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  1. Lost my only key!! Clio RipCurl 2007

    Hi guys, Firstly, apologies, as I know there is definitely threads on this already, but I cannot work out how to search for them. When I use the search box in the top right, it just searches Google! I've also had a look at the sticky thread, but there is 101 pages and they are not specific to...
  2. Grand Modus Driver Door Won't Lock Using Fob (but does from within)

    Hey (tried posting in the correct area but it won't allow me) I have just purchased a Grand Modus with 82,000 2008 model with the 1.2 TCE engine. The problem is, the driver door won't lock with the fob however does lock when sitting inside and using the dash button to lock the doors. Tested...
  3. 1999 Megane Key fob reprogramming

    1999 Megane Convertible ...Bought a blank key and fob on ebay and followed instructions on tinternet to reprogram it...didn't work so rang local locksmith to get price for reprogeamming the fob...They reckon that the fob is a one-off program and cannot be done a second time.... Can anybody...
  4. Key fob replacement

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    I need to replace the casing for my key can find plenty for the newer model but not mine it's a 2003 trafic anyone able to point me in right direction please
  5. Non-start/no key fob reaction after battery disconnection/reconnection - with video

    Hi, Couple of days ago, I noticed my fuel gauge may been playing up a bit, so I thought "disconnect the battery, reconnect in a few mins and see what happens". However, reconnected it back up and all I'm getting is a constant clicking noise, sounds like its coming centrally (ECU?). So I...
  6. Kangoo key fob issue

    Hi guys had to get a new key fob for my van beacause the rubber bit inside was worn and was jamming the switch , the new blank fob that came had no metal holder for the battery so when i put it togeather the fob would not work... I put abit of tin foil in the back and it then worked can i ask...
  7. Key fob interference?

    I have a mark 2 Clio. I went round to my dad's this morning and the fob stopped working. Luckily I leave the spare with my dad in case of an emergency so I asked him to bring it out thinking the battery had gone. He told me his mark 1 Clio did the same this morning, got my spare fob and it still...
  8. clio 2015 fob slot

    Trying to retrieve the metal key part of my fob that has fallen behind the slot in the dashboard after my son put the card in the wrong way. How do I remove the trim from around the start button without damaging it? Thanks
  9. 1. Renault master fob resynchronizing not working. 2. Alarm goes off randomly.

    Mk2 Renault master lwb 58 reg Thought i would put two posts in one as they both are alarm related 1st issue, When i bought the van only one central locking fob was working as the other had a broken micro switch, i have fitted a new switch and a new battery but the method below is not...
  10. key fob not working

    iv'e just changed the battery in the remote key fob, now its not operating the central locking. does the key need to be reprogrammed to the car? if so how is it done?
  11. Unlock Button Feels Stiff On Key Fob?

    All the other buttons have a healthy click when pressed, apart from 'unlock'. I have to give it a fair squeeze for it to work. Any ideas? Fob is for a MKIII Megane. Thank you.
  12. 2007 Kangoo key fob query

    I have just purchased an adapted 2007 Kangoo (I’m disabled). There is only one original key fob and it currently only opens my drivers door. I have a separate fob that operates my tailgate and wheelchair ramp. My question is, should that original fob open the passenger and side door as well...
  13. Broken car fob **Fixed**

    Alright? The problem is, the electric locking button on my fob is broken and doesn't lock. They've said it'll take 5 days to get a new one sorted after paying. My issue is, how am I meant to lock the doors?? I'm meant to leave my car unlocked for 5 days until my new fob is sorted!!! Any advice...
  14. Tailgate/boot will not unlock with FOB

    Dear Experts, I'm having a bit of a problem with my Renault Clio Mk3. I can no longer use the FOB to unlock the trunk/boot. I have dismantled the lock and tested both the motor and mechanism by using a 7V external battery and they are both functional. I have tested the power to the motor with...
  15. 2005 grand scenic alarm/key fob problem

    Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help me. I went to get in my '05 grand scenic this morning and my key fob wouldn't work. I thought maybe it was the battery so changed it. It made no difference. I walked my children to school and when I came back I tried again. While I was pressing the...
  16. Intermittent SRS light - Key Fob ?

    Yeah I bought a car with a noted intermittent SRS warning light thinking it could be the wires under the seat of which still had the original connectors and yes i do aim to hardwire those at some point to eliminate a future fault, but I have been watching this intermittent SRS problem and I am...
  17. Clio III Fob issues

    Hi all, My daughter has a 57 plate Clio with a 3 button RF key fob. One of the microswitches (unlock) came off the circuit board, but she could still operate the other two (lock and boot). I replaced the microswitch, but now the key fob does not operate at all. I'm guessing that the fob may...
  18. Key fob

    can anyone tell me if it's possible to get a key fob case with this number 101546 B for nissan primastar traffic ect
  19. twingo key fob needs reprogramming

    I have a 1996 original left-hand drive Twingo with central locking system. Unfortunately the red flashing light has disappeared from the dashboard, and pressing the middle of the key doesn't do anything at all (I checked the battery, it's good). Instead, the injection light flashes when I turn...
  20. Renault kangoo key fob not working van door locking **Fixed**

    Hello there guys About a year ago my central locking stopped working on my kangoo van D65 2002 , i have replaced both door latches and also the rear door latch and now when i press the central column button all the doors lock and unlock however i cant get them to work from pressing the key...