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  1. Clio foglights not working

    Hi, I recently purchased a 2004 Clio 182 2.0 16v. My front fog lights no longer work. I have checked to make sure all wiring is plugged in and bulbs aren’t blown. Fuse isn’t blown either. The rear fog works fine. When I turn the switch for the front fogs (headlights set to on) there is no...
  2. Which Foglights?

    Hi, my Foglights have gone on my 1.2 clio campus sport, managed to get them out and while having a look for new ones I noticed they sell a halogen version of the bulb and was wondering if I'm better off buying them instead of the same original ones? Will the battery struggle to power them since...
  3. Have you seen the new Clio RS foglights?

    General Chat
    Hello! Have any of you Renault fans seen the new fogligts on the new Clio RS?? Those are seriously so god damn sexy! As you can see the they're made like the RS logo! It's not even right to call them foglights because it's a total of 11 LED's in three different lamps. It's used as day...
  4. Laguna 3 rear foglights

    Hi, I have a weird problem with my rear foglights. When I turn them on they foglight indicator on the dashboard comes on for 1 second and goes off. It stays off until I turn the engine off and back on again and then it will do the same again. It did this for a while but now turning them on does...
  5. Clio existing foglights wiring carrier and connector problem

    2005 mk2 Clio extreme. Car suffered accident due to large water bottle flying off back of a lorry (empty but travelling at 70mph so ouch!) on the M1. Result was a n/s broken foglight carrier. The foglight is OK. This is now glued but incomplete but I need to try to find a replacement, does...
  6. Clio 2002 Front Foglights, Wiring and Indicator Stalk

    For sale
    For sale is a pair of renault clio mk2 2001-2005 front fog lights, wiring loom and indicator stalk. Taken from a 2002 clio. Used but in full working order. Some road rash to glass as expected from a used item. You will get a left and right side foglight and the wiring loom to connect...
  7. Front Foglights

    Hi Guys Two threads in one day :eek: First off sorry if this one has been discussed before. Trust me I have been searching the forum for a little while. Basically the Front foglights on my 2006 Clio (That's an MK3) have suddenly stopped working. I've a feeling what might of caused it, My...
  8. front foglights

  9. rear foglights no longer work after new stalk switch

    i have recently changed the indicator stalk in my laguna 2 dci as the old stalk didnt switch off after indicating, and i have fitted one from a higher spec model as i will be adding front foglights this week (the wiring plugs are already there behind the bumper grille). currently i only have...
  10. HELP! Megane mk2 reverse lights & foglights not working!

    Hi Guys, Go easy on me im new to this and havent got great mechanical knowledge! My reversing lights and rear foglights are not working have tryed the bulbs but its not that??? The Tail lights/indicators/brake lights all work fine. Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated!!! Thanks
  11. Megane III foglights

    The manual for my megane says it has to go to the dealers to have the foglight bulbs changed because the bumper has to be removed - are they being serious??? :eek:
  12. Renault Clio 2 - Front Foglights Not Working*FIXED*

    hi I was trying to find the fault on my clio 1.5 dci the front fog lights don't come on! bulbs good checked all relays but it appears on 2001 models like mine upto 2005 they don't have foglight relays its all in a black box behind the fuse box behind the glove box where the old relay box use to...
  13. Renault Megane 1 - Front Foglights

    Hi, I have a 2001 Megane cabriolet, I have tried to switch on the front fog lights with lights in different position i.e dip/main beam etc and the only way they will work is when I pull the stalk back(headlight flash)but as soon as I let go fog lights go of again rear fogs ok tell tale light on...
  14. espace front foglights

    Hi guys , Front fog light not working on 2001 race espace .no dash warning light either showing. Have check fuse in main fusebox pass side,that ok. Is there another fuse hiding some where . Also from head lghts washer not working might be related ? Any thought Glenn
  15. Clio Foglights - Fitting

    Hi new to this forum so hopefully iv posted in the right place. iv got a clio 1.2 authentique phase 2 and have started to mod. i purchased some foglights and fitting kit from ebay the other day bt seem to be struggling on where to start. the fitting kit has been supplied with the...
  16. service light on

    :confused:I have a problem with my 2005 Renault Clio. The seatbelt and airbag signs have come on and remain on. the car is also impossible to start at times and at other times springs into life. the display panel is giving trouble, the foglights come on when i indicate and the indicators seem to...
  17. 03 Clio - Installing foglights and trip computer

    I have a 2003 Clio 1.5 dCi 80 expression, and I also have two questions... 1) Can you fit fog lights onto a car which has body coloured caps covering covering where they should go. What would be involved in installing, ie do you think they fit the same cables or will I have to do some rewiring...
  18. Rear Foglights

    I've always liked the look of twin rear fog lights on some vehicles - On my Mk2 Ph1 Clio RT I know that only the drivers side (Offside) rear foglight is connected (I've already checked the Haynes Manual Wiring Diagrams) , but I was wondering if there was any easy way of getting the other rear...
  19. Foglights: Do you use them responsibly?

    Night after night I am blinded by other drivers needlessly using their foglights when there is no fog. Most drivers seem to think the vehicle looks 'cool' with the fog lights turned on without realising that it's dangerous to the oncoming traffic. So, my question is, do you or have you ever...
  20. Renault Clio 2 - Front Foglights Not Working

    Hi, was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to why my front foglights on my clio2 do not work? I have replaced all the bulbs and the relevant fuses - i've noticed that when I use the stalk to switch the foglights on the light doesn't illuminate on my dashboard either, but it does for my...