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  1. no longer available -taken to scrap yard engine block and head? K4M

    I have had to replace my engine because when i replaced some valves in my old engine i made the rookie mistake of failing to tighten the flywheel correctly so the belt slipped, resulting in 3 barrels with no compression , i got a replacemen engine quite cheap so i changed the whole engine. i...
  2. My radio decoder app + ‘exciting’ backstory

    General Chat
    Hi. I didn’t want to come across as spammy so put this in a more low profile category (I think). I’m the owner of a scenic and had to disconnect the battery to fix a loose cigarette lighter wire. I was paranoid about locking out the radio. After digging through my paperwork I couldn’t find any...
  3. Keycard/Hands Free

    Does anyone know how I will find out if the Clio I am picking up has keyless entry of hands free entry?
  4. Renault traffic 61 plate hands free

    please forgive me this is my first post and sorry if I've put it in the wrong place! I have a traffic 61 plate and the hands free has stopped working as in I don't hear anyone speaking and they can't hear me it worked fine the other day but then my husband used it and it wouldn't work! what have...
  5. Hid kit canbus error free (scenic mk3)?

    Hello, I am planning to install an HID kit to my Grand Scenic 2012 model. The car has already projector type bulbs, so it should fit o.k., without annoying other drivers. My question is: Has anyone a recommendation of a kit for this car that will not produce the 'fail light' error? I know there...
  6. Clio mk2 Steel Wheels - Free to good home

    For sale
    I've got a set of steel wheels that came off my mk2 ph1 Clio a few years ago when I changed to alloys. They've been sat in the garage ever since 'just in case', but they really need to go. I don't imagine I'd get anything for them on eBay, and I don't want the effort of posting them. I'll...
  7. Free Software I have found Useful

    Computer Club
    Ok Just to put some perspective on this, I have played with computers since I was in secondary school, I have owned my own computer when the 386 chip came out, anyone born after 1985 we had moved on from then, I have built my own PC's up until 2 years ago when I bough my first pre built gaming...
  8. can any one explain how free the air lock in renault laguna 1.8 1998

    Heating & cooling
    can any one explain how free the air lock in renault laguna 1.8 1998 if possible with picture
  9. Hands free phone?

    In-car entertainment
    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but....when I try to add my phone to the renault scenic hands free it comes up with a BT code to call, I am with Tesco though, can someone advise me on this please? Dan.
  10. 2010 scenic hands free card problem

    Can anyone advise locks automatically (as it should) when walking away from car,but will not unlock automatically when pressing batteries fitted..p.s..boot lock works hands free..
  11. Driver door not opening / hands free

    Any help would be appreciated, I have a six year old megane dynamique, had it four years, no problems. Used the hands free locking system, no problems, until about two weeks ago. Now the driver door intermittently will not open, all passenger and boot doors no problem. As I said this is...
  12. 2012 Grand Scenic Bluetooth Audio not working / Hands Free is

    Hey all, just got a 2012 Grand Scenic with the Bose pack and while my iPhone 7 will connect for hands free use, when I press the media button, it will not stream bluetooth audio! - Used to work fine in my 2010 version, any ideas? Followed the manual and it does say this is possible, I also...
  13. Hands free Koloes not working drivers side

    HI all seen a few posts on this subject for other cars but not the Koloes, and no real solutions as yet that I can find. If there is some old posts with what to do please can you direct me... Hands free isn't working drivers side but does passengers and boot it's not battery in fob tried both...
  14. Hands free not working, Trafic van **Sorted**

    Hi I have a 2014 Trafic 2.0 115 with the Carminat Sat Nav. I didn't receive any booklets with the van but have managed to work everything out except for the hands free. Can someone please tell me how to do this or point me in the direction of instructions? Thanks
  15. clio hands free volume issue.

    hello forum i have a clio rs with r-link and use a iphone 6+ volume for handsfree is too low after 40 mph. tried re-pairing numerous times and various adjustments on phone with no luck. all other volume levels in car seem fine. any ideas ???? thankyou !!!!
  16. Hands free mic and Dabs aerial install

    Hi, I could do with a heads up before attempting to following in a 2007 Trafic. What do I have to remove dash wise, to run an aerial to the passenger side of the windscreen for a Dabs Radio and for installing a microphone from a hands free kit in the windscreen support on the drivers...
  17. David Cameron and the free kittens.

    Jokes & funny stuff
    A pretty little girl named Suzy was sitting on the pavement in front of her home. Next to her was a basket containing a number of tiny creatures; in her hand was a sign announcing “FREE KITTENS.” Suddenly a line of big cars pulled up beside her. Out of the lead car stepped a grinning man. “Hi...
  18. 2 simple FREE Fixes Megane 2004 Electric Window

    Passenger and Driver window failed on my Mark 2 (2004) Megane. No online fixes worked for me but found and solved both (different) problems myself. Step One: Remove door card to access motor and pulley cables etc. Door One / Fix One [BLUE circle on pic] The cable should be located in the U...
  19. Intermittent hands free

    Our lag II phase 2 has hands free. Now this has worked fine up until now. My card has started to not always work hands free or with the buttons. The little red light comes on when you press them but it doesn't do anything. The engine will only start with the card in the slot. Our other card that...
  20. Website re-skin & free shipping on orders over �35

    Opie Oils\
    Website re-skin & free shipping on orders over £35 At Opie Oils, we think it's good to change things up every now and then. That's why we've given our website a bit of a facelift - we still have the same fantastic range of products, (which is constantly growing) but we have made it easier to...