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  1. Formula 1 Grand Prix France 2019

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  2. Nearly new Renaults in France

    General Chat
    My mum is looking for a new car and you can buy Renault employees cars around 6 months old with a 27% discount. Similar deals available for Dacia's. S/H cars go for carzy money in France, I thought a dealer near where mum lives in Nimes was having a laugh with 13 year old...
  3. R�mi from France

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Rémi from France Hello there. I am french. And how ironic it is that i don't find what i want in french... I have a Clio II phase 1. I want to change the car radio. But i'll checkfor this before posting. Thanks and peace. PS: i love eating snails (i don't like eating frogs). :D
  4. Newbie from France

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi People and greetings from France I'm a retired old git living on a UK state pension so sadly have to carry out repairs myself ..... Ahhh!! I have just bought a 2000 Scenic Mk 1 16v Sport with the 1.8 engine (to replace my dying Citroen Xantia) it was cheap but there is a reason, after over...
  5. Hello from France

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    Hello from Bretagne, France. We just joined the forum today. We have lived in Bretagne for 10 years now. We are about 1 hour west of Rennes and 1 hour east of Lorient, near a very picturesque town called Josselin. Thank you for reading this.
  6. Lost key card for Grand Espace in France

    Hello, I have a problem. I am in France and my key card is somewhere on the ski slopes. Can anyone advise if there is an emergency replacement service. Hoping that as I am in france the outcome may be quicker than if I'm in England? Thank you.
  7. Bianchi out of coma; to continue treatment in France

    Formula 1 news Bianchi is no longer in an artificial coma and is now being treated in France, according to a statement issued by his family on Wednesday. The Frenchman, who was critically injured in a crash at the Japanese Grand Prix in October...
  8. Bonjour from France!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello all, I've just bought a second-hand Laguna III from a returning Brit expat and am going through all the rigmarole of getting a new Carte Grise (French registration document) which is interesting :confused: This looks a great forum, and I will use it a lot for info about the Lag. Best...
  9. New Aussie member in France

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    G'Day Guys, New member, new to Renaults though I did have many Peugeots in Australia (203,403,404, 504 etc) in the 80's & 90's. My partner and I are touring Europe and staying with friends in southern France at the moment. They have just bought a new Renault and have kindly donated their...
  10. Driving in France

    General Chat
    Hi good people Im off on a trip to France in a few weeks time and was after any advise about driving there etc. Regards John
  11. Renault RX4 - Idle for 2 weeks in France - Battery booster required

    Does anyone know of good portable battery boosters? I have an RX4 and it's been sitting idle for 2 weeks in France, outside Lyon airport and its very likely the battery will be dead. I could always ask the next best Frenchman with Jump leads, but not sure anyone is going to be around at...
  12. Hello all from France :)

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Just wanted to introduce myself as I have just joined after buying a Espace 3 dci, for second time! Only really joining as have a big issue, but in return hope to be able to help others also with other problems! A little bit about me: I live in the middle of France, Limousin area lovely to...
  13. New member from france......

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi guys Just signed up to your forum I must admit to not owning a Renault but I have a friend who has a Clio II 1.5 diesel in need of a timing belt change and probably regular servicing My vices are bmw's and a freelander Td4 and living in france Hoping to learn something and if I can help...
  14. Importing Laguna to France

    Hi Guys, Since I now live more or less permanently in France, I need to import my 2004 Laguna 2 Sports Tourer into the country. Renault UK have been fantastic sourcing a Conformity Certificate for me - but my current problem is that it has failed it's 'Controle Technique' (equiv MOT) because the...
  15. hi from france

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    We currently own 3 renaults, a clio, an express and a traffic mini bus. They are all early 90's models. We want to upgrade the traffic and have seen a master mini bus that we like the look of. Its a 2002, 2.2 dci with 170 k. After doing some research it appears that maybe we should steer clear...
  16. Driving in France - Scenic III

    Hi, I'm driving to France for a week, and need to sort out my headlamps for driving over there. I have looked at the headlamp converters/beam benders, however non of them seem to have suitable instructions for my 2011 Scenic III. They only seem to have them for the previous model. Also as my...
  17. Fitting Headlamp Converters to Scenic III for holiday in France

    Cars & motoring
    Hi I have the converters and will need to put them on the headlamps as I go through the Tunnel on Saturday. Trouble is, I have absolutely no idea which part of the headlamp area I put them on, as the casing is totally clear, thus no indication of where to place them. Can anybody help please...
  18. Espace owner in France

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, This is now my third Renault Espace and I have loved all of them. The second one saved both my wife and myself in a serious shunt so I can testify to how robust they are. I have just acquired a 1995 Espace Alize in burgundy and expect it to last for a while yet. At least parts are easy...
  19. **HELP**In France and suspension problem

    Wheels & tyres
    I'm currently holidaying in the South West of France and the car (2003 Scenic I Phase 2 61k miles) has developed a wobble at 10-20mph, followed by a noise at 30-40mph and vibration at 68mph+. At 60mph the car is perfect. I have a drive to Picardy on Tuesday then to Calais on Saturday. We have...
  20. Keycards,cheaper in France?

    I am going with family to France next month. Would it be cheaper & quicker to get a spare key card for my Megane 3?