard...
  8. Cars & motoring
    Just wondered if the recent volcanic ash flight delays have caused any delay in getting more obscure Renault parts over from France or would they normally come via road freight?
  9. Non-motoring news
    Boeings new all carbon fibre airliner is about to take off on it's maiden flight For any aircraft enthusiasts on the forum coverage can be seen here
  10. YouTube
    Dr. Who, Dinosaurs, James Bond, Star Wars and an X-wing concorde. What's not to like?
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