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  1. Scenic Mk2 Rear Fog Lights

    Hi all Anyone know if its possible to have both rear fog lights on. The bulbs are there but only one works.
  2. Search for the Angel Fog Lamp's

    Has anyone seen any Angel Fog lamp's anywhere for the lag. These would look awsome... :cool:
  3. Clio Front Fog Lights

    Hi, My front fog lights aren't working, i've tried the fuse box and replacing the bulbs but still not working anybody any ideas?
  4. Laguna front fog light

    Hi Everyone I have a Laguna alize 1999 V plate. My passenger side fog light bulb has blown,I have had a look but I dont know how to get at it. There seems to be a long plastic cover underneath do I have to remove this? I would be very grateful if anyone could give some advice.
  5. 2002 Laguna O/S Fog Lamp Change

    Just after a bit of help / advice on changing out the drivers fog light as i can't see how it comes out plus there's no room to work with the bumper on. I can't see how the bumper comes off either - anyone done this job before ?
  6. Scenic rear fog lights.

    2004 Renault Scenic Expression 1.6 - 24000 miles purchased 4 weeks ago and has been back 3 times already - booked in again next week for brakes and exhaust to be repaired Checked my lights before setting off on a long night journey and found the nearside rear fog light wasn't working. I took...
  7. Renault scenic 2003 Front Fog light not working.

    Cars & motoring
    I have a Renault Scenic 1.6 Fidji and the front fog light passenger side isn't working. :( I thought this was the bulb so off i went to the Renault dealer to find the part. The first thing that the parts guy said was, "are you sure its the bulb and have you tried the bulb from the working light...
  8. Renault Clio Mk2 1999 Foglight installation

    foglights on a clio any help appreciated Hi all to start with i would just like to say i am not one of those people who drive with their fog lights on when its not needed! I recently got some foglights for my 1998 clio (S reg). i have put them on but without wiring them (just to look cool) i...
  9. scenic front fog lights?

    hi all i have a 2001 scenic expression + 1.9 dci and am trying to fit fog lights on the front i have fitted the actual lights in the bumper,new switch with both fog light settings fitted cable from fog to fog and left with bit of cable with plug on it but cannot find where it fits into anywhere...
  10. laguna p reg 1.8 sport front fog lights

    does anyone know how to turn the front sport lights on under the bumper ive had the car now over a week and i dont know where the switch is to turn them on thanks p.s its a renult laguna 1.8 RT sport model 1996 p reg
  11. Retro fitting fog lights to a Renault Laguna

    I started this issue on my welcome thread - but as I now am up to 20 or so threads seems unfair to go in the welcome bit. I will copy and paste the relevant stuff. I have laguna 2.0 rt 1994 - so bought new light stalk with fog light switch. problem is Lagdti kindly replied I have checked with...
  12. Clio 2005 Fog Lamp

    I have to change the drivers side fog lamp on my Clio, but i cannot see a straightforward way of getting to it and the owners manual is as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Any help of info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. renault laguna I (phase 2) 1998 - fog light switch interchangeability

    Hi Please could anybody tell me if the phase 1 laguna 94-98 and the phase 2 98-01 fog light,indicator switches are the same i have fitted renault front fog lights and changed the stalk which i bought off e bay but the one i fitted will not work the headlights or front foglights every thing else...
  14. Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Electronics - MOT / Fog Lights

    Hi... I've got an MOT due in a couple of weeks, but one of my front fog lights has a cracked lens - does this count as an MOT failure? Renault charge £70 for the part alone... B
  15. Espace/Laguna fog light units

    Anyone know the cheapest place to buy a fog light unit for my 2004 MY Espace? I gather they are the same as the laguna one. I have had a stone smash the lens cover and Renault want.... > > > > > > £71.05 for a replacement one!!!! :steam: :steam:
  16. Front Fog lights

    Hi. Have a 1600 2000reg scenic, It come out the factory without any front fog lamps, was wondering if anyone knows if all the wiring etc would be there and if it is just a case of buying the lamps and possibly a on/off switch and fitting them into the two holes in the bumper? Unlikely, but worth...
  17. Renault Clio - Bodywork - How to - Fog light kit - Clio 2000 - 2004

    just fitted foglights to my clio and got the light stalk with the two settings on it, so where is the wiring, what fuse is it, and where are the relay(s) fitted/ located