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  1. Cheaper to reprogram keycard in France?

    Cars & motoring
    Got a new keycard on the way - will it be much cheaper to reprog in france? - I'll be there end June.... :(
  2. Tread Depth for France

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi All, Does anyone happen to know the legal tyre tread depth and coverage for driving in France. Here I believe it is a minimum of 4mm over 75% of the tyre. Any different across La Manche? Due to a main dealer not realigning my wheels properly after work on the front steering, the tyres are...
  3. Driving in France

    Cars & motoring
    Taking my mark II to France for the first time but cant find a diagram for the headlights to see where to fit the beam benders! have one for the mark 1. Can any one help please????
  4. Newby Member from FRANCE

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi ALL!! Just arrived here via GOOGLE and my new country of choice FRANCE!! Just agreed to buy a R21 TS from a guy and basically now looking to find out just what I bought!! The car has just passed a Control Technique but needs what I think is a track rod end replacing. Hope it is this and not a...
  5. Invasion of France!

    General Chat
    Hello :) I went over to France last weekend with my best mate to have a look at the Normandy beaches. If you're interested - you can find my photo-diary HERE. B
  6. Headlights and Driving In France

    Cars & motoring
    Hi everyone New to this site so im sorry if im asking a question thats allready been asked before Basicly im taking the car over to France in a couple of weeks , so i'll have to sort the headlights on my laguna with those deflector things. Rang my local dealer and he said that the best way was...
  7. travel in france, HEADLIGHT ADJUSTERS

    am going to france in a month, just been on theAA web site and found that headlight adjusters cant be fitted to zenon headlights, they should have a adjuster fitted to the headlights, anyone know hoe to adjust them??? will go renault if i have to, no hand book you see chaps!!
  8. Clio Britain Vs France Ads

    Cars & motoring
    Hi Has anyone seen the new clio ads on teli and in magazines? I really like them, and think they are very cool. I'm trying to find one on the clio with london and paris in, merged together with the clio in the foreground. I can't find it anywhere so I was just wondering if any of you guys have...
  9. Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Electronics - Headlamp deflectors for france

    Hi everyone, I shall be taking my 2003 sport tourer over to france this year, do I need to fit stick on headlamp beam deflectors or is there a manual adjustment that can get the lights to dip to the right. Many thanks, Chris. :d