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  1. Aircon freezing Megane 3

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone,i have a megane 3 2012 model,i was driving yesterday,after 30mins,i noticed that the air conditioning on my car is not normal,it's not blowing enough air and cooling inside the car,also,the fan becomes so noisy,after an hour of driving,i decided to stop to check what's goin on,lo and...
  2. Grand scenic diamonique 1.6 2013 radio keeps freezing and restarting

    Please help me I have had this car for about 6 months now and I am having problems with my radio keeps restarting then it seems to do a factory resent and I loose all my setting??? Also what is the max usb stick size that I can use on this radio??
  3. Google chrome freezing running slow

    Computer Club
    Since the latest update to chrome some users are having problems with freezing, if you are as a temp fix try running it in a floating window.
  4. Renault media nav 2013 plate not working switching on and off and screen freezing

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi I'm really hoping you guys can be of some assistance , I have a Renault Clio media nav 2013 the media nav screen freezes then switches on and off. when I press anything on the screen it is not responding please help ?
  5. Hi from a freezing Lincolnshire.

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all. Just joined the forum this morning after owning my Modus 1.5 DCi Dynamique for a mere month. Bought it dirt cheap as a runaround while my BMW X5 is being repaired/rebuilt. Not my first Renault by any means but great little car (Mostly) for nipping around in. I've recently retired from...
  6. 65 Twingo dash lights and cruise controls freezing

    Any ideas here would be more than welcome thank you. We have a 2015 (65) Twingo Dynamique SCe 70. During a long dive yesterday we had 2 issues which I feel may be related may but may not be they occurred at different times however. Both of these corrected and did not occur as explained below...
  7. Radio freezing on Fluence

    Car: Fluence 1.5dci with Tom Tom Problem: Radio freezes intermittently but sat navigation continues to work. Only option is to stop car and completely turn off and restart. Question: Is there any way to remain in motion and reboot the radio. Thanks
  8. Brand new (65) Clio freezing on INSIDE

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, So a couple of weeks ago when it got down to -4 degrees, the inside of my clio was frozen was frozen on 3 mornings. (The main windscreen and the two front windows) I immediately phoned the dealership to book it in, I also got on their customer service team as they said they had no courtesy...
  9. Radio freezing

    Hi , I have Fluence 1.5dci with in built sat navigation. Great car but once or twice a month the system freezes where the radio station cannot be changed or turned off. Only option is to pull over and turn off car and restart. Is there an easier way to reset this whilst car is in motion . Thanks
  10. Lift Wiper Blades off Window to prevent Freezing

    Hello On a Kangoo (and many other vehicles) it is not possible to lift the blades off the screen when they are in the "down"/"off" position because the arm is partly below the bonnet. I’d like to lift the wiper blades off the screen to prevent the blades from freezing. On some makes (VW) you...
  11. CD freezing with egg timer with TomTom Carminat

    Hi All I have a 2010 Megane with a TomTom Carminat system. When I play a CD it stops every 30 seconds to wait for the egg timer (which lasts 5 to 20 seconds). Does anyone know any troubleshooting tips or links, please? I would like to listen to the CD without interuption from the TomTom system...
  12. trouble starting when its freezing

    hi, i am new on here and just looking for some advice. I have a 2005 megane 11 1.5dci. Just this last week i have had trouble starting the car 1st thing on a morning. the battery is fine but "injection fault" warning comes on and the car wont start. I had it jumped started and it was fine after...
  13. Removal by Freezing With Liquid Nitrogen ?

    Hi Folks, My vanis Laid up at the minute with a faulty Injector (07' 115dci Trafic) As some of you may know the removal of these injectors can be troublesome. Just discussing it with someone today who said his Mechanic would probably freeze it to take it out, Theory is that it shrinks...
  14. Megane III - Rear brakes freezing

    Just had a quote for £400 pounds from a dealer as they say pads and discs all need replacing on the rear of the vehicle.:eek: It is still under warrantee and it is said that the cold weather has caused the brakes to freeze on the rear wheels casuing them to overheat and blue. The vehicle has...
  15. Iphone 4 query re voice tag freezing

    Hi all, Ive recently bought a second hand Grand Scenic. It's a 2010 Privelage model. I've successfully paired my Iphone 4 which enables me to receive incoming calls (haven't got as far as making a call via bluetooth yet.) Anyway, here's my problem, followig the manual via the telephone button on...
  16. Clio Windows Steaming up inside and freezing

    Heating & cooling
    Please can someone help? I have a clio privilidge 1.6, 6 years old. 2 years ago the inside of the windows started steaming up very badly and freezing when cold enough. Booked into my usual garage for Pollen Filter change but before he did this he found that the drain tubes were blocked and...
  17. Clio windscreen washers freezing

    Last winter I had terrible problems with the windscreen washer freezing on my 07 Clio. Anyone know how to stop it happening again this year? Thanks in advance
  18. Twingo/freeze/humidity problem in winter only

    Hi, I have a Renault Twingo which works perfectely well. Except in winter time when it is getting freezing, and I stay in a row, non driving, suddenly all seems to go off. and finally the whole car does not drive anymore I was told first it might be the alternator. first the wipes stopped ...
  19. TPMS when outside temp below freezing

    Wheels & tyres
    My tyres should be 36psi front and 29psi rear, but at the moment, when I first turn the engine on, they're readinbg 34psi front and 23psi rear, so about 2psi too low on the front and 6psi (!) low on the rear. The display on the dash said -1 degrees, so can I assume because the temperature is...
  20. My Passenger's freezing.

    Heating & cooling
    My passenger side heating does not seem to be functioning. The driver side vents blow out warm air but my passenger get's nothing but cold air through all the vents whether on demist or through the footwell. Anyone got any ideas...thanks