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  1. scenic fog lights relay?

    hello every one could any of you tell me where i might find the foglight relay and or the power supply plug that goes from the car loom to the foglight loom ?? the car is a scenic 1.9 dti rt rhanks guys for any help rob cole :d
  2. Cracked Fog light - MOT Failure ?

    Cars & motoring
    Hey guys (Happy new year btw), When I had my car washed the other day I noticed that one of my fog lights is cracked quite badly :steam: but its still working :) Anyway, question is, is this an MOT failure ? The car has just had an MOT (Im sure the fog light wasnt cracked before the MOT)...
  3. Fog Lamps

    Exterior styling
    I am after grills / mesh to cover the low fog lamps on the front of my Scenic. Anyone come across these on their travels?
  4. rear fog light showing when braking

    i need help dunno whats got into my car!! i notice when i brake the rear fog light blub on dash shows up but i not got them on, sometimes when i have my lights on it lights up when i in indicator. i have noticed when i am braking and the fog light shows up on dash board my brake lights slight...
  5. front fog lamps

    hello all,i am new to this forum. i have just gone from a fiat seicento to a grand espace, slightly more leg room!! the car was advertised as having front fogs but looks like blanking plates have been fitted. when turning the light stick it lights up front fogs on the dash. does this mean the...
  6. rear fog light

    Hi everyone, hope you can help. My 02 megane has just failed its MOT due to a non working rear fog light. :( The garage changed the bulb but suprise, suprise no joy. there is no power to the bulb even the warning light shines on the dash. They spoke to Renault technical who said the rear...
  7. Fitting Fog Lights

    Hi Im thinking of buying a set of Renault fog lights for my Scenic I , they are a Renault part and the set comes complete with wiring and stalks relay etc .. I was just wondering if this would be a easy job , I would assume maybe there would already be some wiring for them in the loom cluster ...
  8. Changing active rear fog light 2005 Scenic

    I am importing my UK model Grand Scenic to Sweden and, as is normal for the UK, only the right rear fog light works. In Sweden they want the left fog light to work (or both). Is there a fuse or connector which needs to be changed to get the left fog light to work? Or is getting it to work going...
  9. Scenic - Fog light Stalk

    Hiya All Can anyone help, i now realised that the lighting stalk is the incorrect one. I have fog lights at the front, but the stalk does not show the icon to use it, i have tried everything, so off i went to a local dealer who advised what ever has happed in the past with this car, the wrong...
  10. Mk1 Ph1 Front fog light relay - identify/replace

    I have an R-reg Mk1Ph1 Laguna. I am trying to identify the front fog light relay so I can replace it. Can anyone help me find it? I have 5 relays on the bottom side of the relay-board behind the footwell fusebox (3 purple, 2 brown) and swapping matching relays has not helped. There are few on...
  11. Fog light 'popped out'

    OK, total newbie to this car (54 plate DCi) and I need to fix a problem quick with MOT in a couple of days. The front nearside fog lamp has taken a knock. The lamp itself isn't broken but it's been pushed back out of the mount in the bumper. Stupid question - do I have to take the whole bumper...
  12. No power to fog light

    I own a 98 Renault Scenic Megane which recently failed MOT for a number of small things. I've fixed everything except for one problem which is that the fog light isn't working. The fuse is fine, the bulb is fine so it appears there's no power getting to it. Any suggestions?
  13. Rear fog lights

    I've an 04 Grand Scenic. Usually I just check the rear & brake lights regularly, but last time I checked the fog lights too. It would appear that only the offside rear fog light is wired up, even though there's a bulb in the near side too. Any one here tried to connect the near side bulb or...
  14. Clio - Fog Lights not working * FIXED *

    My 98 1.2 RN Clio is just coming up for MOT. Tested the rear fog light(s) only to find that it/they had stopped working - No problems previously. Bulb is OK but no power is getting to that part of the rear light cluster although all of the other lights in the cluster are working. In the...
  15. Scenic - Fog Lights - Bulb Replacement

    :mad: Hi Everybody - I am new to this kind of thing.So hear goes,could anybody out there in cyber space please tell me how to change the front fog light bulbs on my 2000 Scenic.The Haynes Bible informs you to take it to your local friendly renault garage(I think not). Please help Regards to you all
  16. Alize rear fog lights

    Hi all, does anyone know if this model has both rear fog lights wired, or is it just the O/S? Many thanks Chris.
  17. Front fog light bulb replacement

    Cant seem to see how I can replace front fog light bulb on my 2000 Rx4. Looks like maybe I will have to take off front bumper but hopefully I may be missing something. Any help much appreciated.
  18. Renault - Megane - Fog Light Question

    hi, just getting my 53 megane rady for MOT sounds daft but i only have one working rear fog light, driverside. is this right??
  19. Fog lamp housing part

    Hey every1. My brother has got a Renault clio Mrk 2 phase 2 (01-05). He hit a fox a couple of weeks back. The only damage he got to his car was the fog lamp. The fog lamp is fine its just the plastic housing that goes around it that has broken. Im just seeing if anyone knows where i can get hold...
  20. Renault Scenic 2002 Fog Lights

    I drove through flood water the other day and the front fog lamps of my 02 Scenic filled with water. Some is still inside and causing misting. Can anyone help me with guidance on how to remove them to dry them out? I have tried removing the screw underneath which loosens the lamps, but cannot...