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  1. Ford

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Great news for Ford drivers ...dealers are giving out free dogs to owners to allow them a companion to walk home with>:)
  2. ford fiesta coolant leak **Now Sorted**

    Other makes
    hi all. right the other night just as i arrived home from a drive to my local supermarket ( with the sent of smelly eggs) steam just started to come through the vents out of the bonnet and coolant all over the floor this explains the smell. Now i have identified the problem it is a pipe for the...
  3. Ford Focus C-max

    Cars & motoring
    My son is going to view a 2006 Ford Focus C-max 1.6 litre. Having no experince of this model can anyone offer advice? Positive and negative opinions are both welcome.
  4. Ford Ka Gearbox Gasket

    Other makes
    Hi Guys Hoping some of you may have some experience with the Ka that may be able to offer some insight. So my gearbox is leaking oil, its the plate right on the end. Ive got a new gasket and looking at it seems simple to replace. However i forgot about the power-steering pipes which go round...
  5. Renault and ford to build a new car for women..

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    This car is strictly for the female gender..
  6. New 2016 Ford "Hybrid"

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    Renault and Ford have joined forces to create the perfect small car for women. Mixing the Renault 'Clio' and the Ford 'Taurus' they have designed the ' Clitaurus '. It comes in pink, and although the exterior appearance might vary, they're all pink on the inside. The average male car thief...
  7. Ford Focus CMax open tailgate

    Other makes
    Hi all My friends Focus CMax's tailgate won't open. The remote fob is broken and the switch on the boot has stopped working. The fob is a separate issue and has never worked but the button on the tailgate has recently stopped working. So my question do any of you fine people know how to get...
  8. Microsoft -v- Ford

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Windows vs Ford For all of us who feel only the deepest love and affection for the way computers have enhanced our lives, read on:- At a recent computer expo. Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated, "If Ford had kept up with technology like the...
  9. Ford focus 3 cylinder 125

    Other makes
    OH's 12 year old focus dying. Clutch thrust bearing grumbling and getting louder. I've found her a 1 year old focus with new fangled engine. Looks good on paper and she'll warranty it but anyone have any info on it? She tends to run car until it dies.... Ta, Dave
  10. Factory Holden Adventra wagon wheels on Ford Futura wagon

    Other makes
    this is for users in australiasia. there are holden factory wheels out there that have an unusual style they are almost covered over completely with metal but with a few small gaps cut in. where can i find them i have seen them on a 2006 holden adventra but would like to buy them and put them...
  11. Any ford experts in the house?

    My cousin recently bought a 96 escort with 1.8 engine or so he thought, he has been having problems with the head gasket, so guess who got asked to help, as it turns out it has a 1.8 cylinderhead with a 2.0 block and fitted with a 1.8 head gasket. My question will a 2.0 gasket seal correctly on...
  12. Early Ford KA

    Cars & motoring
    My friends Fiat Punto has been certified for the scrap yard on high, head gasket apparently shot, radiator p!SSing out, plenty of warning light on the dash, & an MOT less than a month away, so it's RIP Any she's now set her eye's on early Ford KAs model unspecified as yet, however she's not...
  13. Old member, new(er) car (and It's a bloomin Ford)

    My mottah!
    Hello friendly Renault folk! I'm still here in spirit! In fact at the moment I'm bringing a 2002 Clio 1.6 16v Dynamique back to life - the FAQs shall come in most handy :) Yes the end has come for the mighty Vauxhall; cavalier that some longer-standing members are sure to remember. After 6...
  14. Ford Focus Cmax, lights, radio, wipers, interior light on with iginition off

    Other makes
    Right this is a really strange issue that ive never heard of before. Its with my friends Ford Focus CMAX 05 plate. Last night her alarm, headlights, indicators and wipers came on. She tried to open the car with the fob and nothing. Used the key to open the door, put the key in the ignition and...
  15. Ford Capri 2.8i special

    For sale
    It's time to move on my beloved capri. If anyone is interested send me a PM....Here is a quick peak of her
  16. renaults better build quality than ford? :)

    Cars & motoring
    When parked this evening(I had reversed into the space) and eating my after workout ;)meal deal of egg salad sandwich,small tube of pringles and can of diet coke> The car beside me ,my passenger side,red focus,new type reversed out .Its wing mirror n/s caught my wing mirror n/s. It didnt sound...
  17. 2001 Ford Fiesta Zetec-S

    For sale
    2001 Ford Fiesta Zetec-S 1.6 in Silver. I bought this as a run-around until I got my new car but ended up keeping it for a few months, it's a great little runner! It comes with pretty much full service history and loads of receipts from over the years. MOT runs out middle of May and tax runs...
  18. Ford Mondeo Dash Issue

    Other makes
    Any one got any ideas what happened to my MIL display on her Mondeo? (Its a year 2000 mode i believe) :confused: Car has been sat around for around 3 weeks but everything was fine before hand..... Expensive to replace or do you think she should get another car? :) Sent from my GT-I9300 using...
  19. ford fanboys

    Cars & motoring
    Hi i dont know why they seem to troll topics like "which should i buy mondeo,insignia,508,c5,laguna they come out with phrases like NO NO NO AVOID ANYTHING FRENCH and vauxhalls are rubbish, i think the opposite actually i have had 5 vauxhalls and they were brilliant cars dont know why press...
  20. FORD part in roof lining

    hi all. i have a question, i have been stripping my old lag and have just started removing wiring from roof lining. i found this part in the loom above the near side door, it looks like the original wiring without splicing or joins. i did not expect ford parts to be in a renault. anyone know...