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  1. Renault Megane 3 (Fluence) Inertia switch

    I had an accident and air bags activated and my Renault Fluence (2015) did not started. Does it inertia switch problem? And where is it located?
  2. Fluence goes into Limp Mode when Brake and Accelerator Pedals pressed at same time

    I have a question that I'm hoping some knowledgeable person on here will be able to answer. I'm looking for information on how the Stall Test is carried out on the Automatic Gearbox of a Renault Fluence. The standard safe method of doing this test is to put blocks under the wheels, apply the...
  3. Fluence .. Weird connection between the Heater Fan and Cigar Lighter

    Heating & cooling
    Renault Fluence Dynamique 1.5 dCi 110 Automatic I bought my Fluence a few months ago and I have to say it's been an experience so far. I'll start with the smallest issue first. Has anyone else on here come across the AC/Heater Fan coming on when you plug your phone into the Cigar Lighter...
  4. Fluence 1.5Dci throttle issue

    Hi all, love this forum, thanks for all your help! But I need more help! My fluence throttle is acting like it has a stiff throttle cable (I know it doesn't have one!!) and it's holding revs up after foot lift off pedal. The DTCs are as follows DTC 0226F1 DTC 0226F2 DTC 1525F3 Is it the...
  5. Renault fluence 1.5dci engine failure warning

    I have recently bought a fluence 1.5dci 2014 from a main dealer. 35,000 miles on the clock. Have covered roughly 600 miles in the car. This morning while driving low speed the car juddered and stopped. The yellow engine management, the esp ligth and stop failure hazard warning lit up on the...
  6. Fluence Temperature Guage

    I have a 12 fluence 1.5 DCI,and the temperature guage in the dash registers one bar only when up to operating temperature.Is this the normal reading or is something amiss(as an aside,it seems to be drinking fuel)
  7. Fluence 2014 Tdi - engine Failure HAZARD every Drive randomally for the past 3 years

    so i got the fluence from my uncle cus he got new car the Engline FAILURE HAZARD comes so much times like every drive out side the city on my way to work - and sometimes i already know when it gonna appear-example when i on 100kmh and leave the gas after 15 seconds it appeard and its feels...
  8. Fluence 1.5 DCI Humming/whistling sound

    Hi everyone, Finally I sold my TSI Octavia and not sure if I did good but I bought a 2 year old Fluence 1.5 DCI 110 HP. She has around 68k kilometers (40k miles) on the clock. The card had some small hit on the back bumper and 3 parts were painted due to scratches ( all was done in authorized...
  9. Renault Fluence (2011) back windows not operating after disengaging childlock

    Hi guys, I own a 2011 (typo on title cant edit) Renault Fluence that has issues with the back windows. A while back the childlock was engaged and when i disengaged it the windows havent worked since. I've scoured the web with no mention of this happening to anyone else (to this model). Any help...
  10. Fluence 2.0 2013 rhd

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, i was doing oil change yesterday and couldn't locate the cabin air filter. I removed the globe box amd the cover below the steering wheel.
  11. Renault Fluence 2014 "Check auto gearbox"

    I have a renault fluence 2014 ( Renault Samsung sm3 ) with a 1.6 liter petrol engine and CVT transmission . It frequently keeps showing " Check auto gearbox " with out any warning lights and it goes off when I restart the engine but sometimes it is accompanied by the check engine light and the...
  12. Fluence Radiator warranty issue

    General Chat
    Hi everyone I'm new to this forum but i need some advice on how to resolve an issue I'm having with my Renault Dealership. I booked my 2012 Renault Fluence in for a Service plus a leaky Radiator to be Replaced under Warranty. My 5 years Warranty was due to expire on 01-11-17 so as soon as I saw...
  13. "Check anti polution system" light on in Renault fluence 1.5 dci 2011

    I recently had the "check anti pollution system" light off by a renault service staff. The car seems to work normally. The light turns on about every 5 months. One of the fuel injectors appears almost constantly when the liht is on.In the same time I need to make a trip 3.000 kilometers long...
  14. Fluence 2013 "Check parking brake message"

    Hey guys, I Drive today from my work to my home and when I parked the car I pull up the automated handbrake and since then the message on the title appears,the electric handbrake works as usual but the message is still appears, any suggestions what can I do? maybe reset the there is a way to...
  15. Fluence 2013 2.0 CVT

    Hey guys, How are you? I have a question,i have Renault Fluence 2013 2.0 liters and CVT transmission, I read in some posts that this gearbox(Jatco) is not so goods I want to ask you..witch version of Jatco I have in my car(I think its JATCO JF011E but I'm not sure) and did some one have/had...
  16. Renault Fluence 2013 rpm gauge working but without light

    Hey guys, Very nice forum you have here...:) My RPM gauge is not fully highlighted,somtime is fully highlighted and sometimes not, someone know how to fix it?? Please watch the attaches picture, the car is Renault fluence 2013 2.0 engine. Thanks, Ziv
  17. Renault Fluence 2012 AT oil

    Dear All, I own Renault Fluence 2012 AT, 82000 km. the manufacture never advise for AT oil replacement and i am afraid to damage the gearbox in case the oil has lost its viscosity. The authorized service center also advise that the tiny metal parts in the old oil are healthy for the gears...
  18. P2263 error in Renault fluence 1.5 DCI

    Dear All, I've recently bought a Renault fluence 1.5 DCI 2012 car that has made 170000 km so far. The engine failure hazard accompanied with STOP and maintenance lights popped on the car dashboard. the car was tested for error codes, first I got the P0299 error code which has changed to P2263...
  19. Renault fluence 2013,gearbox issue

    I have a renault fluence 2013 and i have a problem with the gearbox,automatic, when it shifts from 1 to 2 there's a vibration anyone knows how to fix this
  20. New Member Fluence owner - H1!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, I'm John and own a Renault Fluence1.5 DCI 110 TomTom ES. Glad to be a member but cannot find reference to my model anywhere! Cheers,. Will still contribute where I can.